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Pia Muehlenbeck. 34-22-34. German model, fitness expert.

Her Instagram account has over 500,000 followers. Graduated first in her law class. Big proponent of the diet detox programs. 

Appears to be working for her just fine. 


Jason Is Killing It All Day Long


Jason Day Wins

Jason Day is absolutely pummeling fields and courses lately. He entered the season with one lone win in 151 events. Yet, Day has now won 3 of his last 4. And, he's doing it with outragious drives, approaches and putts. On Sunday, he holed over 130 ft. of putts and averaged 326 off the tee.

To put his 6-shot cushion in perspective, it was the same margin between 2nd and 11th place. 

Sergio Garcia Tweeted:

Just 3 letters to describe last month and a half of golf.....WOW!!

Definitely a G'Day Mate!

"It's been a special summer for me, and it's not over," Day said. "To be able to play the way I did over the weekend is fantastic. Today was just phenomenal golf."

His weekend rounds of 63-62 was only the third winner to do so (two rounds of 63 or lower) in the last 30 years (Jimmy Walker 2015 Sony and John Cook 1987 Hope). 

Day now climbs to the top of the FedEx Cup standings (via the 2,000 winning points) and assures a top-5 place entering the Tour Championship--where those players dictate their destiny with a win. 

For the year, Day is ranks in the top-10 in just about every important category and is 2nd in Overall Shot rankings. If he wins next week, Day will take over the #1 World Ranking slot.

Here are the Most Under Par scores since the 2015 Open Championship:

Day: 73-under

Rose: 49

Koepka: 47

B Watson: 40

Furyk: 38

What's great to see is we have a definitive top-3 battling it out between Day, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy. All three will be at the Deutsche Bank this week in Boston. Who wouldn't love to see all three paired together Thursday and Friday...


How Rare Were Brian Harman's Two Aces Yesterday?


Harman -847-Scott Halleran

Brian Harman had quite a day yesterday at the Barclay's

The diminutive lefty scored two aces. Yes, TWO. The first occurred on the 183-yd 3rd with a 7-iron. It's only the third time in Tour history spanning some 1 million rounds!

His 68 also included five bogeys, but no one is worrying much about them. 

"(It) landed short, broke right in," he recalled.

Harman said he looked at his caddie, Scott Tway, and told him that was his first hole-in-one in competition.

"He's like, 'Well, they come in bunches,'" Harman recalled. "I was like, Yeah, whatever.'"

Whatever, indeed.

The lefty then holed his 4-hybrid at No. 14, which played 218 yards on Sunday. "(It) hit right into the hill, killed it, rolled right in," Harman said.

The last player to make two holes-in-one in a single round was Yusaku Miyazato at the 2006 Reno Tahoe Open (Barracuda Championship) The only other player to double up on aces was amateur, Bill Whedon at the 1955 Insurance City Open.

As for the balls, Harman isn't quite sure what he did with them.

"They're in the bag somewhere," he said. "I might have given them away. I don't know."

So, just how rare a feat was it?

--The odds on two aces in one round is estimated at 67 million to 1. 

--How its occurrence ranks against other notable golf feats

--6 times a 59 has been shot

--9 times 8+ consecutive birdies were made

--27 times a 63 has been posted in a major

Other notable sports marks occurring 3 times

--75+ pts in a NBA game

--20k's in 9 inning MLB game

--5 receiving TD's in one NFL game 


John Daly Rushed To Hospital After Collapsing


Daly -1021x 580

The 49-year old hard-living John Daly reportedly collapsed on a teebox at a golf outing and was rushed to the hospital Saturday

Daly underwent tests at the hospital in Jackson, with his friend Billy Allen telling reporters that the golfer's vital signs were good and doctors were examining him for possible rib and finger injuries.

Deerfield club professional Leigh Brannan added that Daly was having trouble breathing on the course during a hot day at the tournament.

"He was struggling pretty badly right before he collapsed," Brannan was quoted as saying. "But we're all hoping it's nothing serious and that he was just a little dehydrated. He was even telling (Allen) he still wants to play (on Sunday)."

Playing partner Will Dottley told the Golf Channel that Daly also seemed to be dealing with a hand issue.

“I had my arm around him when he went down. He had no pulse and wasn’t breathing for close to three minutes."

Luckily for Daly, there was a nurse in the gallery who gave CPR.

“It was kind of a miracle,” said Dottley.

Update: It now appears Daly suffered a collapsed lung stemming from a 2007 injury to his rib when he attempted to stop his swing after a drunken fan walked in front of him on the tee. 

Update ll: Daly was out playing golf on Sunday via a David Brandt tweet. 


Daly is still in a legal battle with the PGA Tour citing the Tour did not provide sufficient security during that tournament. 


Better Than Caffeine


Carla -gugino -15Carla G-carla -gugino -32042201-1024-768

Carla Gugino turns 44. 35.5-25-35. American actress. 

Entourage, Night at the Museum, Watchman, Sin City, San Andreas, Spy Kids trilogy

Italian, English-Irish mix. Valedictorian in high school. Discovered by Elite Modeling agency as a teen, but ultimately deemed too short for runway work. 

"I'm a sensualist. My two main indulgences are dark chocolate and massages."

Enjoy the weekend.


