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MariaMaria _Sharapova -after -lovely -babe -soft -before -eyes -young _thumb _585x 795

Maria Sharapova
 is 28 tomorrow. 34-25-35. Tennis player/spokesman. World's highest paid female athlete. Born in Siberia. In 2004, at age 17, she became the third-youngest woman ever to win Wimbledon. In 2010, signed an 8-year deal with Nike for $70 million. Also a brand ambassador for Porsche. 

“I'm not the next anyone, I'm the first Maria Sharapova.” 

Enjoy the weekend.

Spieth: "I've Taken More Money From Tony Romo Than I Can Count"


Tony 12

Before Tony Romo's iffy back caused him to boycott playing golf, the Cowboy QB was a pretty good stick (+3 handicap). 

But in this report, frequent playing partner Jordan Spieth says he got into Romo's wallet. A lot. 

According to Spieth during an appearance on Jim Rome on Showtime, Romo only asks for "two or three strokes" a side when they play golf. The result is obvious.

"The good news is he doesn't swallow his pride and take a lot of strokes," Spieth said. "He likes to play maybe like 2 or 3 a side, which means I'm usually on the winning end of that one."

Rome asked the smart follow up, trying to get a number from Spieth, a Dallas native and Cowboys fan, on how much coin he's taken from Romo.

"Ha ha. Oh man. I don't know. I can't even count that high," Spieth said jokingly (?). "He's a good friend and a great competitor so we have fun out there."


Shooter McGavin Is In Another Golf Movie


new golf movie The Squeeze is opening in theatres and video on demand today and directed by longtime ABC director Terry Jastrow

Why make a golf movie? Their track record isn't great.

Like all golfers, I love to see movies with golf in them. And I had what I think is a pretty entertaining story to tell. But, you go all the way through the list of golf movies, "Follow The Sun" to "Tin Cup," and with all due respect to the actors in them, you can tell pretty quickly you're watching an actor, not a real golfer. The narrative is constantly being ruptured. So I knew I couldn't make this movie until I found actors who could really play.

How did you do that?

There were more than 1,000 submissions for the lead role of Augie. We interviewed and auditioned, but the last three I took to Bel-Air Country Club, walked them to the first tee and said, "Play away please." And Jeremy Sumpter [who got the job] can really play. He has a really good swing. During the round I asked him if he could play a shot left-handed. He said, "I'm not too good at that," but then took his putter and with the back flange he flipped the ball in the air and whacked it on to the green from 120 yards. I said, "Damn, I'm putting that in the movie."

The best part is Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore) will have a prominent role as a big time gambler using the young golf prodigy as a hustle. 

Not sure how it's going to be, but the trailer looks promising enough.


Tomorrow On The Teebox



Tomorrow on the Teebox Golf Show, we broadcast from the greatness of Tierra Verde GC in Arlington for their huge annual Demo Day

All the major manufacturers will be there. So come by and sample the latest and greatest sticks. It's a virtual golfer's toy store. 

In addition, we talk about Jordan Spieth's Masters win and I'm sure Craig will tell some worthy stories as he's watched Jordan play from the age of 12.

All that on the Teebox from 8-10 am Saturday morning on The Ticket. 


U.S.G.A Will Allow Cellphones At U.S. Open


Phones USGA

The U.S.G.A. announced yesterday that they will allow cell phones at the upcoming U.S. Open

"Spectators may carry mobile devices smaller than 7 inches in length and/or height, including cellphones, smartphones and PDAs," the press release reads. "All device volume controls must be set to silent or vibrate at all times."

The policy applies to all cell phones, smartphones, and PDAs, but excludes tablets and computers.

The USGA has created four designated 'phone zones' for patrons of the event, where they will be able to take advantage of on-site wifi and removed areas for non-disruptive phone use.

Though the change allows guests to use their devices throughout the championship, it still prohibits cell phone photography during championship rounds of the tournament. Patrons will still be allowed to take cell phone pictures during the Monday through Wednesday practice rounds, but not after. Video recording is still strictly prohibited for the duration of the event.

"[The policy] will be strictly enforced," said Driscoll. "We are going to protect the championship and players playing without disruption. We hope that by allowing fans to have their phones that they’ll feel secure and can, at the same time, respect our policies."

Not sure I get this one. There has to be a money grab in there somewhere with directed clicks to the USGA apps. Our national open should be able to stand on its own without folks tweeting and texting.

And the Masters appears to do just fine without them. 


Better Than Caffeine



Lindsay Hartley Fall 2009Lindsay

Lindsay Hartley turns 36. 36-23-33. American actress/singer.

All My Children, Smallville, Days Of Our Lives, Passions

Greek, Italian, Jewish mix. At 17 she was the youngest singer ever to headline Las Vegas when she debuted in "Viva Las Vegas" at the Sands Hotel. Young Miss America.  

