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Kim Smith turns 32 tomorrow. 34-24-35. American actress/model. 

Friday Night Lights, Catwoman, Van Wilder

Graduate from Permian HS, Odessa, TX. Got her big break into modeling when she accompanied a friend to a Model Search of America contest. She changed from a spectator to a competitor by the head of the contest. Named 11th hottest by Maxim. And, she plays golf!

"I love meeting new people; I think everyone has a story to tell. We should all listen sometimes."


Caddies Bristle At "Shelter" Offered During Storm


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Metal tent. #WelldonePGA Tour #hondaclassic

While the players were safe and snug in the locker room during the stormy deluge at the Honda Classic on Saturday, the caddies were left to find cover in a steel tent.

Those on Twitter (including caddies) certainly noticed

@thescottvail (caddie for Brandt Snedeker)

Sadly it will take a caddie to get struck by lightning and dying before the PGA tour realizes that we need indoor shelter during storms.


It was unfair, it was unsafe, and it was a huge liability....If players/patrons need to be indoors so do caddies

Caddies do not have clubhouse access during PGA Tour events. The shelter they were offered Saturday provided little respite from the severe storms that dropped an estimated five inches of rain on the Champion Course.

To outsiders (and caddies) it appears as another example of the haves and have nots. As in why is it okay to walk side by side on the course as 'teammates' striving to win, but not so fast in the clubhouse/locker rooms?

But, the tent was grounded (look up Faraday's Law) against lightning. And, as pointed out by an insider, most player locker rooms are not that large. Plus, there's the issue of expensive stuff left unattended and that anyone with a badge access can walk unsupervised in the locker room... 

Still, on the heels of the caddies association lawsuit with the Tour, this smacks as another PR black eye for officials to appear of only catering and caring for the players. Right or wrong, perception is reality. And the blue blazers in Ponte Vedra continue to govern from way atop their lofty out-of-touch pedestals. 


Lydia Ko Just Keeps On Winning



The women's #1 player Lydia Ko continued her remarkable play. At the New Zealand Women's Open, she shot a course record 61 (with a bogey) leading to her 2nd straight win and 10th pro victory

At 17. 

''I really wanted to win in front of such great crowds,'' Ko said. ''This is probably the biggest crowd I've seen. It's always cool winning on home ground. We were walking up 16 and (playing partner Giulia Sergas) said `They like you.' I said, `Well, it's home.'

In addition, she quietly slipped the clubhouse staff $500 to help fund an after party at the event

Ko wandered up the clubhouse stairs to make her last brief scheduled stop at the champion’s cocktail party, then quietly slipped an envelope containing $500 into the hands of assistant GM Andrea Watson to kickstart the staff’s “after-party”.

It was the New Zealander’s way of saying thanks to all those who almost anonymously helped make her triumph so memorable on one of her favourite courses.

But Rak said it was the ultimate in class acts.

“I’ve worked in the golf industry for 40 years and I’ve never heard of anything like that – especially from a 17-year-old,” he said.

Great player. Great kid. So far, she really gets it. Let's hope time treats her well. 


Greg Norman Believes Most Tour Pros Would Rather Be Sheep Than Leaders



Since being named lead analyst on Fox Sports new golf broadcast, Greg Norman is spiting out hot sports opinions at a rapid pace. 

He thinks Tiger Woods' brain is scrambled and won't return to top form

“Imagine with what we’ve seen since December of last year, with his short game [and] chipping," Norman continued. "Imagine standing over the back of the 12th green at Augusta National, and you’ve got to chip it down there, Rae’s Creek right in front of you, or the back of the 15th of Augusta National . . . all those gremlins are going to be sitting in his head.”

Yesterday, Norman offered the thought that most Touring pros are happy to make money rather than shoot for greatness

“Certain players are happy just going through the motions. They don’t want to be the leader, they would rather be a sheep. They enjoy grazing the field and getting fat and sassy,” he said. 

He also gives his thoughts on stalwarts Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Adam Scott and Jordan Spieth (among others). 

