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Scarlett Johansson
 turns 30 tomorrow. 36-25-36. Danish bombshell actress

Lost in Translation, The Avengers, The Prestige, Iron Man 2

Nominated for three Golden Globe awards. She says her only vice is cheese. Once married to actor Ryan Reynolds. Was ranked #7 on Askmen's Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2011. 

"I always check in the mirror to make sure nothing is see-through."

Enjoy the weekend.


The Serious Golfer Watches The Ladies More Than The Geezers



Loop -michelle -wie -tv -ratings -518

The blog's headline appears far too logical. But seriously, the LPGA for the first time since 2010, is drawing more viewers than the Champions Tour. Granted, its a low bar to beat the geezers, but far better than trailing. 

Their game is more relatable as the gals hit it similar distances to us weekend warriors. Plus, they dress better and are cuter than the 'ol farts. 

In Golf Datatech's most recent study of serious golfers (16-plus rounds played per year), the LPGA rated the second-most-watched pro golf tour, passing the Champions Tour for the first time since spring 2010.

LPGA viewership was up 4 percentage points from summer 2013, with 65 percent of survey participants saying they watch regularly (99 percent said they watch the PGA Tour).

The seniors dropped from 65 percent in 2013 to 63, with the European Tour (38 percent) and Tour (23 percent) the next highest ranked. 

Commish Michael Whan has done an admirable job increasing the number of events and prize money. Good for him and ladies. 


Tomorrow On The Teebox




Tomorrow on the Teebox Golf Show...

  • I return from shoulder surgery and may broadcast on pain pills (not that you'd notice)
  • We ring the bell on two fights; Dan Jenkins vs. Tiger Woods and Denim jeans vs. country clubs
  • Unveil the real cause for slow play
  • Tell you how TaylorMade issued another marketing faux pas

And we'll do it all from the great Starpower 2015 Expo on Arapaho and the Tollway Saturday morning from 8-10:30. Hope you can stop by or at least tune in. 


17-Yr-Old Italian Golfer Earns Euro Tour Card



Blog -renato -paratore -1120

The age of the pro golfer is drawing towards near fetus-level. The latest example is 17-year-old Renato Paratore who earned his European Tour card along with 26 others. 

Despite his age, the native of Rome and apparent New York Yankees fan was the Q School leader at the PGA Catalunya Resort until a final-round 73 dropped him to third.

Paratore won the gold medal in the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China, in August and entered this week ranked No. 6 in the World Amateur Golf Ranking. Incredibly, despite all his accomplishments, Paratore is lagging behind the pace set by Manassero, who made the cut at the Masters before turning 17 and won his first of four European Tour titles later that year.


Better Than Caffeine



O -BO-DEREK-570 (1)O -BO-DEREK-570

Bo Derek turns 58. 36-24-34. American actress/model. 

10, Tommy Boy, Tarzan the Ape Man, Bolero

The perfect 10 mix of Dutch, English, German, Irish and Welsh descent. Her father, Paul Collins, was the marketing and public relations director at Kawasaki Motorcycles in the early 1970s. Met current boyfriend and actor John Corbett on a blind date. 

Kim Basinger and Christie Brinkley were once considered for Bo's role in 10

When Bo auditioned for 10 (1979), Blake Edwards recounted, "Her first words, when she came in to read for us, were: 'I'm sorry about wasting your time...Meanwhile, [co-producer] 'Tony Adams' and I were crossing our fingers and praying: 'Let her be able to act - please let her be able to act!".

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."


Fight Over Denim Turns Into Uproar At A Country Club



Ryan _westongc 4_biz -3599

In the ever evolving saga of trying to grow the game of golf, stories like this never cease to amaze

What began on a Saturday night in September as an attempt by the Weston GC president to enforce the dress code among a large group of members and guests having drinks in the clubhouse bar escalated into a scene fit for reality television. The resulting verbal altercation was so intense police were called to defuse the situation.

Like other private clubs, Weston GC has an extensive dress code policy, with a ban on denim at the top of the list of forbidden clothing. Whether $50 dungarees or $200 designer jeans, blue denim of any kind is forbidden. The one exception: female members can wear “neat, not torn, white denim.”