"If you've got comic book fans and soap fans and country fans, I think you've hit the whole world. What else is there?" 


Bettor Turns Masters Parlay Into $213,046 With Spieth Win



As mentioned yesterday, Jordan Spieth and caddie Michael Greller made great bank with his win on Sunday.

So apparently did a bettor

Brett is a bettor who, in addition to a bet on Spieth, parlayed a pair of horse race bets back in early March, hitting the jackpot when he predicted all three events correctly. Brett’s payout? Well, it could have been a cool $247,500 if Brett had completely let it ride. He wasn’t that confident, though.

Via a cash-out option with TAB, an Australian betting service, Brett elected to insure his two earlier bets and three rounds worth of Spieth winning, guaranteeing he would claim $50,866 if Spieth failed to win the green jacket after securing a 4-shot lead after 54 holes. Brett’s original prize was then dropped to $213,046 when he took out the insurance.

“Dad picked out Vancouver because Gai Waterhouse is the best trainer of two-year-olds. I liked Kermadec because you need a strong 2000m horse in the Doncaster Mile and Chris Waller is a great trainer of those horses,” Brett said. “My dad has been tipping Jordan Spieth since November and was never going to be talked of us throwing him in.” 


Check Out Spieth Talking To His Ball On Every Shot



Jordan Spieth might be the only golfer who plays a ball with ears. At least it appears so since the rocks tend to listen to his commands.


Good ball. 


Better Than Caffeine


Susan _ward _016_449_thumb _585x 795Susan _Ward -chicki -lips -skin -before -smoking -hot -young -after -stunning -lovely _thumb _585x 795

Susan Ward
 is 39. 36-23-33. Actress/model. 

Shallow Hal, Sunset Beach, Wild Things 2, Make It or Break It. 

Wanted to be a vet until age 13 when a talent scout altered her plans. At her parents' farm in Monroe there are dogs, cats, exotic birds, even a baby monkey.

How Spieth's Bank Account Will Grow Big Time


Jordan -spieth -caddie

To the victor, goes the spoils. Win a Masters and not only do you have a Green Jacket for life, but ya get to watch the the money truck back up to your home. 

Jordan Spieth will be able to buy just about whatever he wishes

The youngest major championship winner since Tiger Woods in 1997, the 21-year-old Spieth will see his off-course income more than triple as a result of his Masters victory, agents and analysts tell Call him the $25 million man -- at the very least.
And that spike in earnings power, plus his on-course winnings, will likely propel Spieth from No. 16 to the fifth spot in the annual Golf Digest 50 All-Encompassing money list next year.
Spieth includes among his endorsement partners Under Armour, AT&T, Titleist, Rolex, Perfect Sense Digital, NetJets and SuperStroke Grips. Last year, Spieth, who is represented by Jay Danzi of Lagardere Unlimited, made $12.3 million overall with about $6 million coming from off-course business deals. With $1.8 million for his Masters win, Spieth has already won nearly $5 million this year. And it's only April.
By slipping on the green jacket, Spieth will almost certainly leapfrog Nicklaus and 10 other players into that spot right behind the big four with off-course money alone nearing $20 million.
The victory for Spieth is worth so much because he hits all the benchmarks agents and endorsement partners are looking for.
First is believability. No one thinks this was a fluke. They believe there are more major victories in his future.
Second is longevity. Because of his age business partners are confident he will be around for a long time, generating publicity for their products.
Third is likeability. Spieth is a nice guy with no off-the-course baggage. He’s polite, devoted to his special-needs sister and articulate.
And fourth, he won the right major in the Masters.
will increase Spieth’s overseas appearance fee from about $400,000 a pop to $2 million just for showing up at a tournament. And because the Masters is in April, agents have the time to add overseas appearance-fee stops later in the year.
One agent, speaking anonymously, said Adam Scott and Justin Rose earned “an extra $3 to $5 million annually” for winning majors in 2013. It will be even more lucrative for Spieth because of his age. Both Rose and Scott were more than a decade older than Spieth when they won their first major.


For caddie Michael Greller, the loot will come his way as well.  

According to Golf Digest's Undercover Pro, caddies on the modern PGA Tour typically get paid a base salary of $1,300 to $1,800 per week with additional results-based bonuses. Traditionally, that bonus structure is 5/7/10 (5% of winnings for a made cut, 7% of winnings for a top-10 finish, and 10% of winnings for a tournament win). But both the Undercover Pro and long-time caddie Kip Henley say caddies for top players are making more than that these days.

In the past 30 days Spieth has two second-place finishes and two wins, including the Masters (a $1.8 million prize), for $4.1 million in winnings. Under the traditional rates, Greller stands to have made ~$375,000 in performance bonuses alone during that period.


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