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Yvonnenbc4 Yvonne

Yvonne Strahovski is 33 tomorrow. 34-25-35. Aussie actress.

Chuck, I Frankenstein, Dexter, Killer Elite

Parents are Polish immigrants. Breakthru role as Sarah Walker in Chuck. Straight-A student in school. 

"I'm pretty gross. When I talk I can be gross and crude."


Woods is Cautiously Optimistic But Performance Stats Say Otherwise



Typically, Tiger Woods preaches his version of the "Emperor's New Clothes" where he believes (maybe) that he's this close to returning to his former peerless form, while onlookers see a broken golfer attempting to just make a cut. 

However, at his press conference yesterday, Tiger Woods was actually realistic about his struggling game.

“I didn’t think it would take this long because I thought I would have my short game earlier, which I didn’t,” Woods said. “You can cover up a lot of different things when you’re chipping and putting well. Throughout the years when I’ve changed coaches and techniques, my short game was pretty good. It wasn’t this year and so the process of scoring has taken a lot longer. I’m sticking with it and just trying to make progress each and every day.”

“Is it frustrating? Yeah, isn’t frustrating not to win golf tournaments,” he said. “I’m not really in contention very often. But I know how close it feels. I know that I just need a couple of shots here and there to turn the tide. Every time I’ve had those shots, I haven’t done it. I’ve got to clean up my rounds and convert those opportunities and hopefully, I can do it this week.”

However,'s Gary Van Sickle outlines the woeful stats Woods brings to his Quicken Loans tournament this week. It ain't pretty

His putting is middle of the pack—he’d rank 97th in strokes gained putting. His short game is abominable. He would stand 195th, next to last, in sand saves at a meager 35.1 percent and he would be dead last by five lengths in scrambling—he’s gotten it up and down only 43.14 percent of the time. Charlie Beljian, currently ranks last at 48.10.

The only thing nearly as bad as Tiger’s short game is his driving. He’s got the dreaded two-way miss going, meaning he can’t take either side of the course out of play off the tee. He doesn’t know where the tee ball is going. He would rank 171st in tendency to miss fairways left and 180th in tendency to miss fairways right. One of those would be bad news. Missing both ways that often is dead solid unplayable. The only good news is, he’s got nowhere to go but up.

This will be another telling week for Woods as only 5 of the top-50 ranked players are in the field. Interesting that if Woods fails to win--and thereby miss qualifying for next week's WGC Bridgestone Invitational--he won't play in the alternate Barracuda Championship in Reno. Woods needs reps, but he apparently has lofty standards regarding events.  

Which to me signals Woods isn't terribly concerned (or impatient) enough to play anywhere, anytime hoping to find his winning game. The fact that Tiger says he's now injury and pain free speaks volumes about a lacking burning desire for wins rather than merely playing on the weekend. 


Tour Player Billy Hurley Says His Dad Is Missing For Last Nine Days



I've noticed it more and more these days while driving on highways; abundant Silver Alert billboard notices announcing an elderly person's whereabouts is unknown. 

Alzheimers and dementia is a bitch to deal with--for the victim and family. And, unfortunately, it's a growing problem as a vast number of baby boomers age their 60's, 70's and beyond. 

Tour player Billy Hurley emotionally announced at his Quicken Loans National presser that his father William Hurley Jr has been missing for the last nine days

Hurley Dad


The Naval Academy graduate, who said he learned his father was missing on Monday afternoon, said his father does not have a history of mental illness. Hurley's mother has filed a missing persons report with local police.

Hurley cried as he explained that his father, a retired police officer, hasn't been seen since getting into his 1998 Ford F150 truck and driving away from the family's Leesburg, Va., home on July 19 with some clothes and cash.

The 33-year-old PGA Tour player said he is in this week's field with the hope that his father will see him on TV and return home. In lieu of that, Hurley hopes someone who has seen his father will come forward and help the family locate Hurley's father.

Hurley said, "I’m just hoping that there’s a story, that maybe he goes to to check my tee time or check my score and sees this and understands that, Dad, we love you and we want you to come home.”

Let's all hope the absence is just a misguided excursion rather than due to a terrible delibiltating illness.


