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Heather Graham
 turns 45 tomorrow. 37-25-35. Real live Barbi doll actress.

The Hangover, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Boogie Nights

Born in Milwaukee, raised by strict Catholic FBI agent father and school teacher mom. Grew up excessively shy but gravitated to drama in high school. Discovered by actor James Woods. Dropped out of UCLA after two years to pursue acting full time. 

"I always wanted to be the pretty girl, but I thought I wasn't. When I started acting and getting pretty girl roles, I felt like I was just pretending, and nobody saw I was just this big nerd."


Allenby Believes The Media Is To Blame



The wheels-off Robert Allenby says he still can't remember a two-hour span the night he ended with a bloody face while multiple witnesses consistently refute his story.

Yet, during his presser yesterday, he has decided the media--yes the media--is the ultimate culprit in this sordid saga.

Anyone want to guess how Allenby plays this week? And, what of the reaction from the raucous fans on the par-3 16th stadium hole tomorrow?


A Cheerful And Fully Toothed Tiger Reappears




Tiger Woods met with the media a day earlier than usual when playing an event. He was cheerful and full of teeth. 

Of course many are describing the event as "The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth."

Woods explains away the mystery of his lost chicklets, recovering his short game and how he's rediscovered his vaunted distance off the tee. 

“Yeah, that didn't feel very good,” he said. “I had my mask on, so no one knew who I was; trying to blend in, because there is not a lot of brown dudes at ski races, OK? That was the whole idea of why I wore the mask, and then I came up above. I was looking down, and all the camera guys are below me on their knees or moving all around, trying to get a picture because she's hugging people, saying congratulations to the other racers as they are coming down. Dude with a video camera on his shoulder, right in front of me, kneeling, stood up and turned and caught me square on the mouth. He chipped that [tooth], cracked the other one. And so then, you know, I'm trying to keep this [mask] so the blood is not all over the place.”

“I was caught between techniques, between my old release pattern and body movement when I was working with [former instructor] Sean [Foley] and then my new release pattern,” he explained. “We had to basically just hit thousands upon thousands upon thousands of chips and just get it out of there, and now it's better.”

My driving has come around a lot faster," said Woods. "I'm a lot longer than I thought I ever could be again. My speed is way back up, and that's fun. I'm touching numbers that I did 15 years ago, so that's cool."

I can't wait to see how it goes this week. BTW, Woods is grouped with Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed

Woods and Spieth played together five times in 2014 with Jordan beating him by a combined 20 shots. 



CBS Hires Frank Nobilo To Replace Peter Oosterhuis





Nobilo _0

CBS made a quick move yesterday by replacing the retiring Peter Oosterhuis with long time GolfChannel analyst Frank Nobilo

Nobilo, who has worked as an analyst for Golf Channel since retiring from full-time competition in 2002, will continue to work at Golf Channel while simultaneously broadcasting with CBS, including certain tournaments like the Masters and the PGA Championship.

“Frank Nobilo is one of the most intelligent and engaging analysts in golf,” said Sean McManus, chairman of CSB Sports. “His knowledge of the game and insight as a worldwide champion make him a perfect fit for CBS Sports’ golf coverage. We are proud to showcase the strongest ensemble of voices in golf.”

Nobilo is a solid, honest analyst. But one has to wonder if Brandel Chamblee would've been chosen if he had a foreign accent. Never underestimate the allure of an accent on golf broadcasts. 


Better Than Caffeine



BridgetBridget _Fonda -skin -lovely -soft -before -smoking -hot -stunning -chicki -after _thumb _585x 795

Bridget Fonda turns 51. 32-24-36. American actress.

Jackie Brown, Godfather Part III, Doc Hollywood, Single White Female

Daughter of Peter Fonda, granddaughter of Henry Fonda and niece of Jane Fonda. Made debut in Easy Rider at age 5. Married to composer Danny Elfman. Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#85). Her godfather was Larry Hagman

"I can be pretty nasty. Not 'mean' nasty, but nasty by your parents' standards. But not by my parents' standards, because my parents were nasty for their day."


Jason Dufner: I Needed To Get Healthier To Save Career



Dufner -847-andrewredington

Our lovable Jason Dufner has gone on a health kick. He's given up his favorite foods and lost 20 lbs to in his words "save his career." 

“I didn't really have a choice,” he said Wednesday. “If I didn’t do it, I wasn’t going to be able to play golf. So it was pretty simple for me.”

