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The wonderful Priscilla Presley turns 70(!) tomorrow. 32-23-33. Actress, businesswoman. 

Dallas, Naked Gun Trilogy, Melrose Place. 

Met Elvis Presley when she was 14 at a U.S. Air Force base in West Germany. They married eight years later. Divorced in '73. Her fragrance line including Moments, Experiences, Indian Summer, Roses and More. Moments was worth $90 million a year in 1996. Turned down the part as one of the "angels" in the television series "Charlie's Angels" (1976).

"I don't think I'll ever find anyone I'll love as much as I loved Elvis. It's pointless trying to compare him to anyone. Yes, some men I've been with have mattered to me, but Elvis was my first love, he'll be my last."

Enjoy the long weekend. 

This Is One Of The Better Hole-In-One Celebrations


Andrew Johnston delivers a credible chest bump (at least by pro golf standards) you'll see after aceing the 10th hole at the BMW PGA Championship. 

Could be the excitement of also winning a new BMW Z-4.


College Golfer Turns Down $10K To Keep Eligibility



Winning money that affects your amateur or college status is a horrible rule. It's one stinkin' shot--and not like you lapped or sandbagged a field. 

Anyway, Boston College golfer Brian Butler decided to refuse a $10,000 prize after his ace during a qualifying event in Wyoming. 

“I’m not going to give up my last year of college golf for $10,000,” Butler said.

But next time — on the wild and crazy chance that there is a next time, that is — Butler can’t promise that he’d make the same decision. Not with $1 million on the table. “That,” he said, laughing, “would probably be a different story.”

”I didn’t know about the $10,000 prize,” Butler said. “I just knew about the million dollars at the qualifier.”

But after talking briefly with his father, Butler, who lives in West Hartford, Conn., had no problem turning down the prize. He’s got one more year of college, and this finance major was able to calculate swiftly that one more year of college golf was worth a lot more than $10,000.

Again, great shot; awful rule.


Birds-Eye View Of Colonial CC


This overhead video of Colonial CC is pretty cool. With all the rain, the course is as green as you'll ever see. And with the soft conditions and calm breezes, the pros are eating it up. 

Colonial is also one of the very best venues to walk during a tournament. Close knit holes, little terrain give it a cozy feel for galleries. It's a worthy traipse this weekend. 

First round co-leader Jordan Spieth now has 14-straight rounds of par or better in Texas events (36-under). Obviously, he's attracted the largest galleries so far. 


Better Than Caffeine


Amanda -Pflugrad -LegsAmanda -Pflugrad -Long -Legs

Amanda Pflugrad32-23-34. Ex-Oregon cheerleader, Fox Sports Arizona. 

First burst on the scene after showcased by Sports Illustrated in 2009. Was dubbed hottest college cheerleader by various websites. Covered sports and lifestyle on Fox Sports for Sun Devils, Suns, Wildcats and Cardinal games. Left in 2013 for Total College Sports and Hulu. The NY Jets hired her as a team reporter last year.


What Happens When Lightning Hits A Flagstick


Reddit Lightning

Crazy photo on what happens when lightning hits a flagstick. This on a course in Utah.

Eerie how the burn marks looks like a branching tree, no?


The Top-10 Best Golf Moments On Letterman Show

Some good stuff to remember...

Did you know that 2003 British Open champ Ben Curtis began the now long-standing tradition of major winners voicing a top-10 bit?

Obviously, with Dave's retirement, Jordan Spieth will be the last major winner to appear on the show...


Better Than Caffeine


EastwoodAlison -Eastwood -hot -in -JD-Photo -Shoot -0hdnfd 05

Alison Eastwood 
is 43. 32-24-35. Yes, Clint's daughter. Actress. 

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Tightrope, Absolute Power. 

A rebellious teenager growing up. Received a fine and three years' probation after a drunk-driving arrest in 1991. Kicked a drugs and alcohol addiction at age twenty. Was conceived during the production of Dirty Harry (1971). Posed for Playboy at age 30. 