"Are You Kidding Me? All Of That...After THAT?" player Peter Malnati found himself in a water hazard. Tried to play it out. Cue possible mud and white outfit interracting. 

Which led to this. 

Malnati went on to quad the hole. And make a nice contribution to his dry cleaning fund. 


The Precarious Bromance Of Player And Caddie


Scott 1's Cameron Morfit profiles the iffy relationships between golfer and caddie

The ones that caught my interest were those that included several breakups and reunions. 

Never say never in possibly the most precarious partnerships in sports. 

Richard Burton and Liz Taylor married and divorced each other twice. So did Don Johnson and wife/ex-wife/wife/ex-wife Melanie Griffith. But they were amateurs compared with Ernie Els and Ricci Roberts. Since the two first got together in 1992, four-time major champion Els, 45, and his longtime caddie and friend Roberts, 50, have split up and reunited…well, no one's quite sure how many times, exactly.

"After the third time, we stopped counting," Els says with a rueful smile. "Sometimes it was a pure frustration thing, and other times it was health- and injury-related. There were a couple of pure firings. But we're like family. He was with me when his first child was born."

"I've had more comebacks than Sinatra!" says Roberts, who guesses he's won "about 58" events with Els, including the Big Easy's majors.

Although Vijay Singh and Paul Tesori promised each other that their second partnership wouldn't revert to the way it was, old habits die hard. Having amassed six wins in their first collaboration, they raked in six more the second time around. The bad news? Singh, as driven as ever, was still dragging Tesori to the range on their off weeks.

"After another year and a half, I quit," Tesori says. "[Going back] was a decision I never liked. I did it for the money, the notoriety and the respect, and none of those were the right reasons. Jerry Kelly was top 30 in the world at the time, we'd done the 2003 Presidents Cup, and he was treating me well. It was something I said I wouldn't do again. When it's time to split up, it's time to split up."

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, so, too, does familiarity breed contempt. Ray Floyd once estimated that he fired his caddie, Dolphus "Golf Ball" Hull, six times, but joked that his wife, Maria, hired Hull back seven times. No one is immune from the madness, no matter the era. Before joining Els, Byrne did two stints with young Brit Tom Lewis.

"The most important thing as a caddie is to not burn bridges," Byrne says.


How Did This Golfer's Bag And Clubs End Up Here?


First question that comes to mind: How did this golfer's clubs end in the drink?

Watching him fish out the push cart, bag and sticks begs for answers. 


Better Than Caffeine



Barbara -Bach -620x 885Ss1

Barbara Bach turns 70 (!) Saturday. 36-24-32. American actress.

The Spy Who Loved Me, Force 10 From Navarone, The Unseen, The Great Alligator

Married the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr in 1981. Sister-in-law of the Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh. Received a Masters Degree in Psychology from UCLA in 1993.



Is Bypassing College To Turn Tour Pro A Prudent Choice?


Connelly -847-vaugnridley

The road to riches and fame is alluring but also a precarious rocky road. In golf, there are no guarantees (outside of some promised sponsor exemptions) as you have to earn your way to the Big Show via mathematical reality. 

18-year-old Austin Connelly from Irving, Texas carries dual citizenship in the U.S. and Canada. He was on the Golf Canada Natioanl Amateur squad and is exempt from the pre-qualifying stages for its Q-School via making two cuts this year on the PGA Tour. 

Committed to the University of Arkansas, Connelly then asked several Tour players--including Jordan Spieth--about their thoughts on going pro immediately. 

The result? Goodbye Arkansas. Hello, Mackenzie Tour's PGA TOUR Canada’s Great Waterway Classic. Anyone heard of the Mackenzie Tour? I surely did not. 

Oh, and he coincidentally signed with Spieth's management company Lagardère Unlimited.

“I knew my path was not going to be by the traditional route. I felt it was time to be a full-time golfer,” Connelly explained. “I feel like my game is already good enough to be out here, it’s just a matter of taking advantage of opportunities.”

He lost in the first round of the U.S. Amateur last week, but said if he had made it to the finals, he would have stayed an amateur in order to participate in the Masters.

“That’s too good an opportunity to pass up,” he said.

“At some of the amateur events, you find yourself bored. It’s such an incredible atmosphere on TOUR and on the amateur circuit sometimes you’re not playing in front of anybody, even though you’re playing these incredible course,” Connelly said. “Once you get a taste of the TOUR, that’s where you want to be.”

There are certainly successful examples of young bucks going pro and bypassing college. The 2014 Euro Ryder Cup team had only one player attend college (Graeme McDowell). But that Tour is far chummier than its PGA Tour counterpart. The competition isn't as stout either. Danny Lee learned over on the Asian Tour. 

Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods at least attended college for a bit. Have fun. Be a kid. And if you consistently beat the other college golfers, then go pro. Which makes you wonder what Jordan suggested to Connelly. 

Austin Connelly is a good kid from a great family. And sure, the lure of the Tour is strong and intoxicating. But, there's plenty of time for him to mature a bit before swimming with the professional sharks. Ty Tryon is the leading example of why you shouldn't rush it when he infamously attempted to (while receiving millions in endoresments) gain Tour status before burning out in quick fashion.

Hopefully, this kid made the right decision.  


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