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Katie _Cassidy _7th -Teen -Vogue -Young -Hollywood -Party _VettriKatie Cassidy Hot

Katie Cassidy turns 28. 32-23-34. German and Irish mix actress.

Taken, Arrow, Gossip Girl, Click, A Nightmare on Elm Street

German, Irish, English, and Swiss-German ancestry. Daughter of pop singer David Cassidy. Started off her career modeling with Abercrombie and Fitch. Did a cover of her father's song, "I Think I Love You". She's a skilled guitarist and pianist. Named after actress Katherine Hepburn.

"I love heels... whoever created heels is amazing!" 

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. We'll be back on Monday. 


GMac: Rory Can Dominate Like Tiger In The Next Five Years



Mcilroy _1442_dubai 14_d 1_iron _front

Rory McIlroy is on quite a roll. He won two majors this year and captured the Race to Dubai crown while playing only five events. In fact, Rory only suffered through one bad week the entire year

McIlroy may not have been sharp in every round -- his Day 2 struggles were well documented -- but he really struggled just once the entire season.

McIlroy shot 74-69 to miss the cut at the Irish Open and even that performance came with a built-in excuse. McIlroy was jet-lagged from flying to Ireland from the previous week's U.S. Open and his clubs didn't show up until Wednesday after the airline lost them for a couple of days.

Overall, McIlroy played in 24 events. He finished in the top 25 in every tournament other than the Irish Open and racked up 17 top 10s and four wins, including two major championships and the Euro Tour's flagship event, the BMW PGA. Isolating his PGA Tour performance, McIlroy finished in the top 25 in all 17 starts and in the top 10 on 12 of those occasions.

Placing McIlroy's 2014 among golf's all-time great seasons isn't a stretch when you consider that kind of consistency. Of course, it's not quite Tiger Woods' 2000 campaign (nine wins, three majors, 22 of 22 top 25s and 19 of 22 top 10s), but what is? 

Longtime buddy (and sometimes legal combatant) Graeme McDowell believes Rory can go on a Tiger-like dominating run the next five years

“I think we are witnessing at least a five-year spell as world number one,” McDowell wrote. “I think he is going to dominate in the fashion of Tiger Woods.

“The question of how many majors he will win is more a question of how many does he want to win? The most special thing about Tiger was his drive and desire. Of course, a lot can happen in the next five years, but, looking at Rory, he could win three, four or maybe five more majors in that time. He could then be close to the 10 in total and whether he wants to go beyond that is entirely up to him.” 


More Insight Into Tiger's 'New Pair Of Eyes' Chris Como



Blog -chris -como -1124

More facts are surfacing about the relatively under-the-radar Chris Como (even though he's housed at nearby Gleneagles CC in Plano). Golf World's Tim Rosaforte offers some additional insight into Tiger Woods' new constant "pair of eyes."

Como is not the big name many anticipated, but among instruction circles he is far from a no-name, and to those who know his work and background, Como is the right man for the job.

Of course Notah Begay III would say that, because he handpicked Como. And so would instructors like Grant Waite and Mike Adams, because Como has worked alongside or under them. So why is he perfect for Woods, six years without a major, about to turn 39, and coming off a season that was continually interrupted by back issues? "Because he's not a method teacher," Begay said.

"It's such an interesting story, where he's ended up," Southern Cal coach Chris Zambri said of Como. "He's so smart, but more important, he's always searching. He never takes anything for granted that he read or heard. That's why he is where he is."

It wasn't long ago that Como was building his lesson book at Gleneagles CC in Plano, Texas, and taking night courses at Texas Women's University in North Dallas. Driving an old Chevy Trail Blazer, he was talking to Zambri at a light when the old SUV started smoking. When we spoke, Como laughed about driving a vehicle worth $1,000 with a $25,000 Track- Man in the back seat that he took out a loan to buy.

That's when Begay met him. Como spent his first 16 years as a coach working as an intern at the David Leadbetter Academy, spending time with Hank Haney and going through a Mac O'Grady MORAD program, but it was a less famous group of instructors and ultimately professors who were more influential.

As for working with a rock star like Tiger, Como admitted to being nervous when they started working together three weeks ago. After some meditation, he asked himself if he felt like the best person to help Tiger. He came away feeling, "I do."

"I would say once we got in the mode of talking golf swing, that's my Zen, that's my world," Como said. "When I'm into that world, on the range, teaching, talking golf swings, that's sort of what I do."


Better Than Caffeine


HeiglKatherine -heigl -www .hqimage

Katherine Heigl
 turns 36. 34-26-34. American actrss. 

Grey's Anatomy, Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth, Life As We Know It

Started out as a child model. Played the cello in High School. Admits that one of her worst vices is being a smoker. Voted as #1 in 2008's "Top 99 sexiest women in the world" poll. Current salary is $15 million per movie. 

"I pride myself on being kind. But that's not to say there aren't moments when I'm a diva. Everybody has bad moments."


Tiger Has A New Coach. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.



Chriscomogolf _0

On Saturday, Tiger Woods tweeted that he has a new swing coach. 

"Happy to have Chris Como consulting and working with me on my swing. I'm excited to be back competing."

Como is Woods' fourth swing consultant since turning pro; following Butch Harmon, Hank Haney and Sean Foley. 

According to a statement by Woods, he has been working with Como for about a month.

