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Meghan Markle
 turns 33. 36-24-33. American actress. 

Suits, Horrible Bosses, Remember Me, A Lot Like Love

African-American/Dutch/Irish mix. Northwestern Univ grad. Worked at U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires before landing acting roles. Was suitcase #24 on Deal or No Deal TV show. Currently heating up the screen as a hot paralegal on Suits. 

"When I get ready to go out, it's half hour and we're out of the door. I don't want to waste time getting ready: I want to go and have fun."

Tiger Denies Splitting With Como


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There were recent whispers that Tiger Woods and swing consultant Chris Como had called it quits. The rumors wouldn't of surprised anyone given Woods' recent mediocre scores.

However, yesterday Woods denied any divorce proceedings

Notah Begay, who introduced Woods to Como, also said that he had not heard of any split between the two and that he had dinner with Como earlier this week in Texas.

After Woods' round, a 3-under 68, Woods said he and Como were still working together. Steinberg confirmed that the partnership continues. Como was even scheduled to arrive at the Quicken Loans National on Friday to continue his work with Woods.

Woods' game didn't look any better starting the first round of the event when he was +3 thru 4 holes. But he rallied with four straight birdies on the back to close at 3-under. Currently Tiger is 5-under and just three off the lead halfway thru the 2nd round. 

Maybe patience will finally be rewarded?


Trumps Comments Not Deterring Lizette Salas



"I bet when you buy a hat like that, you get a free bowl of soup with it."

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is spouting some hot sports opinions towards a number of targets. One included the shocking comments regarding Hispanic immigrants--especially for a candidate running for office.  

When he showed up at the Ricoh Women's British Open Thursday, Trump said he had never heard of Hispanic LPGA player Lizette Salas.

So, what does Salas think about The Donald's remarks?

“I’m proud of my heritage, proud of where I come from, not ashamed of being born of Mexican immigrants," Salas said. "But that’s a whole other subject. My goal this week is to win. He can say what he wants. Everyone can. It does not change the way I feel about myself, about my heritage at all.”

Playing in this week's Ricoh Women's British Open, Salas added,

“To win my first major would be huge regardless of what he said,” Salas said. “That’s my goal, to hold up that trophy.” She does not expect to meet the billionaire. “ “He has more important issues than to talk to me,” Salas said. “And I have more important issues - to win. My gameplan doesn’t change at all.”

We'd love to see Salas win as Trump himself would be handing her the trophy. However, she's currently two over the cut line at +4 thru 9 holes today.

Survey Says There's Hanky Panky On Golf Courses



Apparently, based on this Golf Digest survey, there's more to do on a golf course than, well, golf. 

Almost a third of the 1,000-plus respondents said they've had sex on a golf course. The respondents were almost all male, and 60 percent were 24 to 44 years old.

Ninety percent of the people who've had golf-course sex enjoyed it enough to recommend it to others. "On a moonlit night, it's absolutely exquisite," says Jim Harrison, a 75-year-old Arizona investor and golf-equipment inventor. His first experience was more than 50 years ago, but he'll never forget it. "We looked up afterward at the stars and thought, This is heaven.

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the worst place to have sex and 10 being the best, our survey respondents gave the golf course a solid 7, on average.

"I'm a big golfer, so for me, it was exciting to have sex on the course," says one respondent who asked not to be named. "Sex at a hockey rink is not going to interest me. But golf, sure."

What's not to like? Minor stuff, mainly. Dew is a common complaint, along with grass stains, bugs and darkness. "Heed the cartpath if you have no blanket," warns a Pennsylvania golf professional. "You will end up with scraped knees."

The green is the most popular place for sex. Half our respondents said they'd done it there. Fairways (35 percent) and tee areas (30 percent) were next most common.

Besides the actual activity itself, the other benefit is you don't even have to call for a tee time. 


Better Than Caffeine


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Paige Spiranac is 22. 32D-23-35. Recently graduated college golfer. 

The San Diego State grad won top honors at 2015 Mountain West Conference golf championship--the first time SDSU won that prize.

Comes from athletic stock: her father played college football, her mother danced ballet professionally, and her older sister, Lexie, was a heptathlete and rower at Stanford. Will next attempt to earn her LPGA card.

Of course her looks don't hurt either. The 186,000 Instagram followers recently listed her as "the hottest female athlete on the Earth."

"I like to wear make-up, and I feel that women should be confident and they should do what they want to do. I'm just trying to play golf."


Why Tour Dates Are Essentially Roulette For Strength Of Fields


Woods _1442_quicken 15_wed _stand _0 

Ever since the WGC Invitationals and FedEx Cup playoffs were installed on the PGA Tour schedule, the other events continually stramble to secure the best remaining dates to hopefully lure the game's biggest stars. 

We've noticed it firsthand here in Dallas/Fort Worth as the Byron Nelson Championship and Colonial Invitational fight uphill battles drawing fields that were once the envy of the Tour. Star golfers today make so much coin that bigger purses aren't enough to grab their attention. It also has to be convenient to their schedules.

It's not an easy process and will get worse next year when the 2016 Summer Olympics take up normal dates. 