“I haven’t felt good for two or three years, to be honest with you,” Dufner said. “It kind of came to a head last year. I couldn’t play. I missed the Playoffs, missed the defense of my PGA Championship, more than likely missed playing in the Ryder Cup because of it.”


A new, gluten-free diet has helped him feel better. He said his new diet is aimed at removing inflammation from his body, which was a reason for much of his excess weight. He’s not exactly sure what caused the pain he dealt with for much of last season, but he believes inflamed and tight muscles were compressing on nerves, causing pain in his left shoulder and a “dead arm.”

“In 2011 and 2012, … he was playing well. He was a lot skinnier,” Bradley said. “He needed to lose the weight. He was very fat.”

He was bed-ridden with headaches for the first five days of his diet as his body struggled to adjust. His golf game has felt great, though.


Is Bill Haas The Best Player Never To Contend In A Major



Blog -bill -haas -0126

We've all heard about the best golfers never to win a major. But what about the best to never contend in one? 

Some interesting stats to peruse

Haas has played in 21 major championships and has never finished in the top 10. The closest he's ever come to contending was holding the 18-hole lead at the 2014 Masters. He shot 78 on Friday, though, and wound up T-20. Only twice in those 21 starts has Haas bettered that performance with a T-12 at the 2011 PGA Championship and a T-19 at the 2012 British Open.

He's the 80th golfer to have six or more wins without a major and he's not even close to Harry Cooper's record of 31 victories without a major. But Haas' history is unusual because unlike Cooper and the overwhelming majority of those 79 other players, Haas has never come close to even contending at a major, let alone winning one.

Of the 80 players on that list, only four never finished in the top five at a major championship: Joey Sindelar, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Willie Klein, and Wayne Levi. Only one of those other golfers also never once finished in the top 10: Levi.

In fact, Levi is the gold standard for unusual track records in major championships. He had twice as many wins (12) as Haas currently does and even won the PGA Tour Player of the Year Award in 1990. Yet his best finish in a major was a T-11 at the 1984 Masters and he only had four top 25s in 33 major starts.


Clinton Says 'Give Obama A Break. Golf Is Great For Presidents'



Bill Clinton

Ex-Pres Bill Clinton came to the defense of Barack Obama for all the golf the POTUS plays. Clinton believes the sport is great for Presidents

"I think golf is about the best therapy a president can have,” Clinton said during an interview Sunday with Golf Channel. “The fact that it takes a while to play, it requires concentration and is healthy, is — I think — a very good thing.”

“From my point of view, we shouldn’t criticize them, we should want them to do it,” he said. “It’s not like they can’t get in touch with anybody in the world. I’ve had any number of international conversations on the phone on the golf course.” 

For those of us who make a living with the sport, any pub is good pub for golf. Yeah, from a public perspective, it appears the POTUS is slacking while working the toughest job ever. But, we all need some down time and like Clinton said, it's not like Obama can't immediately communicate with anyone in the world. 


Better Than Caffeine



Melissa -benoist -1388022645Tommy -Garcia -melissa -benoist -32325749-640-960

Melissa Benoist is 26. 32-23-34. American actress.

Glee, Whiplash, Band of Robbers

Recently selected to play Supergirl in new CBS series. Has three tats: a wolf on her left wrist, a feather and the word "free" on the back of her neck, and a bicycle on her left foot.

"At school, when it came to being social, I had no idea how to do it."


Allenby Supposedly Blew $3,400 At Strip Bar That Night



Robert Allenby Funny _thumb [2]

The failed storyteller Robert Allenby's saga is the like the fine wine he enjoys--it gets better with age.

GolfChannel gets the additional down and dirty during that fateful night of Saturday after missing the cut at the Sony Open.

Multiple sources who were working at the club on Jan. 16 confirmed to that Allenby was  there around midnight with “a group of friends” and ran up a $3,400 bar tab.

“You can’t go from being perfect to being in the position I was in,” said Allenby, who estimated he had three glasses of wine during a dinner that lasted more than two hours. “If I was drunk why didn’t I ever wake up? It doesn’t make sense.”

Just after 1 a.m., two hours after originally finding Allenby,
 Kaili and Khamis returned to find him passed out about
 again 50 feet from where they originally found him.

“When I returned the second time that’s when Mr. Allenby’s face was all busted up. My friend (Khamis) said he was sitting down and nodding off and he hit his head,” Kaili told “He was beyond drunk. Totally blitz. It had to be a little bit more than just drunk.”


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