Undercover Pro: Quitting On Tour


Gwar 01-undercover -tour -pro

Here's another worthy peek inside the ropes courtesy of Golfdigest's Undercover Tour Pro. This time he admits there is indeed "quitting" during an event--even though the casual viewer may not notice. 

I've laid down like an old dog. If I play 30 tournaments a year, inevitably there are going to be a few when I just mail it in. Either I'm tired or my swing's a mess. I want nothing more than to get off the golf course and refresh for the next week. I know guys who grind even when they're missing the cut by a dozen. Respect for giving the fans everything they got, but that ain't me. You're guaranteed to find a few cases of less-than-total-effort in the first five pairings on a Sunday morning. 

The difference between T-70 and T-50 is probably only a couple grand, so you've got to go super low with 63 or 64 to pass enough players to make it really worthwhile. If you don't make a bunch of birdies right away, you basically accept that it's not going to happen and start thinking about the airport. Plenty of groups will finish in three hours on Sunday. When we're not trying our hardest on every shot, pros can play rattle-bottom golf pretty darn fast.


You can even see it on Thursday. I could name you 15 guys who are guaranteed to give up the moment they get to five over. When I'm paired with them, I can usually pinpoint the moment. He putts a three-footer without reading the break. Or he tees off on a par 3 without getting a yardage from his caddie. Sometimes it's completely obvious, like he breaks his putter and putts the rest of the way by bellying a wedge. It's hard to be a perfect professional at all times, myself included. When you've just dunked two in the water, your care meter can drop pretty low, even if you're on TV.

The best attitude, of course, is to always try. Coming down the last few holes of a missed cut, if you can find a swing thought that clicks or something else that's going to help you the next week, then the tournament isn't a total loss. If my playing partner is a friend and also playing bad, I might ask if he wants to play for $50 a hole coming in. I realize that's ridiculous given the size of our purses, but a little internal game helps me stay focused. I've made over $25 million in my career, but it's still a thrill getting into someone else's wallet.


Better Than Caffeine


KatieKatie -gill -10120905

Katie Gill is 30. 32-24-35. American actress.

Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League

She started modeling at the age of 15 and moved to Osaka, Japan at age 18 to work for various commercial and print agencies. Daughter of actress Morgan Brittany (from the TV show "Dallas" 1978).

"Anger, tears and sadness are only for those who have given up." 


How Spieth Compares Against The Greats At Age 22


Jordan Spieth
turned 22 yesterday. He's accomplished much in his short time on Tour. 

Here (via is a comparison with the other greats at age 22.

77 PGA Tour starts
5 victories (2 major championships)
29 Top 10 finishes
13 missed cuts
$17.3 million in earnings

32 PGA Tour starts
1 victory (0 major championships)
1 Euro Tour victory
9 Top 10 finishes
5 missed PGA Tour cuts
$3.7 million in earnings

43 PGA Tour starts
6 victories (1 major championship)
14 Top 10 finishes
9 missed cuts (2 as a pro)
$2.8 million

Less than 25 PGA Tour starts
0 victories
3 missed cuts
Had turned pro for just 2 months

Spieth also received a novel birthday gift from chief endorser Under Armour. Delivered were baskets of balls each with a birthday wish from fans from around the globe. 

Pretty cool.



Mystery Pooper Targeting Norwegian Golf Course


Mystery -pooper -targeting -holes -of -Norwegian -golf -course

Remember when Sergio Garcia was rightfully hammered for spitting into a golf hole?

Well, he's got nothing on this nut.

Here's your crappy golf story for the week

Kenneth Tennfjord, groundskeeper at the Stavanger Golf Club, said he has been finding human feces and toilet paper in course holes since 2005.

Since 2005?!?! What, no stakeout?

"He has a couple of favorite holes," Tennfjord told the Rogaland Avis newspaper. "And we know it is a man because the poos are too massive to be from a woman."

That's some insightful detective work. 

"He poos only on weekdays. On weekends I have never found poo on the golf course," Tennfjord said. He said the fecal discoveries are usually accompanied by used toilet paper.

Steinar Floisvik, managing director of the club, said the mystery pooper used to arrive via bicycle.

