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Brianna Brown
 is 35 today. 34-23-34. American actress-producer. 

General Hospital, Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Spider Man 2

Named "Sexiest Actress on General Hospital" in 2011 by Soap Opera Digest. Likes yoga, running, hiking, skiing, dancing, singing. Suffers from stage fright. 

Enjoy the weekend.


'The Very Qualities That Makes Jordan Spieth Great Will Be Toughest To Sustain'


Jordan -Spieth -running -St -Andrews

Once someone reaches the top of their field, folks typically wonder what will ultimately bring you down. It's incredibly tough to constantly stay in top form and little blips can cause significant damage as fans and media are quick to react and fret. 

Golf Digest's Jaime Diaz writes that the very qualities that makes Jordan Spieth great could also be his biggest challenges down the road

Meaning, his bright shine could have a shorter shelf life--if past history is any indication.

Golf is better for Spieth’s special qualities, but he’s got to be of careful of where they can take him. Unlike power, a strength that makes for tour longevity, Spieth’s talents are those that tend to have a shorter shelf life.

Spieth’s best qualities evoke athletes from other sports. At the moment, his putting is eerily good. He led in several putting categories, but the stat that resonates most is his conversion rate of better than 25 percent on putts between 15 and 25 feet -- first on tour by a lot. It’s an ability that currently separates him from his peers in the same way NBA MVP Stephen Curry has separated from his.

Magical periods of putting among the game’s very best tend not to last beyond a few seasons, as Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino and Tom Watson can attest. Even Woods, who made more bombs over a longer stretch than anyone, has seen his putting decline.

Intensity is tricky. Those who burn the hottest tend to burn out the soonest. Curtis Strange won with ferocity, but it aged him prematurely as a player. Johnny Miller, always a close student of the strengths and weaknesses of extraordinary players, noted at the Tour Championship that Speith “is kind of twitchy for a 22 year old.”

And while giving quality interviews creates goodwill with sportswriters and fans, the cumulative effect from the volume of questions demanded of a top player is inevitably draining. The adjustment is usually shorter, safer responses (see Phil Mickelson). But those wired to give fuller answers can become resentful of the process, even to the point of losing their zest for tournament golf.


Why Are Hong Kong Golfers Mad About Cart Use?


Golf -cart -crash -24376306_84413_ver 1.0_320_240

Golfers love their carts. Courses love the cart revenue. But what to do in Hong Kong when cart users must now provide a drivers license?

The Wall Street Journal reports on irate Hong Kong golfers teed off about the new requirement

After all, only about one-third of driving-age residents have licenses and about 90% of commuters take public transportation or walk to work, according to government statistics.

“It doesn’t make sense to get a driver’s license just to play golf,” said Sandra Fung, a secretary who plays most weeks at Kau Sai Chau, pronounced “cow sigh chow.” 

Golf carts are no mere luxury at Kau Sai Chau, whose rocky peaks and sea bluffs make walking onerous. They are mandatory on the East Course—one of three on the island—where the steep, twisty eight-mile cart path can be tricky to navigate.

The golf-cart crackdown is aimed at satisfying the Hong Kong Transport Department, which last year asked all golf courses in the Chinese territory to apply for permits for golf carts and ensure drivers have licenses. That step followed a 2013 ruling by the top appellate court involving a Kau Sai Chau golf course worker who died after a light utility vehicle turned over.

“We see it appropriate to draw the attention of local golf club operators to the licensing and related requirements regarding the operation of vehicles, including golf carts,” said a Transport Department spokeswoman.

Brett Mogg, a partner and golf architect at Nelson & Haworth, which designed the East Course, agrees with many Hong Kong golfers, calling the measure “extreme” in a place where most people don’t have cars.

“A better solution in our opinion would be for the club or all HK golf clubs to band together and issue cart-driving licenses after some basic training in the use of carts,” he said by email.

I'll agree with Mogg. While walking or taking push carts is a welcome option, carts provide lots of room for beverages, Bluetooth speakers and well, more beverages...


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Olga Fonda
 is 33. 34-24-34. Russian actress-model. 

