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Yvonne Strahovski
turns 32. 34-24-35. Aussie actress. 

24: Live Another Day, Chuck, Dexter, Killer Elite

Parents were Polish immigrants. Landed role in Chuck after only three days in Hollywood. She's been on Maxim's Hot 100 from 2009 to 2013. Was a straight A student in school. Speaks fluent Polish. 

“I love watching a good, freaky horror movie. I love it. It's one of my favorite things to do. Just to tune out and be freaked out." 


Faldo: 'Tiger's 15th Major Would Be His Greatest Career Achievement'


Tiger -woods -faldo

Sir Nick Faldo said that due to Tiger Woods' health issues and current swing adjustments his 15th major win will be his greatest career achievement. On the surface that seems fairly crazy but peering into it further, it makes sense. Woods hasn't won one since 2008 and the pressure is mounting exponentially after every major he fails to nab one. 

“One thing we forget with Tiger is that he’s been at this game for nearly 20 years now,” Faldo said. “For any athlete, you’re eventually going to tail off at some point. For Tiger to find consistency, with the latest back injury, it’s tough for him. All these injuries he’s enudred in recent times, they all stack up.”

“When you look at the stats,” Faldo continued, “he’s been off the course through injury 31 months in the last six years. It’s got to all add up with the wear and tear on the body and the wear and tear on the mind. So who knows if Tiger will even win a 15th major when you think he’s got to beat the likes of Rory McIlroy and people like that. It will be unbelievable if he can win a 15th major, though. I personally think it will be the greatest achievement in his career if he can win a 15th major.”

“If I had one true criticism of Tiger, I’d just love him to play a week and then have a week off to assess it, then come back and do it again. Do that for a couple of months. He talks about playing reps, and saying that is his priority, and then he doesn’t play.”

Totally agree on the last point. Woods needs reps. Quickly. Especially if he wants to impress Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson to use a pick to put Woods on the team. His health appears fine (no grimacing on the course) so its all about shaking off the rust to return to whatever his best form will be. 

Do you agree?


This Could Be The Best Field Ever For A Tour Event


14_PGA_logo _622x 350

The PGA Championship is typically the least sought after major for Tour players. Sure they'll gladly take a win, but its never at the top of their bucket list compared to the other three. 

Yet, the PGA field is usually the deepest of the year. In fact, if no one WDs, this year's will be the first ever that all 100 top-ranked golfers will play

The field for the 96th PGA Championship includes 29 major champions, 70 international players representing 24 countries, and all three of the year’s major championship winners. 

Pretty salty. 

What's Next For Rory McIlroy


Bridgestone -Invitatio _News

You have to love Rory McIlroy's refreshing honest. Even when he messes up, McIlroy will own up to his mistakes. 

At the WGC Bridgestone, he tells the press what his goals are. And it isn't necessarily a dogged chase to beat Nicklaus' record 18 majors. 

"There's a lot of big tournaments left this year, a lot of golf left to play, and a lot of things I still want to achieve," said McIlroy, 25, who has risen to No. 2 in the world behind Adam Scott. "World No. 1 is a big goal of mine. I've never won a World Golf Championship. That's another thing. I've got three majors but never won one of these. That's another thing I'd like to knock off the list. So there's a lot of stuff still to play for."

He addresses Tiger's comments that he's too inconsistent. 

McIlroy doesn't disagree. "I think for me it's all a mental thing," he said. "If I can get myself in the right frame of mind week in, week out, and give myself some little mental triggers throughout the week, like I did at the Open Championship, then, hopefully, I'll have a lot more of those 'on' weeks. . . . But definitely, if you said there's one thing I'd like to get better at, it would just be a little bit more consistency in there. Hopefully, I'm on the right path to try and do that."

"It's what I've always done. It's what I've always known. That's been my life since I was sort of 10 years old was golf," he said. "I think it's just waking up every morning with that drive to want to get better and to want to be the best. I talked about going to bed thinking about it as well, it's more about reflecting on what you've done that day. 'Have you become a better golfer than you were when you woke up that morning, or have you maybe not gotten better but made a step in the right direction to become a better player?' Yeah, that's the place that I'm in right now, and that's my main objective and my main focus. I feel like I'm playing well. I just want to continue to keep doing that."

And he still wants to lead a "normal" life.

"I didn't grow up wanting to lead a normal life. I grew up wanting to win major championships," he said. "I think you can still do both. You can still lead a relatively normal life.

"Like, obviously, always the week after winning a big tournament like the Open, it's going to be that's abnormal. That's not something you're going to have to deal with week in and week out, but I think you can still have the drive and the dedication to try to become one of the best players ever and still do relatively normal things."

He appears to be in a good place. With three different majors by age 25, McIlroy has plenty of time to work out the mental kinks. 


Better Than Caffeine


Sasha Jackson 1Sasha 

Sasha Jackson
 turns 26. 32-22-32. British actress. 

Till Death, One Tree Hill, Blue Crush 2, Kick Ass Kandy

Former National High Board Diver and Regional Trampolinist. Long distance swimmer. Accomplished martial arts expert. 

"My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance."


The Dumbest Tradition In Golf Makes Insurance Necessary

Hole In One (1)

Okay before going on a mini rant, be aware this isn't based on sour grapes. Look, I've never had a hole-in-one (yes, I wouldn't mind one for my golf bucket list). Its more of a running bit now, yet I do worry about making one while playing alone reviewing a course--thus no witness to acknowledge the feat. 

