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Amy Smart is 39 today. 34-24-33. Actress.

Justified, The Butterfly Effect, Crank, Varsity Blues, Shameless

German, English, Irish, Dutch, Swiss-German, and Welsh mix. Vegan. Certified yoga instructor. Had one of the craziest R-rated scenes ever in Crank. Hates to watch horror movies, but loves to "scare the shit out of people."

"There's something about blonds that triggers a lightheartedness. People can't take you seriously. Brunettes are more mysterious."


Begay: 'Tiger 50/50 To Play In Masters'


Tiger Chips

Tiger Woods' buddy/confidant and one-man PR firm Notah Begay spoke with 120 Sports and intimated Woods is a coin flip to play at Augusta in two weeks. 

That's better odds than I gave him, but this portion of Begay's interview doesn't instill immediate confidence. 

"It’s easy to get bullied into trying to acquiesce to the media’s concerns, or the PGA Tour’s concerns, or other people’s agendas. My suggestion to him was to take as much time as he needed to just figure out this issue with his short game and also to work on or clean up a couple of things that might be a little loose with his golf swing."

“I don’t know that there was any one thing specifically that you can say a player looks at, but it’s simply something that a player feels when they step on the golf course," Begay said. "They feel like they can go out there and basically defend themselves. If a player feels like they can do what they want, then they go out and play.” 

"My suggestion to him was to take as much time as he needed to just figure out this issue with his short game and also to work on or clean up a couple of things that might be a little loose with his golf swing," Begay said. "I think things are really settling. We’ve had some good discussions over the last week or so and he feels good about it. I think it was good for him to stay a step back, to reassess a variety of different things and do things on his timeline."

However, Notah didn't exactly admit that Woods had improved greatly or that he's mentally ready to re-enter the media madness. That's either a smoke screen or Tiger is still searching. 

Question is will Tiger Woods' proud ego allow him to potentially scuff it around a track that punishes those who struggle with the short game?

And, in front of a worldwide audience to boot.

So whatcha calling; heads or tails?


Keegan Bradley's Shows Loyalty Over Fired College Coach


10-31-2012-keegan -bradley -putter -x -large

St. John's alum Keegan Bradley was none too happy upon learning his college coach was booted out after the fall season. 

Until that news, Bradley was so loyal to the school, he prominently displayed its logo on his bag. 

Not anymore

What's interesting is that in 2014 (his last season), Frank Darby led the Red Storm to the Big East title, and was named conference coach of the year. 

"I'm pretty disappointed with the school," Bradley told Bloomberg in standing up for his former coach. "Chris Monasch [the athletic director at SJU] doesn't really care about the golf team. He never did when I was there at least."  

Darby had been at St. John's since 1994, his squads winning more than two dozen tournaments during his tenure. In 2014, his last season, the Red Storm won the Big East title, and Darby was named conference coach of the year. Clearly he had maintained a successful team while being located in the New York City borough of Queens -- not exactly the easiest place to play golf. So, what the heck happened?  

"I give Keegan a lot of credit for speaking up," Darby said. "He respected how I did things there and I respect the way he did things there, and more importantly the things he's done after. It's more about life than just playing golf."

There has to be more details to this saga given the success of Darby's last season.

But, let’s just say I wouldn’t be asking for any alumni donations from Keegan anytime soon. 

When Do The Great Golfers Lose Their Edge?


Phil -Tiger -Fed Ex Cup

Ryan Ballengee posts a thorough piece on when golf's greats begin to lose their formidable talents. He cites Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson and Tom Watson

Few golfers escape their 30s with their talent intact. Nicklaus topped out at 38 as has, to date, Phil Mickelson. Tiger Woods’ best days appear to have ended at 37 — and it’s easy to argue sooner, but that would either be an indictment of Sean Foley or giving too much credit to Y.E. Yang. Tom Watson was the minor outlier in this group, peaking at 34. Palmer appeared to peak at 37, but then he had a four-win season when he was 41, so maybe it was a false positive.

All five golfers were great between 26 and 30 and from 31 to 35. However, Palmer and Nicklaus were most prolific in the latter range, winning a combined 50 times in that span — Nicklaus with 26, Palmer with 24. As Woods has aged, he’s won less. Tom Watson was showing signs of fading before turning 31. Curiously, Phil Mickelson has basically won the same number of tournaments in each five-year period.

What is probably most interesting, however, is looking at the stretches of approximately 50 starts where each of these five players did their best work.

For Nicklaus, between professional starts 199-253, he won 34 percent of the time. For every other 50-ish-start stretch except from start Nos. 350-400, Nicklaus won at least a 15-percent clip.

Arnold Palmer’s career was made by a 90-start run from Nos. 154-246. He won 29 times, or 31 percent, of those 93 starts. With the exception of his second peak from start Nos. 294-362, where he won at a 15 percent clip, Palmer never won at more than an 11-percent rate for a 50-ish-start stretch.

Tom Watson was a shining start from start Nos. 150-297, winning 30 of his 37 titles, in that 148-tournament stretch. He otherwise was a total crapshoot to win.