The once popular Quicken Loans National--even with Tiger Woods as its name sponsor--is having issues. Only two of the top-10, three in the top-20 and five of the top-50 entered this week. Meaning, the winner will receive a record-low 34 OWGR points for the event--the same as St. Jude Classic winner Fabian Gomez. In comparison, 2007 Quicken winner K.J. Choi earned 62 points. 

Historically, the standard Tour line when it comes to setting a schedule is that the quality of the golf course is the most important element when deciding what events to play. But with the advent of an increasingly busy lineup a new litmus test has surfaced.

For many players, it’s a question of diminishing returns, which largely explains this week’s field at the Quicken Loans National. And it’s a phenomenon that won’t be rectified anytime soon.

Which makes one wonder when sponsors will tire of ponying up big purses to only see 'meh' fields make the trip. 


Losing A New GoPro On Your First Shot


This was obviously a deflating moment for a golfer who wanted to video his swing via a brand new GoPro camera. Not only did he lose the camera, he suffers the bummer of public embarrassment (already 151,000 YouTube views). 

Hint: Next time, don't hit it thin...


Better Than Caffeine


Yvonnenbc4 Yvonne

Yvonne Strahovski is 33 tomorrow. 34-25-35. Aussie actress.

Chuck, I Frankenstein, Dexter, Killer Elite

Parents are Polish immigrants. Breakthru role as Sarah Walker in Chuck. Straight-A student in school. 

"I'm pretty gross. When I talk I can be gross and crude."


Woods is Cautiously Optimistic But Performance Stats Say Otherwise



Typically, Tiger Woods preaches his version of the "Emperor's New Clothes" where he believes (maybe) that he's this close to returning to his former peerless form, while onlookers see a broken golfer attempting to just make a cut. 

However, at his press conference yesterday, Tiger Woods was actually realistic about his struggling game.

“I didn’t think it would take this long because I thought I would have my short game earlier, which I didn’t,” Woods said. “You can cover up a lot of different things when you’re chipping and putting well. Throughout the years when I’ve changed coaches and techniques, my short game was pretty good. It wasn’t this year and so the process of scoring has taken a lot longer. I’m sticking with it and just trying to make progress each and every day.”

“Is it frustrating? Yeah, isn’t frustrating not to win golf tournaments,” he said. “I’m not really in contention very often. But I know how close it feels. I know that I just need a couple of shots here and there to turn the tide. Every time I’ve had those shots, I haven’t done it. I’ve got to clean up my rounds and convert those opportunities and hopefully, I can do it this week.”

However,'s Gary Van Sickle outlines the woeful stats Woods brings to his Quicken Loans tournament this week. It ain't pretty

His putting is middle of the pack—he’d rank 97th in strokes gained putting. His short game is abominable. He would stand 195th, next to last, in sand saves at a meager 35.1 percent and he would be dead last by five lengths in scrambling—he’s gotten it up and down only 43.14 percent of the time. Charlie Beljian, currently ranks last at 48.10.

The only thing nearly as bad as Tiger’s short game is his driving. He’s got the dreaded two-way miss going, meaning he can’t take either side of the course out of play off the tee. He doesn’t know where the tee ball is going. He would rank 171st in tendency to miss fairways left and 180th in tendency to miss fairways right. One of those would be bad news. Missing both ways that often is dead solid unplayable. The only good news is, he’s got nowhere to go but up.

This will be another telling week for Woods as only 5 of the top-50 ranked players are in the field. Interesting that if Woods fails to win--and thereby miss qualifying for next week's WGC Bridgestone Invitational--he won't play in the alternate Barracuda Championship in Reno. Woods needs reps, but he apparently has lofty standards regarding events.  

Which to me signals Woods isn't terribly concerned (or impatient) enough to play anywhere, anytime hoping to find his winning game. The fact that Tiger says he's now injury and pain free speaks volumes about a lacking burning desire for wins rather than merely playing on the weekend. 


Tour Player Billy Hurley Says His Dad Is Missing For Last Nine Days



I've noticed it more and more these days while driving on highways; abundant Silver Alert billboard notices announcing an elderly person's whereabouts is unknown. 

Alzheimers and dementia is a bitch to deal with--for the victim and family. And, unfortunately, it's a growing problem as a vast number of baby boomers age their 60's, 70's and beyond. 

Tour player Billy Hurley emotionally announced at his Quicken Loans National presser that his father William Hurley Jr has been missing for the last nine days

Hurley Dad


The Naval Academy graduate, who said he learned his father was missing on Monday afternoon, said his father does not have a history of mental illness. Hurley's mother has filed a missing persons report with local police.

Hurley cried as he explained that his father, a retired police officer, hasn't been seen since getting into his 1998 Ford F150 truck and driving away from the family's Leesburg, Va., home on July 19 with some clothes and cash.

The 33-year-old PGA Tour player said he is in this week's field with the hope that his father will see him on TV and return home. In lieu of that, Hurley hopes someone who has seen his father will come forward and help the family locate Hurley's father.

Hurley said, "I’m just hoping that there’s a story, that maybe he goes to to check my tee time or check my score and sees this and understands that, Dad, we love you and we want you to come home.”

Let's all hope the absence is just a misguided excursion rather than due to a terrible delibiltating illness.


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