But one of the dumbest and illogical traditions in golf is the poor golfer who dunks one is unfairly punished by "having" to buy drinks for everyone in his group and probably the entire bar afterwards. 

Anyway, some traditions are worse than others. In Japan and the UK, apparently you are required to host a party or even a cruise after nailing an ace costing thousands of dollars (thanks to Jason Wesch for the link).

That's why some golfers purchase insurance to protect themselves from an unfortunate hole-in-one. Alex Mayyasi writes for Priceconomics:

After spending $650 buying the entire clubhouse champagne at England’s South Winchester Golf Club following a hole in one, Paul Neilson told Bloomberg, “I couldn't afford to go through all that again. I used to have a policy but never got around to renewing it.” Among the stories from Japan, the same article quotes Eiji Yoneda, who was one of 200 people invited on a dinner cruise by someone celebrating a hole in one.

A number of firms offer hole in one insurance, frequently bundled with other services that golfers commonly buy like insurance for golfing equipment or personal liability. (Apparently yelling “Fore!” can’t ward off lawsuits if you hit a ball right at someone.) Golfplan, a U.K. insurer, covers $340 to $510 worth of drinks for hole in one celebrations.

There's no debate here folks. This is a business that should've never been required to germinate. The onus absolutely needs to be on the rest of the players in the group to pony up. Or don't do it at all if you're a sorry bunch.

Why should everyone else be rewarded for something they had no hand in accomplishing? 



There's No Guarantee Your Clubs Will Arrive With You


CLUBSillo -master 675

For those of you who travel extensively and play golf, this NY Times column will be of interest. You may even empathize with Tour players who white-knuckle their flights desperately hoping their clubs arrive with them. 

On the first leg of Gary Woodland’s British Open odyssey, he glanced out the airplane porthole in time to see a baggage handler at Kansas City International Airport haul his golf bag out of a cart, drop it on the tarmac and fling another suitcase on top of it. The sight of the tools of his trade being treated with such little care made Woodland so agitated that his fiancée told him to turn away from the window.

After an excruciatingly tight connection in Chicago, Woodland arrived in Manchester, England, alas, without his clubs or clothes. “Seeing them throw the bags around and then them not showing up, it was definitely a little more stressful than it needed to be,” Woodland said. 

There are players who opt to send their clubs to a tournament site by express delivery so that they arrive before the players do. And then there are the fortunate few who can afford the five-figure fee for renting a private jet for overseas travel. That category may soon include Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland, this year’s 54-hole tournament leader, whose golf bag was missing after a flight last month from Newark to Dublin. He hopes he does not have to travel on that airline’s planes again. 

“I’m working on getting my own,” he said with a smile. 

For us mortals, one can try Luggage Forward, Ship Sticks and good 'ol FedEx to ship their beloved sticks with TLC and get there on time. Here is a good summary of choices, rates and what to expect. 

And, if I was a pro golfer and didn't use a private jet, I'd certainly give the folks above a shot. 


What Would You Pay For Rory's Open Winning Ball?


Rory McIlroy threw his ball into the crowd after sinking the clinching putt to win the Open Championship. Its hardly surprising that the guy who caught it is planning to cash in

It was caught by Leeds, England resident Lee Horner, who kept it for a few days before Green Jacket Auctions -- the same company that sold a set of Ben Hogan's clubs from 1953 earlier this year -- tracked him down and acquired the ball for an undisclosed sum. Green Jacket Auctions documented Rory's custom Nike RZN Black "Rors" ball and then quickly put it up for auction.

Bidding started last Wednesday and is slated to end Aug. 9. By the start of the day on Monday, 13 bids had been lodged on the site, the highest standing at $2,852.

"Memorabilia like this is usually lost forever," Ryan Carey, one of the co-founders of the site, said, "so we're very excited that we quickly tracked down the guy who caught it."

Better Than Caffeine


Bethany -joy -galeotti1Tumblr _mqi 5wcda 9h 1qg 5xl 4o 1_500

Bethany Joy Lenz is 33. 34-24-34. American actress/singer. 

One Tree Hill, Dexter, Thinner, Guiding Light

Hobbies are photography, painting, writing, horseback riding, knitting, and making stationery. Played guitar and sang the National Anthem in the "One Tree Hill" (2003) cast for Super Bowl in early 2004.

"I don't party. I'm a total homebody. I like hanging out with my cat and I've actually been known to stay home and knit."


Jack: 'Tiger Should Absolutely Be On Ryder Cup Team'


Jack Nicklaus didn't make Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson's decision any easier by declaring this about Tiger Woods being on the team. Not sure at this point why Jack had to say anything--but olds tend to speak their minds without a filter. 

"I couldn't imagine [Woods] not being on a Ryder Cup team, unless he does absolutely nothing in recovering from his game between now and then."

"I don't care what he does between now and then. If Tiger wants to play, I would certainly choose him," Nicklaus said. "My guess is that Tom feels pretty much the same way. Tom would certainly like to have Tiger on his team and I think anybody in their right mind, unless he just doesn't want to play or doesn't think he could play, would not choose him."

Woods does have a little time to impress Watson, starting with the WGC this week at Firestone (a tournament he's owned over the years), but so far his return to Tour play has yielded a MC and a T69 finish at the British Open. 

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