"I was introduced to Chris this summer by Notah (Begay III), and subsequently we had several good conversations about the golf swing," Woods said in the statement, which was released by Woods' agent, Mark Steinberg. "I've worked with him about a month since I started practicing. Chris will consult and work with me during the year."

Begay said he's talked with Como "extensively" during the past couple of weeks, "trying to get him ready for this moment."

There's much to improve upon as 2014 was the first year Woods failed to earn a top-10 finish. 

Como is a most surprising choice as he wasn't listed as a favorite on any of the online betting sites back in late August.  

I was hoping Woods would try going it alone for a while and just play without any outside influence. Go by feel rather than bogging down in swing mechanics. Lord knows he possesses enough experience. However, old habits are tough to break, as he hasn’t hit one shot in his fabled career without a teacher starting with father Earl.

I don't know Como's particular teaching methods, but this assessment from a Tour caddie doesn't appear promising if you were hoping Tiger would play with fewer swing thoughts rather than burdened with a mechanical-bogging handicap.

According to a veteran caddie familiar with Como’s teaching methods, Woods, who many feel got too technical and complicated under Foley, is headed down a similar path with Como.

Como, said the caddie, is “way worse than Foley, way too technical. This guy will try to get Tiger a putting coach, a statistician, a green reading guy, etc. It’s his worse choice ever. He can turn a guy from an athlete into a golf geek.”

Ex-Tiger coach Hank Haney believes Como has it “easier than his predecessors" since there are comparatively lesser expectations following Woods’ 0-13 major-less win streak under Foley and current questionable health.

One thing is certain. Como’s life is about to drastically change. We wish him the best but also suggest he better buckle up for the worldwide press scrutinizing his every move, as Woods’ future results will be forever intertwined.  

Here is matchmaker Begay's background story on the decision


Does Lydia Ko's Record Payday Mean College Is Overrated?



Ko _640

17-year-old Lydia Ko has bypassed a college education (so far) to hit the the pro paychecks of the LPGA Tour. Based on yesterday's huge haul, Ko's decision seems to be the prudent choice. 

Ko won the $1 million bonus from the inaugural "Race to CME Globe" on Sunday by getting into a three-way playoff. Then, the 17-year-old added an extra $500,000 when she defeated Carlota Ciganda of Spain on the fourth extra hole at Tiburon Golf Club to win the CME Group Tour Championship.

Ko made par all five times she played the 18th hole on Sunday, and the last one paid handsomely.

"It's been an awesome week, and a week that I'll never forget," Ko said. "When I saw that $1 million in the box, I was like, 'Wow, I wonder who the winner of that will be?' It's amazing. I've never seen that much cash in one place before."

Only the tournament earnings counted toward the money list. The $500,000 from her third victory of the year made Ko the first LPGA Tour rookie to surpass $2 million in one season.

Its her fifth LPGA Tour title before her 18th birthday. 

Better Than Caffeine



Scarlett Johansson
 turns 30 tomorrow. 36-25-36. Danish bombshell actress

Lost in Translation, The Avengers, The Prestige, Iron Man 2

Nominated for three Golden Globe awards. She says her only vice is cheese. Once married to actor Ryan Reynolds. Was ranked #7 on Askmen's Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2011. 

"I always check in the mirror to make sure nothing is see-through."

Enjoy the weekend.


The Serious Golfer Watches The Ladies More Than The Geezers



Loop -michelle -wie -tv -ratings -518

The blog's headline appears far too logical. But seriously, the LPGA for the first time since 2010, is drawing more viewers than the Champions Tour. Granted, its a low bar to beat the geezers, but far better than trailing. 

Their game is more relatable as the gals hit it similar distances to us weekend warriors. Plus, they dress better and are cuter than the 'ol farts. 

In Golf Datatech's most recent study of serious golfers (16-plus rounds played per year), the LPGA rated the second-most-watched pro golf tour, passing the Champions Tour for the first time since spring 2010.

LPGA viewership was up 4 percentage points from summer 2013, with 65 percent of survey participants saying they watch regularly (99 percent said they watch the PGA Tour).

The seniors dropped from 65 percent in 2013 to 63, with the European Tour (38 percent) and Tour (23 percent) the next highest ranked. 

Commish Michael Whan has done an admirable job increasing the number of events and prize money. Good for him and ladies. 


Tomorrow On The Teebox




Tomorrow on the Teebox Golf Show...

  • I return from shoulder surgery and may broadcast on pain pills (not that you'd notice)
  • We ring the bell on two fights; Dan Jenkins vs. Tiger Woods and Denim jeans vs. country clubs
  • Unveil the real cause for slow play
  • Tell you how TaylorMade issued another marketing faux pas

And we'll do it all from the great Starpower 2015 Expo on Arapaho and the Tollway Saturday morning from 8-10:30. Hope you can stop by or at least tune in. 


17-Yr-Old Italian Golfer Earns Euro Tour Card



Blog -renato -paratore -1120

The age of the pro golfer is drawing towards near fetus-level. The latest example is 17-year-old Renato Paratore who earned his European Tour card along with 26 others. 

Despite his age, the native of Rome and apparent New York Yankees fan was the Q School leader at the PGA Catalunya Resort until a final-round 73 dropped him to third.

Paratore won the gold medal in the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China, in August and entered this week ranked No. 6 in the World Amateur Golf Ranking. Incredibly, despite all his accomplishments, Paratore is lagging behind the pace set by Manassero, who made the cut at the Masters before turning 17 and won his first of four European Tour titles later that year.


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