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Alyssa -milano.Alyssa _milano -10847

Alyssa Milano
 turns 42 this week. 36-25-33. Italian/American actress, baseball junkie. 

Charmed, Who's The Boss?, Commando

Joined the tour of Annie at age seven. Plays the piano and flute. Die hard Dodger fan and has her own baseball clothing line for women. Ranked #28 on VH1's list of "The 100 Greatest Child Actors of All Time" and #30 among the 100 Greatest Teen Stars. 

"Every time I decide I want a child I get another pet. I have 3 dogs, 13 birds and 3 horses, what does that tell you?"


Sam Torrance Calls Nick Faldo An A***Hole




Remember during the 2014 Ryder Cup when Nick Faldo called out Sergio Garcia for being "useless" during the Euro loss to the U.S.?

Well, 2002 Euro captain Sam Torrance doesn't want to forget that anytime soon.

"To say that right in the middle of the Ryder Cup, what was the a***hole thinking about? The reaction in the team room was magnificent. The guys rallied round Garcia. [But] really, it was pathetic from Faldo. I’ve no idea where he was coming from with that stuff. You can even quote me on that, I don’t care. He’s an a***hole. It was beyond belief that one of our greatest-ever players would come out with a comment like that. Garcia’s not a team player? Have a look in the mirror, pal."

Hard to argue his point. 


Tiger And Phil Reportedly Take Charge Of Ryder Cup Task Force



Tiger -Woods ,-Phil -Mickelson

Not sure it's going to matter, but at the first U.S. Ryder Cup "Task Force" meeting, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson took the vocal lead. Given they both have losing records, I'm sure it was a fun listen

Wonder if anyone offered, "Hey we just have to play better"?

Predictably, Woods and Mickelson were two of the loudest voices on the conference call. “Tiger took charge. Raymond Floyd took charge, Phil took charge. We have guys who are very confident, very smart and sure of themselves. Somebody is going to step up and be the leader of this thing and that’s what we need,” said Love, the 2012 captain. “I can tell you that Tiger, Furyk and Stricker have been blowing my phone up since the meeting. It’s not like we had a meeting and said we’ll see you again in February. Everybody is excited and engaged.”

Tom Lehman isn’t the only one who’s excited after the first meeting. According to a report on, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods — two of the task force’s most high profile members — have told Fred Couples he has their vote to become U.S. captain for the 2016 matches at Hazeltine. And according to the report, 2010 U.S. captain Davis Love III, also a task force member, has sensed renewed enthusiasm among the players.

The PGA says they won't name a captain until 2015. 


R&A Captain's Daughter Killed In Sydney Seige




One of the many tragic stories involving the hostage/terrorist seige in Sydney was the daughter of Royal and Ancient Captain Sandy Dawson lost her life. 

Barrister Katrina Dawson "had been having coffee with a colleague from Eight Selborne, a friend who is understand to be about midway through her pregnancy."

So needless and tragic. Our deepest condolences. 


Happy Gilmore No Longer On Netflix???



Bb -4

Happy Gilmore, one of everyone's fav golf flicks, will no longer be available on Netflix starting Jan 1

Yeah sure, it wasn't even close to being a believable golf script, but it sure delivered the funny. Now, you'll only be able to catch it on cable or DVD. 

Meanwhile, here's a good piece on the background of the movie

Like, did you know...

  • Every time someone makes contact with the ball during the movie, it always sounds like they’re swinging a metal driver — and Gilmore uses persimmon woods.
  • In the Tour Championship, the first green changes between rounds.
  • In the final round of the Tour Championship, Gilmore makes at least a quadruple bogey on a hole but only drops one shot on the leaderboard.
  • The Tour commish is played by actor Dennis Dugan, who is also the director of the film.
  • And, perhaps most amazing of all, a Nova Scotia judge ruled in 2009 that the Happy Gilmore swing is actually a “breach of care” on the golf course, meaning that no one should use it.


Better Than Caffeine


Vanessa -hudgens -looks -white -hot -for -dinner -in -italy -04Vanessa -hudgens -photoshoot -for -allure -magazine -october -2009_1

Vanessa Hudgens turns 26. 34-24-34. American actress/singer

Spring Breakers, Machete Kills, High School Musical, Machete Kills

Filipina, Chinese, Spanish, Irish and American Indian mix. First single Breaking Free peaked inside the Billboard top-100. 

