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Miranda -kerrMiranda

Miranda Kerr is 32. 34-24-34. Aussie model, actress. 

Victoria Secret's Angel

English, Scottish, French, Irish ancestryBorn in Sydney and raised in the small town of Gunnedah where she "raced motorbikes and rode horses." Ranked #3 in the Top Sexiest Models list by Married actor Orlando Bloom in 2010. 

"My goal involves a hammock, a vegetable patch, and a solar-powered house. And I hope to eventually get there."


Spieth Switches Back To Old Irons



PGA Tour equipment writer Jonathan Wall tweeted yesterday that Jordan Spieth decided to put his old Titleist 714 AP2 sticks back in the bag after shooting a surprising 7-over at the Barclays. 

Upon hearing Spieth had put the new Titleist 716 AP2 irons in play for the Barclays, I was immediately shocked anyone would change anything-- especially given the stupendous year Jordan enjoyed. 

If you're struggling, change whatever you wish. If not, don't even change your socks.

Spieth's offers his explanation via

"So I've never had trouble transitioning between my AP2 irons, these are new ones. I changed at Congressional, the last couple of years. I just went to a new set, normally change once a year between irons. And even when they've updated the irons I still had no problem.

"This time there's -- I had some time at home to change in between the PGA and the Barclays, and didn't see many issues or any differences, so I figured it would be no problem. And then I just felt that they were sliding through the turf a little different and the look was a bit of an adjustment. They looked slightly different. I still think they're going to be a better iron. I think they are improved. But most of what I did was I hit off mats with Cameron. I did some practicing off grass in the off week, and of course I practiced at the Barclays prior to playing. But didn't see many issues on the driving range, but once I got to some uneven lies and whatnot I could tell some difference. My old irons, I switched back to this week, they're not beat up enough to effect it negatively. I figured I'll go with what I have this year, until after the Presidents Cup, and then I'll find the right fit."

Good idea. Thus, I'm guessing he bounces back to have his usual excellent week. 


Daly Explains His Recent Collapse


John -daly -collapse _0 reports John Daly detailing his collapse on the golf course last weekend

“Didn’t really feel anything and I’m walking off with my buddy Will,” Daly recounted, “and next thing I know he just told me I just fell straight over. Next thing I knew a nurse was talking to me. They did mouth-to-mouth and everything.”

“They put me on a bunch of IVs and I ended up being in the hospital,” he said. “I kind of looked at the doctor kind of deranged and I go, ‘What happened?’ He goes, ‘Well, you’ve got a collapsed lung and you told the paramedics that you had rib problems, and your vital signs were really good when you came back to life.'"

In typical Daly fashion, he also kept the mood light.

“I only smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, not three, so I’ll be alright.”

There you go John. Everything in moderation--including moderation. 

Oh, in a bit of irony, Daly was up on stage the following night singing Knockin' on Heaven's Door

It's so John Daly. And why he still attracts hoards of fans. 


Could This Proposed PGA Tour Rule Be Approved By The Players?


Mcilroy _1442_pga 15_mon _running

One of the biggest obstacles for the PGA Tour is insuring its essential sponsors that marquee players will show up to their events. When a sponsor is coughing up some $6-7 million in prize money, they certainly want their fields causing a buzz. 

But, the Tour has struggled implimenting a rule that requires its stars to play in enough events to satisfy those sponsors outside of the WGC money grabs. Players have always argued they are independent contractors and can play wherever they choose--as long as the schedule includes the 15 required events to keep their Tour cards.

However, theres a new possible rule that just may pass.

John Feinstein reports that the Tour Policy Board's intial review has given the go ahead to send a proposal where players who finish in the top-125 the previous year need to play in least one event they have not appeared in the last five years--unless you play 25 events. 

CNh Hx 2PWo AA49Vh Copy

The proposal would go in effect next year. 

However, Feinstein on his radio show mentioned several stars are already prepared not to participate. One player told him, "I'm not going to be railroaded into altering my schedule. And if a tournament i don't like to play gives me the 25 required events, I just won't show up just to prove a point."


One possible powerful motivator shown above is if a player doesn't adhere to the rule, the Tour would take all the retirement money earned from a player that year--which could amount to over $100,000. With marquee players making untold millions a year, you'd think $100K wouldn't raise an eyebrow. But there's something about pulling that amount out of fund you already earned that just may give players pause.

And, what so wrong about playing in one extra event per year? Star players' butts are kissed on a regular basis. It's high time they return the favor to sponsors who work so hard to make their events the very best possible.

It's time to give something back. Call it a worthy pay-it-forward to the overall cause. 


Better Than Caffeine


SalmaSalma -Hayek

The incredible Salma Hayek turns 49. 36-24-36. Hispanic/American actress. 

Frida, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Puss n Boots, Wild, Wild West

Freely admits that she and her brother, Sami, were spoiled rotten by her well-to-do businessman father, Sami Hayek Dominguez via oil biz. 

Was first Latin actress ever to receive Oscar for Best Actress category (Frida). Is dyslexic and has ADHD. Fluent in Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

"I keep waiting to meet a man who has more balls than I do."


After 19 Years, David Feherty And CBS Split



Yesterday, broke the shocking news that after 19-years, David Feherty and CBS couldn't reach an agreement on a new contract. Thus, golf's popular Clown Prince is out on the Eye's golf broadcast team. 

As of now, Feherty has not commented on the reasons. No one knows if it was money, a desired expanded role in the booth or a lesser schedule request. A call to his wife to confirm the report must have been awkward as she was unaware of the news at the time. 

