Cover Story - Best of Private Clubs 2014

Cover Story

Club As You Are

There is no mold for the “proper” private club member; in DFW, the right club is out there for you, no matter who you are.

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is arguably the greatest metropolitan area for golf in the country. For the public golfer, there are golf courses littered about both major cities and everywhere between. Anywhere you live, there’s probably more than one public course at your disposal. And the variety is endless, from high-dollar, perfectly manicured courses that challenge the best players, to tamer, player-friendly tracks that are easy on the scorecard and the wallet.

The same can be said for private clubs. From far East Dallas to West Fort Worth; from as far north as the Red River to as far south as Cleburne, private clubs are everywhere, and they are available to all.

But wait, everyone can’t join a country club or golf club, right? You have to be uber-rich and wear high-waisted pants and have a curly, waxed mustache to be a member of a private club, right? You have to be stuffy and drink tea and eat crumpets and say things like “Well, Nigel, today that market did this and the Fed did that…” right?


The companies and private individuals who own the country and golf clubs across the Metroplex have worked for years to bring residents a variety of options and atmospheres that can fit any budget. If you are looking for a high-end exclusive club filled with socialites, options are available. If you are looking for something all encompassing – that has multiple golfing and tennis options, facilities for the kids and a social aspect – you can find that too. And if you are looking for a place to play golf and work out at a low price – yep, that’s here as well.

You don’t have to break the bank or change who you are to be a member of a private club in DFW – find the club that suits you, not vice versa. And clubs around town are working hard to open themselves to all ages, styles and income levels. As we visited the facilities this past year and talked to members and staffers, we found clubs working hard to be the best in the area. We saw clubs undergoing fantastic renovations; clubs with offers and fee structures to help out the young professional and young families become members; and clubs with programs and activities for children, couples, families and friends.

No matter who you are, don’t be afraid of the private club setting. The staffs and facilities at all the clubs on our list are among the best, most professional and passionate in the country. Over the next few pages, we’ve done our best to paint a picture of all the options available to you – from legendary establishments that command top dollar to family-friendly communities to clubs that offer a great experience without stressing your bank account.

Please enjoy our Best of Private Clubs rankings for 2014. And definitely share your thoughts about these rankings with us … and your favorite foursome at your private enclave.

Cover Story

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