"Ever since I was really young I wanted to play a prostitute. It's just, like, thrilling as an actor to put yourself in a situation you, personally, would never be in." 


Joe Buck: 'We're Not Worthy'



Buck Shark

Sorry, but I didn't catch the inaugural Fox Sports golf telecast on Saturday. Forgot to DVR it too! So, I'll have to defer to other reviews of the telecast. It sounded like it was rough start with a heap of broadcaster overtalking, but also included some decent digital additions to the presentation.

Here's the long version from, and a weird confrontation by Ian Poulter, Billy Horschel and a Fox cameraman

Pretty much everything dreaded when USGA moved its championships to Fox Sports was evident in the initial telecast. Way too much Fox bringing attention to themselves and not enough golf. Cheesy attempts at hipster status (Buck declaring "There's some Fox attitude!" the first time rock and roll was used to commercial). And dated looking graphics employing the chunky Fox font while the Fox logo was on screen at all times yet inexplicably not given a watermark finish. (Branding baby!) 

“I realize one thing,” Buck said. “People at home don’t care who’s covering it. They just want to sit on their couch and watch golf. There’s only one real way for us at Fox to start this venture and that is humbly.

“When you get into this situation you realize how hard it is to cover golf and make it look seamless. I want to tip my cap…to the fine folks at CBS and the work of Frank Chirkinian in changing and revolutionizing the way golf is covered on television. And that’s up to present day, whether it’s NBC and Golf Channel, or ABC and ESPN or TNT.

“Right now we are not worthy. Someday maybe we will be. We hope to innovate. We hope to have some fun. But most of all, in the promise we made at Fox to the USGA, is that we’re going to respect this great game.”


Chalmers Beats Scott On 7th Playoff Hole



Greg Chalmers

Southpaw Greg Chalmers beat fellow Aussie Adam Scott on the seventh playoff hole to win the Australian PGA. His par was good enough after Scott 3-putted the hole. 

Oh, they used the the same par-4 18th hole seven times. What a boring, unimaginative Groundhogs Day fail. 

Chalmers trailed the leaders by seven shots heading into the final round before shooting a nifty 64. It was his second Austrailan PGA win (he took the 2011 event in a three-hole playoff).

Scott had four opportunities to win the Joe Kirkwood Cup with birdie putts during the playoff but failed to make any. When he missed a four-foot putt for par on the seventh playoff hole, it allowed Chalmers to seal the win with a near tap-in.

Maybe it's time for Adam to start tinkering with a non-anchored putter sooner than later.

''Just phenomenal, I'm worn out,'' the 41-year-old Chalmers said. ''I was all over the place ... really excited and thrilled.''

It ended a disappointing three tournaments in four weeks in Australia for Scott, who announced Friday that he and his wife were expecting their first child in February.

Last year, Scott won the Australian PGA and Australian Masters and lost the Australian Open - the third leg of the Australian Triple Crown and the final Australian major of the season - when Rory McIlroy birdied the 18th hole on the final day at Royal Sydney.


Better Than Caffeine



Jennifer _connelly _2

Jennifer Connelly
 turns is 44 today. 37-26-35. Curvy actress.

Requiem For A Dream, A Beautiful Mind, Blood Diamond, The Hulk, The Rocketeer

Born in the Catskill Mountains, NY. Irish and Norwegian ancestry mix. Speaks fluent Italian and French. Enrolled at Yale before transferring to Stanford. Chosen as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#54) in 2007. 

"Ultimately I'm an Irish Catholic Jew. I'm riddled with guilt!" 


Tomorrow On The Teebox




Tomorrow is gonna be HUGE on the Teebox Golf Show and AG Magazine. We and the Ticket's Orphanage and Cirque de Sirois will be broadcasting from 8a - 2p from our AG compound in Irving. Of course we'll give you all the latest golf nuggets but also...

Sell our 2015 AG Passbook for only $39.95. Plus, the first 100 will receive a free round at Texas Star GC!

  • You can buy golf equipment and apparel at deep discounts from AG and Art Sellinger's Power Golf
  • The Snooty Pig will bring their incredible muffins and breakfast burritos
  • Fuzzy's Tacos provides a terrific lunch
  • Fuzzy's Vodka will pour delicious Bloody Marys until noon

Should be big-time fun. Yes, the holidays arrive early so we hope to see you all tomorrow at our grand open house.


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