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Jessica -Biel -Sexy -Full -HD-Wallpaper -4

Jessica Biel turned 33 yesterday. 36-26-36. American actress. 

The Illusionist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Total Recall

Intoxicating heritage of Hungarian Jewish (from her paternal great-grandfather, the origin of her surname), Danish, English, German, and Swiss-German. Married to Justin TimberlakeCollects vintage glasses with no lenses.

"There is so much pressure to look a certain way in this town. But it's nice to have a little meat on you, and I hope I inspire women to appreciate their muscular calves."


Adam Scott Arrives At Doral With Conventional Putter


Adam -scott -pga -tour -wgc -cadillac _t 780

Adam Scott is the latest anchored putter user to get a head start on using a shorter flatstick before the 2016 embargo

“I might play with it (in this week’s WGC-Cadillac Championship),” he said. “I’ve had fun working with it, but I don’t really have a plan yet.”

“It’s been fun to change (back to the conventional putter), just like it was fun to change to the long one,” he said. 

Scott is the highest-ranked player (#5) to use the broom handle. 

Here are his stats before and after switching out to the long wand in at the 2011 WGC Match Play. It wasn't quite a miracle cure, but...

Strokes Gained: Putting



Golf's Top-Paid Executives


Maar 03-golf -digest -50-execs -chart

It appears most have a fascination of what other people earn in their various professions. Golf is no different. Well, lists the highest paid execs in golf

I don't have a comment or opinion about the list, but maybe you do. 


Better Than Caffeine


Nathalie Nathalie _kelley (6)

Nathalie Kelley turns 30. 34-28-34. Peruvian born Australian actress.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Body of Proof, The Depraved

Born in Lima, Peru. Peruvian mother and Argentine father. Speaks fluent Portuguese and Japanese. Has a degree in Political Science at the University Of New South Wales, majoring in Third World Development. Played the love interest in the music video for the Bruno Mars song "Just the Way You Are".

"I'm such a girl because all the guys go for cars because of their engines or something like that. I like the colour and the design."

Here's Why You Could Be Losing Nearly 30-Yards On Your Drives


Eqar 01-driver -fitting -300 posts some compelling reasons why you're not maximizing distance on your drives. 'Cause don't we all wanna hit it as far as humanly possible?

Of course we do. 

We studied how 150 average golfers hit their drivers. We measured swing speeds from 60 miles per hour to 130, and handicaps from 0 to 36. For the test, we used a Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor that measured swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate and distance. We also asked dozens of America's 100 Best Clubfitters to share similar launch data from their customers. What we found is that the average golfer launches the ball too low, generates too much backspin and doesn't make solid contact with the center of the face. Specifically, we're not hitting it as far as we should given our respective swing speeds.

Nine out of 10 golfers in our test hit the ball short of what we estimate their potential to be. What's a good estimate for your driving-distance potential? If you're not hitting it 2.5 to 2.7 times your clubhead speed, you need a better-fitting driver, a lesson, or both.

Two-thirds of the players in our survey weren't within 15 yards of their potential driving distance, and half of those were 30 or more yards short of optimum.

Our data suggests that many golfers would benefit from more loft on their driver and perhaps a softer flexing shaft. But what we all really need is a quality driver fitting. With the feedback available from launch monitors and the increasing ability of good fitters to work with quality instructors, the right fitting can change your clubs and even your swing.

A recent test by TrackMan, whose launch monitor is used on the PGA Tour, found that a swing speed of 90 miles per hour can gain about 30 yards by just swinging up on the ball.

Luckily, we may just have a solution for ya--at a terrific price too.

So go on get yourself that untapped extra 30-yards. 


After A Long Drought, Harrington Returns To Winner's Circle



Incessant tinkerer Padraig Harrington (his swing aids are a constant comic relief) once won three majors in a span of six events. He was firmly in the penthouse of golf. But, like Tiger Woods, his head got in the way of performance, to where he ultimately fell to to 259th in the world.

Until the Honda Classic.

Paddy was 5 shots back with eight holes to play. Ian Poulter imploded with five water balls. Patrick Reed (normally Mr. Monday) faltered. Only Tour rookie Daniel Berger made a charge with a 64 and was waiting on the range for a potential playoff. Paddy rinsed his shot on the par-3 17th and had to make birdie for a playoff spot. He rammed in a 17-footer.

After pars, the twosome faced the same 17th. This time, Harrington stiffed his tee shot while Berger drowned his. Game over. 

So, how did Paddy overcome his long term issues?

