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Elle Macpherson turned 51 Saturday. 36-25-35. Aussie swimsuit legend, actress, spokesperson and supermodel.

Nicknamed "The Body," she owns the record for most SI Swimsuit issue covers (5). Appeared in six episodes of Friends. As a teenager, she ran a mile in 4 minutes, 24 seconds. Speaks French, Italian and Spanish. 

On modeling: "I'm too old for that." (in 1999)


Jimmy Walker's Win Breaks Some Dubious Streaks


Jimmy -Walker -follow -through

Jimmy Walker kinda burst onto the Tour scene by winning the 2013 Championship. It was his first PGA Tour victory in 187 tries since arriving on Tour in 2001.  

My how things have changed for the stout amateur astronomer

Walker won the Valero Texas Open by four shots over Jordan Spieth. He finished 11 shots ahead of 10 place and was +10.338 in Strokes-Gained-Putting and +20.315 in Total Strokes Gained vs. the field. 

Walker's win broke a couple of head-scratching Tour streaks. He was the first multiple winner this year in 20 events and also the first 54-hole-leader to win in the last 10 events. The last time to take that long for a multiple winner during a Tour season was Nick Price in 1994 (also 20). 

And, let's not forget that Walker has 5 wins in his last 37 attempts and three top-10 major finishes last year including an 8th at Augusta in his first attempt. What other American has done that? The man can putt and consistently pounds it over 300-yards. Oh, and he's now world ranked in the top-10 for the first time. Heady stuff. 

Meanwhile, Spieth finished three shots ahead of third place Billy Horschel. It was Jordan's 5th top-5 finish in his last 11 world wide events (including three wins) and 22nd top-10 in three seasons. 

The Masters can't arrive fast enough. 


Road Rage In A Scoring Tent?


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David Fay in GolfDigest relays some surprising tiffs from the Tour scoring tent

Let's just say that the players you've heard stories about typically lived up to their reputations. And don't think there weren't some LPGA players who could lose it, too. (By the way, it should come as no surprise that Jack Nicklaus was a model citizen: always pleasant, never saccharine, no matter his score.)

Some players behave like princes, regardless of their score. Good examples: Ben Crenshaw and Nick Price. On the other hand, Ben's college teammate, Tom Kite, would fall into what I coined The 67-76 Club. All smiles and compliments after a 67, but a steady stream of criticism—usually about the course setup, sometimes about the guy he was playing with—after a 76.

This one is a capper...

The 1985 Senior Open was also the scene of my favorite incident. Tommy Bolt and Jack Fleck were paired together in the final round. Jack had a 70; Tommy, a 77. The two sat down in the tent, and, wordlessly, exchanged scorecards, checked them and signed them. But before they left my company, Bolt looked at me and said, as if Fleck were not seated right next to him: "Mr. USGA official, I don't give a damn if next year I'm leading this tournament by 10 shots going into the final round—if I'm paired with this no-good, miserable son of a bitch, I'm withdrawing." At which point, Fleck gave Bolt a hard shove and said, "Do you want to finish what we started in Australia?"

Bolt shoved back, almost pushing Jack off his chair and said, "Damn right I do!" Before any real blows were exchanged, I became the peacekeeper. Sort of. "Fellas," I said, "the next group is coming up onto the green, so please take it outside." Somewhat surprisingly, they nodded their heads, stopped the shoving and yelling, and departed.

Ah, boys will be boys. Or maybe infants.  


Better Than Caffeine


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Larisa Fraser, 26. 33-23-34. Canadian model.

Supermodel with a who's who client list including Nordstroms, Macy’s, Boston Proper, Kodak and Canon Cameras, to magazine layouts for SELF Magazine, Womens Health, GQ, and Glamour Magazine. 

Recently married to Milwaukee Brewer steroid abuser Ryan Braun (the "Hebrew Hammer") in December '13. 

"Sure modeling is great, but I really want a cooking show on the Food Network."

Enjoy the weekend.


Phil Snaps 8-Iron In Bunker


You can always count on Phil Mickelson to provide a YouTube moment or two. Yesterday he delivered some worthy mirth while many of his peers were struggling to break 80 at TPC San Antonio's Valero Windblown Open.

He also finished in T4 after round one.

Sit back and stay till the end. 

But that wasn't the only equipment calamity. Troy Merritt caved in the clubface of his 2-iron on the 11th hole yesterday. 

The real surprise is someone still carrying around a two-iron.