Feherty still is under contract with GolfChannel through the end of the year (owned by NBC Sports) and you'd think (hope) will presumably continue his popular weekly interview show. 

The swift reaction on social media was filled with mostly surprise and outrage

Enjoy some of Feherty's best lines over the years via Sadly, I presume CBS didn't want to pay the freight for that unique wit moving forward.

There's this from a Feherty interview back in March this year

Feherty: All of my contracts are up at the end of this year with the Golf Channel and CBS so I don't know where I'll be or what I'll be doing. It's kind of a strange time, but no matter what happens, I'll think of something. I've got to a stage in my life having been through what I've been through and gotten sober and healthy for the last eight-and-a-half years, nothing matters to me except the time I have left and how I spend it. It's nothing to do with money or anything else. It's just about time, it's all that matters. If I can spend that time enjoying myself, but helping other people, then I'll grab my hat and be happy."

AL: If you are still having fun, would you want to stay with CBS and the Golf Channel?

Feherty: Absolutely, I enjoy doing it. I'm constantly surprised. Can you believe I get paid for this shit?

My guess is he could have an expanded role on the NBC golf broadcasts (I'd relish his repartee with Johnny Miller) including the Ryder Cup, where he'd no doubt shine given his European roots.

Feherty already makes good bank via his new one man Off Tour shows and giving corporate speeches. Maybe he's decided to be very selective on any future golf broadcasting schedules.

Or, maybe Feherty gets money-whipped by Fox Sports, who desperately needs another experienced broadcaster to add onto a rookie broadcasting staff that so far is earning mixed-reviews on their golf coverage. Plus, Fox could offer him a prime time show like his One on One Feherty show on GolfChannel. Right now, Fox needs him more than NBC and would take larger risks to sweeten the deal. 

Whatever happens, CBS has a huge void to fill including even his toned-down coverage on the 15th hole at the Masters. Feherty was a unique voice in a decidedly vanilla-flavored golf announcer mix. It's sad the two parties couldn't arrive on an agreeable solution. 


When A PGA Tour Card Goal Becomes Reality



25 players earned their coveted PGA Tour cards on Sunday

Included were local DFW area players Martin Piller, Kelly Kraft and Rod Pampling. 

Dickie Pride even wrote the above goal note that he carried in his pocket the entire year before winning the last event to vault him to PGA Tour status. 

Congrats to all making it to the Big Show. 


Better Than Caffeine



600full -peggy -liptonPeggy _lipton _2005_07_28

Peggy Lipton turns 69 tomorrow! 34-24-34. American actress. Irish-Russian mix. 

Mod Squad, When In Rome, The Postman, Twin Peaks, Crash

Ex-wife of Quincy Jones. Their daughter is actress Rashida Jones. One of many who dated Elvis Presley. Revealed in her book Breathing Out that she had a tryst (no, not a try-ast) with Paul McCartney before finding fame on"Mod Squad" (1968).

"I ran into Neil Patrick Harris recently. We were in something called Purple People Eater (1988). He was maybe 10, but he still remembered it as the worst experience of his life!"


Day Converted An Astounding Length Of Putts At Barclays



Jason Day is on an obvious roll by winning three of his last four events. And while he pounds the driver, it's been his putting that is out of this world.

To wit. Day made 387' 3" of putts for the week. 387 ft. As's Joel Beall writes: 

The 27-year-old was lights-out on the treacherous greens at Plainfield Country Club, rolling in more than 148 feet and seven inches of made putts on Sunday alone in his victory at the Barclays. To put that figure in perspective, Camilo Villegas leads the PGA Tour in distance of putts made per round at a 82' 1'' mark. For the mathematically challenged, that means Day was rolling in his TaylorMade 87 golf ball at a rate nearly double that of the tour's best player for the year.

That my friends, is rolling the rock. 

Unfortunately, the Tour doesn't keep record stats on lenghts of putts made for a week. 

Meanwhile, Day joins Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods (remember him?) as the only players to win at least four times in a season since 2010. 

And, Day now has 20 consecutive rounds of par or better. Only Patrick Reed (21) has a better mark in 2015. 


Yet Another Flaw In The FedEx Cup Format


Garcia _1442_masters 15_d 1_squat

Sergio Garcia didn't play in the Barclays and now won't be playing in this week's Deutsche Bank

It's the third time in the last four years he'll be AWOL at the Deutsche. 

Garcia is currently 31st on the FedEx Cup point list but is projected to drop to 42nd after this week’s Barclays. The Top-70 move onto the BMW Championship.

Francesco Molinari is the only other player who is currently inside the top 100 on the point list who is not playing next week’s stop at TPC Boston. Molinari has missed the last two weeks to be at home with his wife for the birth of the couple’s second child and is currently projected to fall out of the top 100 on Sunday.

The FedEx Cup was devised to hopefully lure all the big names to attend each event. Rory McIlroy skipped the Barclays as well. Either the format needs to change to insure the stars always show up, or those players already make enough money not to care. 

Remember, in 2008 Vijay Singh had such a lead after three playoff events that all he had to do is show up at the Tour Championship to win the pile of loot. Talk about a buzz kill. The Tour altered the points to where the points were refreshed thereby a player couldn't win the $10 million until the Tour Championship is finished. 

Yes, the players are independent contractors, but they usually follow the money trail. Even in its current state, the FedEx Cup format isn't perfect. And, I'm not sure it ever will be...

BTW, eight golfers played their way into this week's Deutsche Bank--the most since the 15 who made the jump in 2008 before the Tour overhauled the points process. 


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