The club’s directors conducted an investigation into alleged dress code violations with all the seriousness of a grand jury, eventually handing out three-month suspensions to 10 members. The uproar triggered such a backlash the president resigned.

It’s unclear what kind of denim people in the group were wearing that September night, but as Stephen and Charlotte Weeple walked toward the clubhouse around 10:45 p.m, they were intercepted by club president Tom Ferry. The Weeples are not members but they and other guests were meeting Weston GC members for a nightcap in the clubhouse bar.

Ferry believed the Weeples were in violation of the dress code and used profane language to tell them jeans are not allowed on the grounds, according to a letter the couple wrote to the club’s directors.

These stories surrounding haughty clubs are ironic as from what I constantly notice, wearing jeans is a badge of wealth--especially jeans with sport jacket and exotic skin boots. Meaning, the wearers are so rich, they answer to no one--especially the attire police. And with designer jeans costing over $200 these days, what's the harm? By the way, denim is not comfortable when playing golf. But, when having a drink or dinner? C'mon folks, lets all lighten up a bit.

Then again, what do I know... 


Apparently, The Real Cause For Slow Play Isn't What You Think



Golf Snails Pace 

I'm sure many thought the reasons for slow play during golf were infractions of too many practice swings, looking far too long for lost balls or clueless traipsing around and ignoring faster golfers constantly waiting too long for the offending snail to finally hit a shot. 

However in this finding via the second annual Pace of Play Symposium posted on, it may be the bunched-together tee times that are the culprit.

The average round of golf in America takes 4 hours, 17 minutes, according to Lucius Riccio, Ph.D., who analyzed 40,460 rounds. The average time of dewsweepers, or the first group out, is 3:46. The length and Slope Rating of a golf course has almost no correlation with pace. The only statistically significant variable is how busy a course is. Golfers move like cars on the interstate. Rush hour is bad. Make too many merges too quickly, and gridlock ensues.  

So the most effective change course owners can make is to increase tee-time intervals. In the 2014 LPGA Tour season, the average round time was reduced 14 minutes by switching from 10- to 11-minute intervals. “While competitive golf is a much easier nut to crack because we can enforce faster play with referees and penalties, the same principles apply to recreational golf,” said Kevin Barker, assistant director of rules for the R&A. Many public facilities operate at eight-minute intervals. On the surface, moving to 10-minute intervals costs a course roughly 15 percent in revenue because fewer golfers can be accommodated on the tee sheet.

However, faster rounds means a course can go later into the day before charging twilight rates to players less likely to finish. It also means they can operate with fewer carts. Poppy Hills Golf Course sold 10 carts from its fleet after significantly improving its average pace of play.  

Course setup is the second most important factor. Pete Rouillard, senior VP of golf operations for SunBelt Golf Corporation, which manages the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama, pays strict attention to tees. During busy weekends, he’s had success pushing the tees back on par 5s and reachable par 4s, to deter longer hitters from waiting to have a go at the green, and also moving the tees forward on par 3s to result in more greens in regulation for everybody. The idea is “to make every hole transition to a short par 3 at some point to improve the flow of a round.” 

The early returns suggest redesigns are indeed where you can pick up the most pace. Independence Golf Club in Midlothian, Va., shaved 45 minutes off its usual five-hour round by removing bunkers, making others less severe and overall increasing the playability of the course by removing large swaths of rough, which were costly to maintain and easy to lose a golf ball in. “The best players at the club say they’ve never had more fun playing,” said Lester George, who oversaw the redesign. “You still keep the challenge, golfers like getting it thrown back at them once in a while, but you increase the shot options.” 

Hey, its a process. But its also hard to disagree with any of the recommendations...


Better Than Caffeine



Meg _stry

Meg Ryan
 is 53 today. 34-25-34. Irish-Polish mix actress. 

Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, You've Got Mail, Top Gun

Nailed the best fake orgasm scene ever in When Harry Met Sally leading to famous quote "I'll have what she's having." Once impossibly cute actress who went wheels off with plastic surgery (duck lips) after divorcing Dennis QuaidDid several national commercials as a teenager for Barbie and other products. Was offered the role of "Molly Jensen" in Ghost, but turned it down before part went to Demi Moore

"People say that chivalry is dead, I don't think that it's dead, I think it's just got the 'flu!"


Tiger Woods Vs. Dan Jenkins



TigerCt -jenk -9780385532259-jkt -ap 1-r 1-jpg -20140619

When I first read about the Tiger Woods/Dan Jenkins feud yesterday, I seriously thought the entire battle was a satire/parody. Jenkins' article wasn't very funny (the pictures were even worse) and the Woods' rebuttal appeared sophomoric and whiny. Both are two of the largest figures in their respective fields. One is a Hall of Fame writer; the other quite possibly the best golfer ever in his prime. Both possess enormous egos. And, both are obviously thin-skinned while maybe sliding down the backside of their illustrious careers. 

Jenkins was one of my all-time favorite scribes when writing for Sports Illustrated and his biting satirical novels (Semi Tough and Dead Solid Perfect) skewing football and golf were instant classics. He continuously had a unique, humorous slant while covering the biggest sporting events. 

The crotchety Jenkins also has his definitive favorites (mostly old school athletes), firmly believing Ben Hogan and Doak Walker were the best ever. Jenkins most definitely doesn't like the modern sports stars, believing they are coddled, over-paid babies who can't hold a candle to the ancient greats. 

He's had it in for Tiger due to Woods' constant refusal to Jenkins' requested one-one-one interviews. The 84-year-old Jenkins is a writing icon and believes he's earned the right for a Woods sit down. So, he took revenge with his laptop.

Tiger has been leary of the press since his infamous interview in GQHe's justifiably guarded, giving little insight to worshipping fans. Woods was used to fawning writers constantly kissing his ass before that Thanksgiving night in 2009. 

Woods has an elephantine memory of those who've wronged him (or stood up to him) over the years and rarely (if ever) forgives. His persona is also tough to like. I've never understood the press constantly kneeling at Tiger's feet. He's rarely gracious and his press conferences are amazingly boring. So, when he fell from grace after the scandal and his on-course performance diminished, the beaten-down writers lashed back.

In addition, Woods' handlers are a suspect lot. For a celeb who can afford the very best, his minions rarely make the right public moves; instead choosing to fan the flames. 

Jenkins' piece wasn't even offered online by GolfDigest until Woods' rebuttal. So, instead of ignoring the faux interview and making it a non-factor afterthought, Woods chose to nearly explode the Internet, thereby naively--or cluelessly--giving the magazine the attention it desired.  

Celebrities have forever been scorched by parodies and satire. Its always been the price of fame and fortune. Saturday Night Live made its name hammering the rich and famous. Its far different than Enquirer-defaming headlines since it comments on news rather than making it. Thus, knee-jerk responses to such only give added valuable publicity to the satirists. 

The media hypocritically craves scintillating quotes from celebs only to blast the stars for uttering them. Ultimately, the celebrity sees this and crawls into a vanilla cocoon the media and fans abhore. 

Jenkins comes off like a woman scorned. Woods' response is written with rabbit ears. Both look very non Hall of Fame-like in the aftermath. 

Yet, both delivered an early holiday present to those of us in the golf world when nothing else was worth chatting about.

We can at least be thankful for that.  


John Hahn Shoots A 58 At Euro Q-School



Hahn -teeshot -open -2013-apjpg -04473ae 346407395

American player John Hahn, ranked 529th in the world (thanks to Tour player Bob Estes for the correction), shot an incredible 58 at the European Tour Q-School. However, the European Tour said it would not count as a record because of preferred lies in the soggy conditions. 

Amazingly, he shot the score with no eagles and six pars. It came out of nowhere as his previous rounds were 67, 79, and 72. 

And, unfortunately, he followed up the 58 with a 78 to drop 37 places to T49.

The top 25 and ties earn a European Tour card for next year.

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