About other top players such as Bubba Watson, Patrick Reed and Dustin Johnson, Norman is reserving judgment. He likes Rickie Fowler, 26, but worries that “carrying the big baton as the representative of the younger generation” could be distracting. “I hope he doesn’t get too wrapped up in being Rickie Fowler instead of Rickie Fowler the golfer,” Norman said. He called 24-year-old Brooks Koepka, who won at Phoenix this year, a “bright star” on the horizon. “But how bright does he want to be? That’s the big question for everyone.”


Better Than Caffeine



Jennie Jacques turns 27. 34-24-34. British actress.

Truth or Die, The Other Side, Shank

Sweet off camera but loves starring in slasher films. 

"These slasher roles allow me to do crazy acts I'd never, ever imagine doing in real life. It's bloody good fun."

Enjoy the weekend.


Rory McIlroy: 'The U.S. Looks Desperate'


Rory -mcilroy _2635472b

Rory McIlroy thinks the PGA of America and its Ryder Cup honchos are overthinking their new strategies

"It came as a huge shock when they announced Davis [Love III] as the next U.S. captain," McIlroy said Wednesday at the Honda Classic, where he is making his first U.S. start of 2015. "But then I'm also surprised, and I feel they're overdoing it, with the setting up of a task force and talking about all the changes they want to bring in."

"It's been said by a few players since we won at Gleneagles that it's not rocket science why Europe has won the last three Ryder Cups and eight of the past 10," McIlroy said. "I do get the sense the States, what with their task force and everything that came out in the announcement yesterday, that they're desperate to win back the Ryder Cup." 

Desperate is probably an understatement. 

"Davis is going to be a great captain, and it was a freak we won at Medina in 2012 and it was not supposed to happen given they had a 10-6 lead," McIlroy said. "If the States had won, Davis would have been looked upon as a great captain."


Nike's New Ad Involves Current And Past Superstars


Nike has a whole stable of superstars under their vast roof to showcase. So why not involve a slew of 'em in a new ad?

Just air it!


Dan Jenkins' Tiger Parody Wins GWAA Award


Tiger Jenkins

Maybe the most controversial golf column this year was the Tiger Woods interview parody by Dan Jenkins. Yet, it wasn't on anyone's radar until Tiger "wrote" an ill-advised rebuttal on

I'm normally a big fan of Jenkins' work, but this piece was hardly up to 'ol Dan's usual Hall of Fame standards. I didn't find this column funny, original or even mildly interesting. 

Well, the Golf Writers Association of America awarded it their top Non-Daily Column of the year. 

Go figure. 


Aspiring Pro Raises Funds In Novel Way To Play On Tour



Vincent Johnson is not alone as an aspiring Touring pro who's short on money to fund his budding career. Many ask friends and businesses to sponsor them until they get comfortably solvent (and give the investors a piece of the hopeful growing pie).

But Johnson, a finance major, has devised another method. A charity golf tournament with him as the beneficiary

A former Big Break contestant on Golf Channel, Johnson, 28, is attempting to raise money to play the PGA Tour Canada this year, the first hurdle in a two-hurdle process to get to the PGA Tour. The top five money winners in Canada gain exemptions onto the Tour, the gateway to the PGA Tour.

Johnson’s tournament is a five-person scramble and the cost is $200 per player. Included will be a celebrity clinic hosted by former PGA Tour player Brian Henninger, an Oregon native and now a teaching pro. 


Better Than Caffeine


Ali -larter -celebrity -wallpaper -1920x 1200-2175Ali -larter -1

Ali Larter turns 39. 32-24-34. Actress/model. 

Final Destination, Resident Evil, Heroes, Varsity Blues, Legally Blonde. 

Ranked #2 on Maxim's "Hottest Women of Horror Movies" list. 

"I hate pretty-looking boys. I'd rather have a guy with a potbelly than one who's in the gym all the time and watches what he eats."

So, you're saying there's a chance...


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