Whatever physical tinkering he had done with his swing, not seeing the results he’d hoped for had crept into the mental side of his game and in 2012 he suffered the yips.

“As a lot of people who win major tournaments, you look back at them and you try and live up to them, play up to them,” Harrington said. “I just got very intolerant of my mental game, my focus.

“When you get (the yips), it's really frustrating, it's really hard. You don't know what to do. You grind your way through it and it is a tough thing to get through.

“But yeah, there's no doubt low points in those years, because you know, in 2008, 2009, I'm very much in the penthouse. I wasn't quite down to the doghouse but not far away from it.”

It hasn't helped that he has tinkered with his swing endlessly in the last seven years. Sound familiar? 

"My big problem is really trying to control the outcome and not settling for the process being enough," he said. "Ultimately, I have found out that is the biggest hindrance to my game. My mind out there was better than it's ever been. It was ugly at the end there. I found it for a while, though." 

Offering him solace is that he found it in Indonesia, too. After blowing a four-stroke lead through 54-holes, Harrington sank a 15-foot par putt on the 72nd hole to beat Thanyakon Khrongpha of Thailand by two shots. It was his first win since the 2010 Johor Open, also on the Asian Tour.

The only defect was his incredibly slow play. It took the final group over three hours to play nine holes. Congrats to Paddy but how about picking up the pace, huh? 


Look Who's Joining The Caddie Suit Vs. The PGA Tour


Williams _1442_british 14_d 1_scott

Yes, it's the "retired" caddie Stevie Williams joining the ongoing caddie battle with the PGA Tour to receive some income from being human billboards for event sponsors. 

“I don’t think the Tour has treated the caddies in a correct manner for a long time,” Williams told from his home in New Zealand. “I think this is a good starting point to get the Tour and the caddies in a better stead.”

“I feel real strongly about it,” said Williams, who planned to take a year off from caddying in 2015. “Caddie bibs are archaic as a piece of clothing. I’m not saying sponsors shouldn’t have some sort of advertising on the caddies, but the actually bib is archaic.”


“The caddies are not employed by the Tour, they are employed by the golfer and there is no compensation from the Tour to the caddies but the Tour gets compensated for the caddies wearing the bibs,” Williams said. “They treat the caddies like second-class citizens.”


Dude Perfect Boys Golf Trick Shots


My son turned me on to the Dude Perfect gents and their entertaining trick shots utilizing various athletes. 

Their latest venture includes long drive savant Jamie Sadlowski. Sad's mentor Art Sellinger says the group earns upwards of $10 million per year from their YouTube videos that average about 4,000,000 hits each. 



Better Than Caffeine


Kim -SmithKim -smith -05

Kim Smith turns 32 tomorrow. 34-24-35. American actress/model. 

Friday Night Lights, Catwoman, Van Wilder

Graduate from Permian HS, Odessa, TX. Got her big break into modeling when she accompanied a friend to a Model Search of America contest. She changed from a spectator to a competitor by the head of the contest. Named 11th hottest by Maxim. And, she plays golf!

"I love meeting new people; I think everyone has a story to tell. We should all listen sometimes."


Caddies Bristle At "Shelter" Offered During Storm


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Metal tent. #WelldonePGA Tour #hondaclassic

While the players were safe and snug in the locker room during the stormy deluge at the Honda Classic on Saturday, the caddies were left to find cover in a steel tent.

Those on Twitter (including caddies) certainly noticed

@thescottvail (caddie for Brandt Snedeker)

Sadly it will take a caddie to get struck by lightning and dying before the PGA tour realizes that we need indoor shelter during storms.


It was unfair, it was unsafe, and it was a huge liability....If players/patrons need to be indoors so do caddies

Caddies do not have clubhouse access during PGA Tour events. The shelter they were offered Saturday provided little respite from the severe storms that dropped an estimated five inches of rain on the Champion Course.

To outsiders (and caddies) it appears as another example of the haves and have nots. As in why is it okay to walk side by side on the course as 'teammates' striving to win, but not so fast in the clubhouse/locker rooms?

But, the tent was grounded (look up Faraday's Law) against lightning. And, as pointed out by an insider, most player locker rooms are not that large. Plus, there's the issue of expensive stuff left unattended and that anyone with a badge access can walk unsupervised in the locker room... 

Still, on the heels of the caddies association lawsuit with the Tour, this smacks as another PR black eye for officials to appear of only catering and caring for the players. Right or wrong, perception is reality. And the blue blazers in Ponte Vedra continue to govern from way atop their lofty out-of-touch pedestals. 


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