Troy tweeted:

"Golf was hard enough today. I didn't need this to happen on 11. Hit it hard, and it didn't even get to the fairway!!"

Then he remembered, oh yeah, these are my sponsored clubs. 

"Still love my @WilsonGolf equipment!! Just hit that 2 iron in the perfect spot, I guess. I'll have a new one in the bag shortly!!"


Better Hurry Up And Read About TaylorMade's Latest CEO


David -Abeles -taylormade -ceo _t 780

It's been barely a year since Ben Sharpe replaced exiting TaylorMade CEO Mark King as the czar of the beleaguered adidas golf division. Sharpe left his post abruptly for the clichéd "personal reasons" exit strategy (hint: it wasn't his idea).

Anyway, the new smiling fresh meat (for the short term) to enter the lion's den is 43-year-old David Abeles, who rejoined the company in February as the president of TaylorMade and Adams Golf.

A WSJ article published today noted that Adidas' stock price fell 40 percent in 2014 and that it was seeking to bring products to market at a more rapid pace. The article detailed that Adidas reported 2014 net profit of 490 million Euros, down from 787 million Euros the year before, on sales worth 14.5 billion Euros.

A more rapid pace? Does that mean new TM sticks arriving on a weekly basis? Will these guys ever learn that the beaten down golf consumer is already sick and tired of being fed new equipment every quarter or so? It's truly a sorry way to run a business for all involved parties (golfers, retailers and manufacturer). 

Thus, I have a new wager to ponder.

What or who has the longest shelf life this go around; the latest TaylorMade driver or CEO...


Baddeley's Birdie Is A Most Unlikely One


Aaron Baddeley
was leading the Valero Open at 3-under arriving on the par-4 17th. But he smoked his first tee shot OB.

Oh well, Badds retees and...jars the 336-yard shot. 

Yeah, that's a pretty damn good scramble. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 At 8.12


Tomorrow On The Teebox



Tomorrow's Teebox Golf Show special guest host is AG editor Travis Measley who fills in for Craig. 

We take issue with a high-profile player and bash the increasingly clueless PGA Tour for wasting everyone's time again on absurd rulings. 

Oh, and we make our fearless Masters picks (I really like mine).

So how 'bout giving us a listen and/or stopping by Crest Cars in Plano Saturday morning from 8-10 on 1310 The Ticket.


Better Than Caffeine



Amy -smart -1024x 768-21649

Amy Smart is 39 today. 34-24-33. Actress.

Justified, The Butterfly Effect, Crank, Varsity Blues, Shameless

German, English, Irish, Dutch, Swiss-German, and Welsh mix. Vegan. Certified yoga instructor. Had one of the craziest R-rated scenes ever in Crank. Hates to watch horror movies, but loves to "scare the shit out of people."

"There's something about blonds that triggers a lightheartedness. People can't take you seriously. Brunettes are more mysterious."


Begay: 'Tiger 50/50 To Play In Masters'


Tiger Chips

Tiger Woods' buddy/confidant and one-man PR firm Notah Begay spoke with 120 Sports and intimated Woods is a coin flip to play at Augusta in two weeks. 

That's better odds than I gave him, but this portion of Begay's interview doesn't instill immediate confidence. 

"It’s easy to get bullied into trying to acquiesce to the media’s concerns, or the PGA Tour’s concerns, or other people’s agendas. My suggestion to him was to take as much time as he needed to just figure out this issue with his short game and also to work on or clean up a couple of things that might be a little loose with his golf swing."

“I don’t know that there was any one thing specifically that you can say a player looks at, but it’s simply something that a player feels when they step on the golf course," Begay said. "They feel like they can go out there and basically defend themselves. If a player feels like they can do what they want, then they go out and play.” 

"My suggestion to him was to take as much time as he needed to just figure out this issue with his short game and also to work on or clean up a couple of things that might be a little loose with his golf swing," Begay said. "I think things are really settling. We’ve had some good discussions over the last week or so and he feels good about it. I think it was good for him to stay a step back, to reassess a variety of different things and do things on his timeline."

However, Notah didn't exactly admit that Woods had improved greatly or that he's mentally ready to re-enter the media madness. That's either a smoke screen or Tiger is still searching. 

Question is will Tiger Woods' proud ego allow him to potentially scuff it around a track that punishes those who struggle with the short game?

And, in front of a worldwide audience to boot.

So whatcha calling; heads or tails?


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