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Tiffani Thiessen is 41 today. 36-32-35. American actress 

90210, Saved By The Bell, White Collar, Pandemic. 

German, Greek, Turkish, and Welsh mix. Her uncle, through friend Steven Spielberg, got her introduced to modeling and acting. Won the Miss Junior America beauty pageant [1987]. 

My mom always taught me to be sweet and polite and cross my legs because it's what the guys like. Actually, they like a raunchy girl once in a while. 


Tomorrow On The Teebox




Tomorrow on the Teebox we cast a wary eye at Toothgate, MuggingGate and Craig gives us delicious tidbits from his trip to the PGA Merchandising Show.

Good stuff indeed. So give us a listen when we broadcast from the new Crest Nissan dealership near Stonebriar Mall this Saturday morning from 8-10.

Allenby Story Part 4 Includes A Strip Club




Robert Allenby before the mayhem in Hawaii.

Allenby's ongoing story and fallout continues to amaze. The latest info has witnesses saying he was leaving a strip club looking dazed before falling flat on his face

Moments before Australian pro golfer Robert Allenby injured himself by passing out and hitting his head on a lava rock early Saturday, he told a homeless man that he was depressed and had been drugged at a strip club where he went to get some "action."

And even the police is mighty skeptical over Allenby's version of what occured. 

Law enforcement sources said they are skeptical of Allenby's story and the Honolulu Police Department has not opened kidnapping or assault cases, in spite of his claims that he was kidnapped and beaten.

Sources told Hawaii News Now that a homeless man was caught on security video using Allenby's stolen credit cards to buy more than $10,000 worth of goods from other stores in the Ala Moana and Ward areas, including an ABC Store and an Urban Outfitters store in Waikiki. 

Law enforcement sources in Hawaii told Hawaii News Now that Allenby's injuries were not consistent with an assault, but rather they looked like scrapes he received from falling down.

Stories that quickly dissolve usually wind up including the unholy trifecta of money, drugs or sex.

G'day mate!


Back9Network Struggles Financially And Misses Payroll Date




The new Back9Network that was hoping to give GolfChannel some competition has fallen is struggling with a crazy ex-CEO and missed payroll on Jan 9. Currently, they also hampered with only airing on satellite as no cable company has yet picked up the broadcast.

As first reported by GolfNewsNet, the Back9 lawsuit claims Bosworth has on several occasions contacted employees, investors, and potential investors and “made false and disparaging comments about the company’s financial outlook” as well about the company’s management – a group made up primarily of industry executives Bosworth himself brought into the company.

The network says Bosworth not only ignored a cease-and-desist letter sent last October, but in fact fired off a barrage of disparaging text messages to Back9 board members, investors and potential investors.

Bosworth, who left Back9 shortly after his divorce from former Back9 on-air personality Jennifer Bosworth (Lahmers), is also accused of illegally obtaining confidential Back9 financial documents and sharing the information with other parties.

The company’s Board of Directors met Wednesday, but the company not shared any action they’ll take to resolve the money owed to employees including on-air talent and control-room personnel. An announcement on the network’s path forward is expected sometime on Thursday.

Back9, whose on-air product has improved significantly in the three-and-a-half months on air, is paying DirecTV for its spot on its lineup. The network reportedly agreed to a $7 million annual fee for the distribution, according to claims made in documents pertaining to a lawsuit against the network filed in Connecticut court by former executive Robert Abbott, who is seeking approximately $2 million in compensation, claiming he was wrongfully terminated.

Hope things turn around as I know several on-air personalities that took the plunge. 


Better Than Caffeine


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Diane Lane turns 49 tomorrow. 35-24-35. American actress. 

Man of Steel, The Perfect Storm, Unfaithful, Lonesome Dove

Father is an acting coach; mom a singer/centerfold. Starting acting at age 6. Turned down Darryl Hannah role in Splash. Once married to actors Josh Brolin and Christopher Lambert. Was a multi-millionaire by age 18. On the cover of Time at age 14. 

"Even the short men I know appreciate a woman in heels." 


The APB On Videographer Who Knocked Out Tiger's Tooth Brings Up Zero 'Culprits'



Tiger Just Skull It Ad

Athletes and their spin doctors must live the world of make believe that the public will swallow whatever swill is placed before them--no matter how incredulous the statement. 