As the age-based data suggested, Phil Mickelson is oddly consistent — except for the prototypical stretch of his early 30s, where most players are expected to peak. Mickelson was his worst from 30-32, winning at just a 4 percent rate from start Nos. 213-261. However, for the next 143 starts, Mickelson won at a nearly 12 percent pace.

Woods has basically never won at less than a 15-percent clip for any 50-start stretch. He’s the only guy on this list not to dip into the single digits at any point, though Nicklaus only did so at a point well past his peak. What’s remarkable is a pair of stretches for Woods. From start Nos. 50-109, Woods won at a 37 percent rate. From starts 165-200, he won almost 39 percent of the time. That’s unreal.

However, what has perhaps saved Woods’ winning percentage in more recent years is, sadly enough, injury. Woods played little in 2010, as his marriage was ending, and in 2011 and ’14 when he was hurt. He didn’t play through pain, so he didn’t worsen his record.



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Katharine -Mc PheeKatharine -mcphee -picture -4

Katharine McPhee turns 31. 34-25-36. American singer/actress

Scorpion, American Idol, The House Bunny, Smash, Shark Night 3D

Irish, Scottish, and German mix. She came in second place on May 24, 2006, next to American Idol (2002) season 5 winner Taylor Hicks, although she did win a black Ford Mustang during the American Idol finale. 

"People made a big deal out of [my album cover being racy]. They said,'She's a slut, blah blah blah.' But I'm really not showing that much skin. It's all suggested."

Check Out Jordan Spieth's New Digs


Exterior -of -4436-Brookview -in -Dallas _124204

Jordan Spieth has already earned over $10,000,000 on the course in his short pro career. So, it makes sense for him to invest in a little real estate. Okay, a lot of real estate. 

His new Preston Hollow castle reportedly cost $2.275 million. Thanks to Craig Rosengarden for the link. 

So what did he get for that price? A 7,378-square-foot home with “exquisite” amenities such as arched doorways and art niches. The traditional kitchen has custom cream-colored cabinetry and two 12-foot stone islands. Hardwoods run throughout most of the main floor.

The kitchen opens up to a family room, with views of the pool. Also out back is a massive covered patio with mini-kitchen and fireplace. There is plenty of green grass on which to putt.

All five bedrooms have full baths; the master has a private setting area and fireplace. The home, which sits on almost half an acre, also boasts a 288-bottle wine closet, media and game rooms, and office.

Good thing he's now of legal age to drink and fill up that vino closet. 


How To Work Out Like The #1 Golfer


Most golf fans have noticed how jacked up Rory McIlroy is these days. It's hardly magic. Just hit the gym hard and often and include a bunch of core exercises...

Take a look and see how it compares to your workouts. 

Perseverance Finally Pays Off For This Tour Player



Marco Dawson is one of those under-the-radar journeymen Tour players who's played for years without much fanfare. Until last week's Tucson Conquistadores Classic, Dawson had played 421 PGA Tour events and 161 tournaments with one lone win on the Web. 

Yet on Sunday, he broke a tie with a 20-ft birdie putt on 18 to capture the victory

''I'm just thinking about all the work I put in over the years, especially the last few years - more mental work than anything,'' Dawson said. ''I'm really happy with the way I played. I'm just glad I played the game that I wanted to play.''

He was more known for traveling constantly in a RV on the big Tour and sponsored by a Dallas steak house to keep his fridge full. Now, he's a first-time winner on the Geezer's circuit. 

Patience has its rewards. 


Taxi Driver Locks Passenger In Car While He Hits Balls


Nyctaxi 615

We've all experienced taxi cab horror stories. It's part of the ordeal when traveling (at least before Uber). 

But this adventure is a new one to me. (via

A Bremerton taxi driver, near Seattle, Washington drove a woman around for several hours against her will before being dropped off at her destination. 

After the woman had called for a cab when her car broke down on Friday, she called the same cab driver the next day to take her to her car. The driver picked her up, and ran a few errands, refusing to drop her off as he kept her locked in the cab. Included in this list of errands: A stop at a golf course to hit a few balls. 

Not until several hours later did the driver finally drop the woman at her destination.

The police in Bremerton were contacted and the golfer/cab driver is in custody.

Hope it was worth it… 

However, one has to wonder what the lady was thinking. Couldn't she have just called someone? Just sayin...

Better Than Caffeine


126223-keri -russellKeri -russell -esquire

Keri Russell turns 40. 33-25-34. American actress.

The Americans, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, August Rush, Felicity, Mission: Impossible III

Is of English, with smaller (to varying degrees) amounts of German, German-Swiss, Northern Irish (Scots-Irish), Manx (Isle of Man), Dutch, and Danish ancestry.Dad is an exec at Nissan Motors. Began her career in Mickey Mouse Club in '91. On People magazine's '50 Most Beautiful' list. Accomplished dancer. 

"It's sad when girls think they don't have anything going on except being pretty." 


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