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387_james -bond -The -Spy -Who -Loved -Me -Anya -Amasova -Barbara -BachBbach

Barbara Bach turns 69! 36-24-32. American actress.

The Spy Who Loved Me, Force 10 From Navarone, The Unseen, The Great Alligator

Married the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr in 1981. Sister-in-law of the Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh. Received a Masters Degree in Psychology from UCLA in 1993.

Enjoy the holiday weekend.


Is Golf Too Polite For A U.S. President To Play?


Long time sportwriter Frank Deford poses the question if our POTUS playing golf casts the correct "powerful" image to the rest of the world

There's been much criticism of the president lately, even within his own party, that he's too detached and withdrawn, not combative enough anymore. This can be explained completely with a sports analogy: We elected a basketball president, but then we ended up with a golf president.

Golf is an internal game. Nobody is playing against you. Nobody is guarding you. Basketball, on the other hand — basketball is in your face, one-on-one, combative to its core. Obama actually had a court built in the White House. And remember all the pictures a few years ago of the president playing hoops, going all out? Why, even after he became the most powerful man in the world, he suffered a split lip in a game that required a dozen stitches.

Basketball is about slashing, dunking, crashing the boards. What is the one basketball term that most delineates the game? "No harm, no foul." Meaning: Challenge the limits, check, poke, use just enough strategic contact. That's how the man got to the White House.

But golf? What do we hear? "It's your honor." "I'm away." "We halved the hole." There's no halving in politics!

But here's a tip to the White House media office. Never, never again let the president be photographed in a golf cart. What is the wussiest item in all of sports? A golf cart — that electric chaise lounge. A movable divan. Could you ever picture Vladimir Putin in a golf cart? You think Angela Merkel poses in a golf cart? In a pig's eye.

Personally, I don't think so. Yes, golf is an individual game but much can be gleaned about a person's personality when playing with others over four hours. Is he cavalier with the rules and scoring? Does he get easily frustrated? Can he handle pressure? 

You certainly don't need to see your POTUS playing golf too much, but it hardly casts a lazy, terrible impression when your leader hits the course occasionally. I might suggest mixing in some other athletic activities--if for no other reason to show a well-rounded person is in office running our country.  

Remember, everything in moderation works. 


Tomorrow On The Teebox


Tomorrow morning on the Teebox Golf Show...

--At 8:30, GC's Brandel Chamblee pops on to discuss Tiger's best options moving forward to resurrect his game

--Talk about our trip to Horseshoe Bay yesterday--and our new pre-round routine that seems to really work

--Touch upon the weird occurance on the 18th green with Hunter Mahan and wife Kandi at the Barclays 

--If golf is too "wussy" a sport for our POTUS to play

And we'll do it all from Crest Cars in Plano Saturday morning from 8-10. 

Hope you can tune in or better yet, stop by and say hi. 


Better Than Caffeine

AlexaStill -of -alexa -penavega -in -machete --ucigas -meserias -(2013)

Alexa Vega turns 28. 34-24-32. American actress/singer. 

Evening Shade, Spy Kids, Machete Kills, Repo! The Genetic Opera

Half-Colombian. Speaks Spanish fluently. Is an experienced gymnast. On the set of Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2002), she received her first kiss at the age of 13, with a young stuntman, after calling her mother and receiving assurances that it was all right. 


Chamblee Nails His Column On Tiger

Woods _1442_seve _split

Whether you enjoy or despise his work, GolfChannel lead analyst Brandel Chamblee always does his homework before spouting hot sports opinions. Chamblee's been a frequent critic of Tiger Woods' constant swing changes ("why keep messing with success?") and now, compares TW's current demons with the once-great Seve Ballesteros. 

What has happened in the last few years has defied all reason. Both his body and his swing have become so altered from that architecture, and he seems so orphaned from the intuition that led to that swing, that he is scarcely recognizable.

Like Tiger would be after him, though, Seve was wild off of the tee and like Tiger would do after him he let the pursuit of perfection engulf his talent. Seve, seeking to straighten his drives, sought the guidance of Mac O’Grady, whose mythical ball striking was just that, mostly myth. From 1983-93, his productive years, he was, if I were being nice, average tee to green. But he was a student of Homer Kelly’s book “The Golfing Machine”, a sort of cryptic geometric bible about the golf swing and this advanced the myth.

Seve took the bait and digested those inscrutable golfing machine ideas and never had a top-five finish in a major after age 32. By his mid-30s I saw a player that was divested of all that he was.

Do yourself a favor, go onto YouTube and search Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Lee Trevino,Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus. Scroll down until you find video of them playing in a tournament and watch, not how they swing, but how they begin to swing. In those 20-30 seconds before the club moves away notice how forthright and confident they move – authoritative and awesome to watch.

None of their teachers were ever in sight.

Now search for Suzann Pettersen, Mike Weir, Michelle Wie and Justin Rose, not to see their swings, which are beautiful, but to see how they begin to swing. You will notice a distinct difference to the names above, in both the purpose and cadence of their pre-shot routines. They make rehearsals, they contort their bodies into positions they hope to achieve during the swing, they fret with faux takeaways, all to do something they are already exceptional at. It’s a type of timidity that has become the norm.

The difference between these two groups is the very nature of the way this game is taught now at the professional level – by helicopter teachers who hover. These teachers are well informed and drown out the self-discovery and the confidence that comes from that and replace it with one idea after another and another.