Tiger Woods and agent Mark Steinberg must've thought using an anonymous videographer knocking out Woods' tooth was a reasonable explanation. But at least humor us to have the said culprit show his face and describe the incident. 

Guess not

"I was among those who escorted him from the tent to the snowmobile and there was no such incident," Nicola Colli, the secretary general of the race organizing committee, told The Associated Press. "When he arrived he asked for more security and we rounded up police to look after both him and Lindsey."

Then there's this from

Also, this is not the first time his team has tried to cover up and/or downplay injuries he has sustained. If you will recall with me his November 2009 accident in the middle of the night when his jilted wife ran after him with a golf club and he smashed his SUV into a fire hydrant. I believe the PR-spin on that was “minor car accident.”

So the question remains – what REALLY happened? Did Vonn catch him cheating on her and knee him in the mouth? Did he re-enact the Happy Gilmore scene with Bob Barker and get his tooth knocked out with a fist?

Did that Perkins waitress finally unleash all her anger? Odds are we’ll never know the truth. But we have to wonder if his agent thought his explanation of the incident would suffice when no one else saw it happen. If you knock out Tiger Woods’ tooth, SOMEONE is going to notice. It’s all in the details, people. Next time, try harder!

When nothing adds up, it's easy to draw crazy assumptions. Steinberg must be doing something right to keep his job because his P.R. abilities are seriously lacking. 


The Allenby Story Continues To Crumble




Robert Allenby's
incredulous story of being drugged, mugged and left six miles from his hotel continues to quickly dissolve. 

The latest wrinkle is this seemingly credible video from a man who said he found Allenby passed out--and not from being beaten by him and his friend.  

Toa Kaili says he stumbled across the pro golfer passed out on a sidewalk in Waikiki, in Hawaii, at 11pm on Saturday and when he and his friend tried to help Allenby he accused them of stealing his wallet and phone.

About two hours later, Mr Kaili says he returned to find the golfer still unconscious on the pavement but now with a bloodied face – the man claims the Australian was injured from falling over and hitting his head on a rock.

Two-hours later without Allenby receiving assistance? More intrigue!!!

'Then he’s accusing me and my friend "you guys stole my wallet and phone – alright the gig is up just hand it over" so I was like "brother we are the ones who woke you up - we are the ones just helping you,' Mr Kaili told Channel 9 News.

'He was saying 'you don’t know who I am".'

Maybe Kaili didn't, but the world is starting to learn not only who Allenby is, but what he is. 

Finally, there's this from

Now a third, Chris Khamis, is claiming that Allenby's facial injuries were not the result of a beating, but of Allenby drunkenly passing out and bashing his own face on a lava rock. Moments earlier, Allenby apparently told Khamis that he had just come from a strip club, where he had been hoping to "get some action," and believed that he had been drugged.

Hmmm. Who to believe...

Jordan Spieth Inks 10-Year Deal With Under Armor



Blog -jordan -spieth -under -armour -0121

In a move that makes pretty good sense, Under Armor extended their endorsement deal with Jordan Spieth for another decade

On Wednesday, Under Armour announced a 10-year contract extension with the young star. Spieth, currently No. 9 in the Official World Golf Ranking after dominating wins at the Australian Open and the Hero World Challenge, first signed with Under Armour in 2013 shortly after turning pro.

As opposed to Rory McIlroy's reported 10-year, $200 million deal with Nike (and obligated to use their clubs), the Under Armor agreement allows Spieth to use swing whatever he wishes (currently Titleist). 

No terms were announced, but I'm sure Spieth won't be hurting for walk-around cash.



Better Than Caffeine



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Alexandra Daddario. 28. 38-24-36. American Actress.

True Detective, White Collar, Hall Pass, Parenthood

Burst and burned into the viewers' memory with her memorable scene in 2nd episode of True Detective (watch it and you'll agree why). Parents are lawyers. Italian, Irish, English and Czech-Hungarian descent.

We predict great things in her future. 


Allenby Now Rewards Homeless Woman For "Saving Him"



I think many of us raised an eyebrow over Robert Allenby's murky story of being abducted and dumped six miles from his hotel after the 2nd round of the Sony Open. 

He also called one homeless female witness a liar. 

Yesterday, he not only thanked her, he gave the lady a $1,000 AMEX gift card. Hmmm.

Allenby: "Thank you for looking after me."

Keane: "No problem."

Allenby: "I appreciate what you did for me."



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