"In the early morning dew we observed bicycle tracks on the course. Footsteps showed that he had done his business, and the bicycle tracks disappeared back the way they came," Floisvik said.

Yeah, he's a bona fide nut. But the culprit does apparently have good aim.

After 10 years(!), the anus is firmly on the course to nab the Poop Bandit. 


Steve Elkington Spouts Off In Interview


Steve -Elkington -008

Aussie Steve Elkington owns one of the more envied silky golf swings. He also speaks his mind on Twitter with varying degrees of success. 

In an interview with, Elk talks about his thoughts on current Tour players and the ongoing Twitter backlash. 

Do you find that the PGA Tour lacks characters?

It's hard for a lot of those guys to be themselves. I never acted this way when I was playing the Tour. It was more stressful, because you're trying to raise a family, you're trying to build a house, you're trying to pay the mortgage. I know this: Some of the revered people in this game, if they were around today, [the media] would kill them. Sam Snead used to tell off-color jokes at the Ryder Cup dinner at the Waldorf Astoria. How's that going to fly nowadays? Today's players, if they say too much they get hammered. If they don't say enough, they get hammered.

Not every player is wired for world domination. Boo Weekley has said he just wants to bank enough money to spend his days fishing.

There's a lot of pressure on those guys. A lot of the guys on Tour want to think about winning, but it's really hard for them to push through that window and put themselves out in the open. And that's the separator, right? The guy who likes being out in the open the most is someone like Phil. He doesn't care if he shoots 90 on Sunday, he's still going for the title. And then there are guys who are more comfortable just jockeying, staying just behind the heat, and they may come in at the end and steal it. But hardly anyone wants to stick their nose way out in front anymore. That's a lonely place.

Is it harder to win today than it was in your heyday?

No. It's the easiest it's ever been to win on Tour. No one closes. They all peel off at the end.

You've come under fire for some of your remarks on Twitter. Do you regret any of the tweets?

I don't know. You can't win either way. Everyone wants to keep picking on me about Twitter, but they don't want to pick on other people. They don't want to pick on Kelly Tilghman, about what she said about Tiger. [Note: In 2008, Tilghman said during a Golf Channel telecast that young players who wanted to challenge Woods should "lynch him in a back alley."] They don't keep picking on Tripp Isen-hour because he killed an eagle. [Note: Isenhour killed a hawk with a golf ball in 2007.] But they want to keep picking on me for something that I got fined for and suspended. I've served my sentence.

If you had been able to win one more major, you'd be a Hall of Fame candidate. Would you like to be in the discussion?

It's okay. Jack, Arnold, Gary and Lee—they're the real Hall of Famers. Mark O'Meara and David Graham, they played Hall of Fame–type golf in their era, but they're not in the same class as Jack Nicklaus. People said, "Hey, Freddie Couples shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame." But he was Hall of Fame [worthy] in his era. I held my own in my era for a decade. I earned the right to say that I was one of the best players that played in the ′90s. And that's all right.


Better Than Caffeine



Helen Owen. 32-34-24. British model. 

The UCLA grad is putting an absolute beatdown on Instagram, and with over 180K followers.

We can see why. 


Did U.S. Junior Am Golfer Miss Chance To Take Holly Sonders To Prom?


Holly -sonders -andrew -orischak -650x 366

Andrew Orischak
 was sitting pretty in his U.S. Junior Am final against Philip Barbaree, leading 5-up with only eight holes to play. Alas, Barbaree rallied with a stunning performance to beat Orischak one-up in a playoff. 

What's worse, Andrew's dad had set up a deal with Holly Sonders to go to the prom next year with his 16-year-old son if he captured the crown

Orischak admitted when he went 5-up, he was thinking ahead.

"That was probably my biggest downfall," Orischak said. "I was playing very solid golf. The whole week I told myself I was just going to hit one shot at a time. I was thinking about winning before the match was over."

It also could've been the opportunity to have the 28-year-old Sonders on his arm at the prom next year. Golf is tough enough without 16-year-old hormones running rampant.  

However, Sonders admirably agreed to go anyway. Nice consolation prize. 


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