Who should be his next coach is likely the difference between him breaking Jack’s major record or not and because of what he means to golf, that decision means a lot to the game. This is all precisely why I hope his next teacher’s name is Tiger.

Touche. Even Tiger's biggest fans should have a rough time arguing Chamblee's points.  


Haney: 'Tiger Needs More Practice'

Pga _g _woods 11_300x 300

I think Hank Haney gets unfairly slammed for his opinions on Tiger Woods' golf game, because he's merely responding to countless interview requests when something newsworthy occurs in Eldrick's life. Lets face it, he does have some insight into Woods' after coaching him for six years.

So, what's he think Tiger needs to do? Practice. A lot

"The biggest thing I see is that you have a cumulative effect of lack of practice. This is the biggest issue as opposed to who is going to coach him next."

"Either Sean hasn't told him the right things, he hasn't been able to commit to it, or Tiger hasn't tried it," Haney said. "In all honesty, all three of those things fall on the coach. It's part of coaching. At some point, you have to take responsibility.

"But then again, has he had a fair chance? If Tiger hasn't listened, that's on the coach. If he hasn't practiced, that is on the player. If he can't practice, there is nothing you can do about it. But that has been my theme for you know how long. What is his commitment level like? Is he capable of practicing?"

"In the last six years, he's only played golf three years," Haney said. "Who else could take three years off and do any good? Really, you're going to take three years off? I know he's great, but that's a lot to ask. And even this year, how much did he practice? He's gone this whole year with next to no practice time.

"Ben Hogan used to say the first 500 balls he hit during the day got him back to where he was yesterday. Now that might be a stretch, but even if it's the first 150 balls you hit to get you back to yesterday, how far has Tiger fallen behind in the last six years?"

"He's got to get healthy," he said. "He's got to get his technique better, and he has got to practice. And if he doesn't do those things, it's going to be hard to see how he can get back to where he's Tiger Woods. Every time I watch a tournament, I'm still shocked when he doesn't win."


Better Than Caffeine

Blake -Lively -sexy -2Blake -lively

Blake Lively turns 27. 35-25-36. American actress/model. 

Gossip Girl, Savages, Green Lantern, The Town

Didn't even audition for role in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Just left her photo and got the part. The role was her big break into the biz. Married to actor Ryan Reynolds. Ranked #4 on Maxim magazine's Hot 100 Women of 2010 list. 

"Yeah, I don't comment on my relationships... My anonymity is something I treasure. Wanting to be an actor and wanting to be famous are different."


Odds To Be Tiger's Next Swing Coach

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 At 8.57

Here are the latest odds posted by on whose life Tiger Woods will change forever if chosen by El Tigre. Butch Harmon was even money yesterday but Michael Bannon and Grant Waite now move up the leaderboard. 

Look for the toteboard to change daily depending on the latest rumors. Of those in the first column, I'd concentrate on names flying under the limelight radar. 'Tis interesting that Woods himself isn't listed as I think he should go it alone for awhile just to change things up and rediscover that inner child to golf playfully rather than a mechanical drone. 

In fact, Harmon suggested Tiger go it alone as well.  

"No I would not and he's not going to call and ask," Harmon said. "I don't think he needs a swing coach. If I were advising Tiger I'd tell him, 'You're the greatest player that ever lived, just go to the range and hit shots.'"

More on the Woods/Foley divorce.

Tour AP pool reporter Doug Ferguson with added tidbits. Wonder how many recall that Tiger changed his swing twice with Harmon. 

Woods began working with Butch Harmon as a teenager, and they changed his swing twice. The biggest overhaul was after Woods won the Masters by 12 shots. Many believe the new swing produced Woods' most dominant golf, though he also was in his early 20s and had not had serious issues with his knee. Woods won eight majors while with Harmon, including seven in 11 attempts and an unprecedented sweep of them in 2000-01. They parted in 2003.
Woods went to Hank Haney and produced another memorable stretch with an entirely different swing. In a two-year period covering 34 tournaments, Woods won 18 times (including four majors) and was runner-up six times. That ended with the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, right before his fourth and most invasive knee surgery.
That was his 14th major, and Woods has not won another since.

Paul Azinger throws his name in the coaching ring

“There are only three things great players have done the same with their swing, the three fundamentals,” Azinger said. “That’s physically. There’s a mental side. Of the three physical things, Tiger has lost track of one, and he’s got to fix it. It’s a very easy fix.”

What is it?

Azinger says he isn’t sharing that publicly, but he would tell Tiger Woods.


Rory Spends $13.75 Million On Palm Beach Real Estate

Rory _mcilroy _condo _view

Rory McIlroy is on a roll. $100 million deal with Nike last year and no doubt pocketed more from watch maker Omega et all via his 4 major wins. So, what to do with the loot? Spend it on some choice Florida real estate!

To victors come the spoils. 


Better Than Caffeine


Rachel _Bilson -soft -before -chicki _thumb _585x 795

Rachel Bilson
 turns 33 Tuesday. 32-23-34. American actress. 

Jumper, The O.C., Hart of Dixie, The Last Kiss

Italian-Jewish mix. Ranked #28 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 Women of 2008 list. 

"I hate it when people are like, 'How do you stay thin?' or 'Do you work out? What's your routine? What's your diet?' Then it's like, 'If I tell you I don't, then are you going to give me a hard time?"

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