Reel Steel, Little Fockers, Crazy, Stupid Love, Love Hurts, Nip/Tuck

Born Olga Tchakova in Siberia, before moving to the U.S. at age 14 and adopting the surname Fonda out of admiration for the Fonda acting dynasty, especially Henry Fonda and Jane Fonda. Is 6 years older than Nina Dobrev who played her mother on "The Vampire Diaries."


Spieth's Caddie Greller Would've Finished 39th On Tour Money list


Jordan -spieth -and -michael -greller -after -tour -championship

Sometimes life shines upon you. Like, maybe you were a high school math teacher bringing in about $50,000 before a chance hookup with a promising pro golfer. And then, the pro goes crazy winning events and pocketing mountains of loot. 

Michael Greller no doubt sits back at times and wonders how he won the caddie lottery. I know I would...

Anyway, outlines what Greller earned this year given the typical payouts by their bosses

  • The Open Championship: T4, earned $460,377
  • WGC-Bridgestone Invitational: T10, earned $149,500
  • PGA Championship: 2nd, earned $1,080,000
  • The Barclays: CUT
  • Deutsche Bank Championship: CUT
  • BMW Championship: T13, earned $173,250
  • Tour Championship: 1st, earned $1,485,000 + $10 million FedEx Cup bonus

Assuming Greller earned the typical tip, he brought home $1,275,453 in just those last five events where he would be receiving a payout. Add that to his previous earnings up to the Open Championship, and he's brought in a cool $2.14 million this year. 

That would put him 39th on the Tour money list between Russell Henley and ahead of Phil Mickelson. He definitely had a better year than either player. 


Does Tiger Woods Want Role As Ryder Cup Assistant Captain?


Woods _2355875b

Tiger Woods is standing in front of an important fork in his playing career. He turns 40 in December while battling numerous injuries and surgeries and not knowing if his once peerless game will ever return. 

Thus, is the once uber alpha male Woods finally resigned to be a mentor? 

2016 Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III has recently approached Tiger to be one of his assistant captains. Long time friend Notah Begay believes Woods would actually accept the offer. 

“These are discussions that Tiger and I have had, just in the last month,” Begay said. “Just getting some feedback from him on some of the issues related to the Ryder Cup task force, he’s kind of been put, whether he wants to or not, in sort of a leadership role because of his accomplishments in his career.

“I think he’d be great assistant captain. I think he is the type of player who thinks through things very methodically. When it comes to individual match play, in singles, there is nobody better. He has a wonderful singles record. I think he can impart some of that to the younger players, and really set a good example for players who are seguing into the latter part of their career, if they can’t make the team, to give some of that experience [to others].”

“Look at the European [team],” Begay said. “That has been the model lately, because of the success they have had. They have former captains, players. I mean, [Sergio] Garcia didn’t make it, and he’s out there, still trying to help in whatever capacity possible.”

“I think he (Woods) has a clear understanding to where he is at in his career,” Begay said. “The sun is setting. We never want to admit it, Johnny never wanted to admit it, I never wanted to admit it – it’s just the competitive nature of every athlete.

As Hank Haney tweeted:

"I can't believe these quotes from Notah, completely blows my mind. He sounds like the parties over."

It does appear Notah, who is one of Tiger's staunchest supporters, is at least lowering the bar on expectations next year. Does he possibly know something we don't?


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Sexy -Monica -Bellucci -HD-Wallpaper -2 (1)Monica -Bellucci -monica -bellucci -475896_1024_768


Monica Bellucci turns 51. 34-24-35. Italian actress and model. 

Spectre, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions

The latest Bond girl in the upcoming Spectre (also the oldest ever). Is fluent in Italian, English, French, Persian and Spanish. Didn't always live with her once-husband Vincent Cassel. To avoid routine, the two lived in separate apartments; she in Rome, he in Paris. They divorced in 2013...

My body is so important to me... my face, my arms, my legs, my hands, my eyes, everything. I use everything I have. 


The Latest Sighting Of Anthony Kim



Anthony Kim was once one of golf most exciting young guns. A birdie machine who once had a record 11 in the second round at the 2009 Masters.

Winning 2008 Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger said, "His energy and enthusiasm, his killer instinct, it all converged into him becoming our team leader." 

Kim was full throttle on and off the course. Partied hardy. But a multitude of injuries took their toll and he left the game at age 26. 

USA Today recently caught up with golf's biggest recluse and if he'll ever return to the game. Thanks to Craig Rosengarden for the link. 

