Better Than Caffeine



Jennie Jacques turns 27. 34-24-34. British actress.

Truth or Die, The Other Side, Shank

Sweet off camera but loves starring in slasher films. 

"These slasher roles allow me to do crazy acts I'd never, ever imagine doing in real life. It's bloody good fun."

Enjoy the weekend.


Rory McIlroy: 'The U.S. Looks Desperate'


Rory -mcilroy _2635472b

Rory McIlroy thinks the PGA of America and its Ryder Cup honchos are overthinking their new strategies

"It came as a huge shock when they announced Davis [Love III] as the next U.S. captain," McIlroy said Wednesday at the Honda Classic, where he is making his first U.S. start of 2015. "But then I'm also surprised, and I feel they're overdoing it, with the setting up of a task force and talking about all the changes they want to bring in."

"It's been said by a few players since we won at Gleneagles that it's not rocket science why Europe has won the last three Ryder Cups and eight of the past 10," McIlroy said. "I do get the sense the States, what with their task force and everything that came out in the announcement yesterday, that they're desperate to win back the Ryder Cup." 

Desperate is probably an understatement. 

"Davis is going to be a great captain, and it was a freak we won at Medina in 2012 and it was not supposed to happen given they had a 10-6 lead," McIlroy said. "If the States had won, Davis would have been looked upon as a great captain."


Nike's New Ad Involves Current And Past Superstars


Nike has a whole stable of superstars under their vast roof to showcase. So why not involve a slew of 'em in a new ad?

Just air it!


Dan Jenkins' Tiger Parody Wins GWAA Award


Tiger Jenkins

Maybe the most controversial golf column this year was the Tiger Woods interview parody by Dan Jenkins. Yet, it wasn't on anyone's radar until Tiger "wrote" an ill-advised rebuttal on

I'm normally a big fan of Jenkins' work, but this piece was hardly up to 'ol Dan's usual Hall of Fame standards. I didn't find this column funny, original or even mildly interesting. 

Well, the Golf Writers Association of America awarded it their top Non-Daily Column of the year. 

Go figure. 


Aspiring Pro Raises Funds In Novel Way To Play On Tour



Vincent Johnson is not alone as an aspiring Touring pro who's short on money to fund his budding career. Many ask friends and businesses to sponsor them until they get comfortably solvent (and give the investors a piece of the hopeful growing pie).

But Johnson, a finance major, has devised another method. A charity golf tournament with him as the beneficiary

A former Big Break contestant on Golf Channel, Johnson, 28, is attempting to raise money to play the PGA Tour Canada this year, the first hurdle in a two-hurdle process to get to the PGA Tour. The top five money winners in Canada gain exemptions onto the Tour, the gateway to the PGA Tour.

Johnson’s tournament is a five-person scramble and the cost is $200 per player. Included will be a celebrity clinic hosted by former PGA Tour player Brian Henninger, an Oregon native and now a teaching pro. 


Better Than Caffeine


Ali -larter -celebrity -wallpaper -1920x 1200-2175Ali -larter -1

Ali Larter turns 39. 32-24-34. Actress/model. 

Final Destination, Resident Evil, Heroes, Varsity Blues, Legally Blonde. 

Ranked #2 on Maxim's "Hottest Women of Horror Movies" list. 

"I hate pretty-looking boys. I'd rather have a guy with a potbelly than one who's in the gym all the time and watches what he eats."

So, you're saying there's a chance...


Lebron And Arnie Unveil...LeBronald Palmer Shoes!



So, you wanna play with the big boys, do ya?

Well, here's your chance hot shot. Nike is coming out with a collaboration from twin Kings LeBron James and Arnold Palmer--the latest version in the LeBron 12 line. 

The two icons are seemingly unlikely partners for sure (except for the dual King monikers). The back of these kicks include Arnie's logo for his Arnold Palmer Ice Tea line. 


Available in stores on March 1 with an estimated price of $200. What are the chances Arnie sports a pair at his Bay Hill Invitational?

Just do it! Or not... 


Bad Idea: Convicted Drug Trafficker Uses The Retrieved Balls Angle


Blog -used -golf -balls -0225

Some drug trafficking dolt thought he had a great idea to present to the judge. 

No your honor, it wasn't drugs. I made a cool million retrieving old golf balls

Robert James Upson, 60, claimed his extensive property portfolio, in the Lockyer Valley, Tweed Heads and Brisbane, as well as bank accounts flush with cash, were obtained after years of hard work collecting second-hand golf balls.

Justice Philip McMurdo, in handing down his decision yesterday, ordered Upson hand over $954,450.73 to the State bringing to end a seven-and-a-half-year legal battle.

Justice McMurdo said there was little evidence to explain how Upson had amassed more than $1.2 million in unexplained wealth during his drug trafficking days.

Ya don't say...

"I have to say that having regard to the evidence of Mr Upson work and business history, this is a surprisingly high figure for Mr Upson to have had from legitimate sources in the subject period," he said.

"There is also Mr Upson's claim that he was making very large amounts from retrieving golf balls, but this is unsupported by any documentary evidence."

Nice try Mr. Upson. How 'bout next time you come up with a better angle.

Like, maybe selling Girl Scout cookies...


Did The Wraparound Season Just Become More Irrelevant?



The PGA Tour wraparound season started in 2014 certainly helps the lower level Tour pros get a head start after the FedEx Cup playoffs while the big names take a break or chase nice appearance fees. 

But the new Ryder Cup point system could make the the four events a bigger non-factor in 2015. 

Q. How does the change in the selection, the points, how does that change the dynamic of how those eight automatic berths are going to be decided? What was the reason behind changing from just straight money to correlating them with points and how do you see that perhaps changing the dynamic of who gets selected? 

PHIL MICKELSON: I'll take that. Because it was very confusing when the Tour, after having players play major championships, the PGA, the World Golf Championships and the FedEx Cup, who then played nine out of 11 weeks, let's say, then stopped, the Tour's next season starts a week later. If you count money for those last three or four months, you're giving the bottom half of the Tour a three month head start over ultimately the top guys. So you wanted to start that money in 2015 but the Money List on the PGA Tour list starts in September or October. So it was getting confusing. That's why we ended up with the points system of points per $1,000 or $2,000 made. 

Works for me. The tenuous Tour pros still make their wraparound loot to hopefully insure retaining their Tour cards. Important Ryder Cup points begin when they should--at the Tournament of Champions or HSBC. 


Better Than Caffeine


Emily -Di Donato --SI-2014-Sports -Illustrated -Swimsuit -Issue -11-720x 108113_emily -didonato _02

Emily DiDonato turns 24. 34-25-35. Italian, Irish, Native American supermodel.

SI Swimsuit Issue, Guess Jeans, Vogue, Glamour 

Made her debut in SI in 2013. 

This has been a very exciting time — I also just moved into my first apartment. I can‘t wait to head over to Ikea and get some furniture. 


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