"In Carmel where I grew up I was so infamous because I was kind of a wild teenager and driving around like a nut and just carrying on. I didn't have a terrible amount of structure. My parents were doing their own thing and I think I got turned loose. I turned myself loose a little bit. I like to have fun and I like to kind of be wild and crazy."

She certainly makes our day.  


Does Rory Want To Retire At Age 40?



First, 18-yr-old Lydia Ko announced she wanted to retire from golf for a career in psychology. 

Now, 26-yr-old Rory McIlroy believes he wants to say adios to pro golf by 40. 

Funny, I always thought you looked forward to golf after retirement.

"That's 14 years away, that's longer than most sports people have, and I've already had an eight-year career in golf.

"Twenty five years should be enough to help me achieve what I want to. If there comes a time when I feel I can't win or give it my best I'd very happily hang up the sticks and do something else."

"I don't anticipate playing senior golf or championship golf."

"I'll never be able to do for golf what Tiger did,” McIlroy said. “He was a phenomenon, he brought so many more people into the game because of his background and how he started on Tour and everything…”

That's not surprising as many 20-somethings hopefully wish to be financially secure and retire at a young age. And while Rory is already set for life, plans constantly change. 

If McIlroy is within sniffing distance of Tiger or Jack's major win total, I'm sure he'll reconsider. 


New Golf Announcer Joe Buck Sounds Off


Maar 01-joe -buck

Fox Sports is getting ready for its U.S. Open broadcast. Self-deprecating lead announcer Joe Buck gives his take on fulfilling expectations, his golf game and hopefully knowing when to shut up

MY INDEX IS 5.0. I've been as low as 2, and it gets up around 8 when I'm running badly. Historically I'm a little reverse-sandbaggerish, because when I play lousy, I head for the parking lot instead of the computer to post my score. I'm a Wild Willie more than a Steady Eddie. I like to rip it. I broke my sternum hitting a golf ball, and the doctor who treated me said he could write a medical paper about it. My big miss is a block. It has been and always will be a part of my DNA. With acceptance comes peace.

IN 2002, A WRITER I KNOW, Dan O'Neill, did a story on me for Golfweek. We're at Old Warson and playing while he's interviewing me. There's a photographer there, and I'm nervous, feeling like I have someone else's arms. Standing on the tee of the 13th hole, a par 3, the photog says, "I think I've got all I need," jumps in his golf cart and drives in. My next swing, I make the only hole-in-one in my life. I whoop, my arms go in the air and Dan gives me a high-five. I look for the photographer and see his golf cart disappearing on the horizon. A Kodak moment, except there's no Kodak.

RORY MCILROY throws his 3-iron into the water at Doral, and it's cute. If Tiger Woods had done that, the media would have never let him up. The media dynamic with Tiger is interesting. The media are supposed to be objective, right? I've never taken it personally when a baseball or football player doesn't speak or open up to us—and there have been a lot. Move on to the next guy.

BEST ATHLETE-GOLFER I've seen is Sam Bradford, now quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Jay Williamson, a former tour player and good buddy of mine, says that if Sam focused on golf, he could be on the PGA Tour within a couple of years. As far as playing the game goes, he's better than Tony Romo, John Smoltz, Rick Rhoden or any other nongolf athlete out there.

MY CHOICE FOR BEST golf announcing moment I've seen might surprise you. It was from NBC's Dan Hicks when Tiger Woods made the putt to get into the playoff at the 2008 U.S. Open. Dan's words were, "Expect anything different?" It's a good line, but it was the timing that made it exquisite. Announcers have different styles. You can ride the front of the wave—be right on top of a call like a play-by-play guy in an action sport. You can dive into the middle of the wave, or ride the back of it­—a pause before you give a reaction. Dan's call was on the back of the wave, and it couldn't have been better. That's the best way, I think. Pat Summerall did it like that. That's what I'm shooting for.


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