He said he has not played a full round of golf in nearly 18 months. Physical therapy occupies most of his time.

Kim didn't entirely disappear, though sightings have been rare and have led to rumors, including one that he was sleeping on the streets of Las Vegas because he was out of money.

He earned just over $12 million in five full seasons on the PGA Tour and says he saved up more money than people realize. The stories and photos on social media over the years painted a wild side to Kim. He doesn't deny he lived different than most golfers, nor will be apologize.

"If you don't like the way I live, change the channel. You're the one who tuned in here," Kim said. "A lot of the golf public may not appreciate the way I live, which is by my own rules. But I give everyone respect. I'm not rude to anyone. And I treat everyone the same."

He said he is getting monthly payments from an insurance policy he took out five years ago in case he was injured. But he denied speculation in a magazine story last fall that the policy was a factor that is keeping him from returning to the PGA Tour.

He also explained his departure from Quail Hollow that day. Kim said he ignored his summons for drug testing when he walked to the parking lot, though he eventually was tested.

"I was mad about how I played. I injured myself again. I ended up coming back and taking the test," he said. "I've never tested positive for anything since I've been on the PGA Tour whenever the drug testing started. Never. And they tested me more than anyone.

"These rumors tainted my reputation," he said, "and I didn't have a great one to begin with."

Kim had no idea he would be gone this long. He played golf with Phil Mickelson at the Madison Club in the California desert. He rented a house in San Diego to prepare for the 2013 season. He said he was up at 5 a.m. every day to train when his Achilles tendon popped. Once he recovered from the leg, he had a herniated disc. And the injuries piled up.

Golf moved on without him. He still has a major medical exemption he can use if he ever returns. Kim would have to earn $613,500 in 16 events to keep his card.

Kim was given a chance to provide his own answer to a question that has been raised plenty over the last two years.

Whatever happened to Anthony Kim?

"Ask me in two years," he said.


The NCAA Blows Another One By Punishing SMU Golfers


Northeast -amateur -jason -enloe _t 780

The NCAA is at it again punishing its student athletes when they apparently weren't at fault. 

They banned SMU's golf team from participating in postseason events next year for "multiple violations" that involved "recruiting and unethical conduct," according to an NCAA report released Sept. 29. What's worse, the current players had nothing to do with the recruiting infractions by fired coach Josh Gregory

"I'm shocked, beyond disappointed, sad," Gregory told Golfweek. "I made a mistake but I have no clue why it led to this punishment. But I'm proud of all I was able to accomplish, proud of all my former players, proud of all my relationships, and I know my intentions were pure. I can rest at night knowing in my heart I coached players to the best of my ability.

"I've admitted my mistake from Day 1, regret it deeply, and I accept the punishment and move on and look forward to the future. ... I feel most sad for the kids. Completely unfair to them. That is the worst part of the whole deal."

Sure, go ahead and hammer the offending coach...but the players? It's just another horrendous example how our college's high officials are quick to lay blame and hurt the innocent "student-athletes" it purportedly protects. 

The infractions were between Dec. 6, 2012, and Oct. 23, 2013, by the former head men's golf coach and an assistant golf coach engaged in 64 impermissible recruiting contacts (mostly texting) with 10 men's golf prospects and seven parents of men's golf prospects, according to the NCAA report.

Other infractions detailed in the report included the sale of institutional merchandise and golf equipment to recruits at a reduce-cost between March 11, 2013, and Sept. 19, 2013. The discount was determined to be $777. $777.

In addition to the postseason ban, SMU will face three years of probation, scholarship reductions and recruiting restrictions. SMU's men's basketball program also was sanctioned.

Meanwhile, current NCAA and U.S. Amateur champion Bryson DeChambeau won't be able to defend his college crown next year. However, he is said to desire remaining an amateur to enter the Masters, U.S. Open and British Open due to the U.S. Amateur win. 


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Erikaeleniak 9bErika

Erika Eleniak turns 46. 34-24-32. American actress and model. 

Baywatch, The Blog, Under Siege, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, Charles in Charge

Ukranian/Estonian/German mix. Playboy Playmate July '89. 

Whlle on a movie set: "He is in a gunfight right now. I'm gonna have to take a message."


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