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Megalyn -echikunwoke 

Echikunwoke is 32. 32-22-32. American actress.

Spyder Games, A Good Day To Die Hard, 24, House of Lies, 90210, CSI: Miami.

Her father is Nigerian and her mother is German/Scots-Irish descent. Her last name Echikunwoke means "leader of men" and Megalyn is the granddaughter of a Nigerian tribal leader of the Igbo, which technically makes her African royalty.

"One thing I am really dying to do, while I'm still young and in shape, is an action movie. I would love to do a Lara Croft type of thing that's really physical and tough."


Is Anthony Kim Playing Golf Again?


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Back in September, Sports Ilustrated article outlined the dilemna for Anthony Kim debating to return to the course or reap an eight-figure insurance payout. He hasn't been seen on the PGA Tour since 2012 after withdrawing from the Wells Fargo Championship.

Maybe that's a-changing. 

Kim recently was part of a Toby Keith fundraiser where you could bid to play a round with him for $24,000

Live auction items included an outing with pro golfer Anthony Kim ($24,500), a Highwaymen signed guitar ($24,000), a John Deere Gator ($22,000), a custom-painted Toby Keith guitar ($20,000), and CMT Music Awards and British Open packages, each going for $20,000.

The last we saw him was playing poker in Las Vegas

We're not sure if the insurance policy is for only competitive golf or any golf. Guessing then now 20-year-old Kim and his handlers know for sure. 


Why The Very Vocal Jordan Spieth Talks To His Ball


Spieth Valspar -847

A fun revealing background on why Jordan Spieth always talks to his golf ball.

Walk onto any golf course in America and you’re bound to hear plenty of guys doing the same, yelling for their ball to go, get down, get left or right, bite, sit, among more unmentionable things. The same is often true at the professional level, but few cut loose with such frequency and fervor as Spieth. 

Adds Justin Thomas, who has known Spieth since he was 14 years old: “I’ve never played with (Jordan) when he hasn’t talked to the ball. He used to be way worse, too. We make fun of him a lot because more often than not (his ball) ends up just fine.” 

“He was yelling for it to get down and he hit it to like 6 feet,” said Thomas, who was watching from home. “Then, he hit his putt and started walking like he missed it. Of course it went right in the center, didn’t even catch the lip. I texted his caddie (Michael Greller) immediately. He was cracking up because he knew I was going to give him so much crap about it.”

“I’ve tried not to do it as much,” said Spieth, who is acutely aware of the habit but in the zone of competition also for the most part is blissfully unaware when it’s happening. “It’s just who I am and part of how I express my intensity. It’s just part of my game. It’s almost like the old Tiger Woods video game where you could put spin on the ball in mid-air. I’ve tried to tone it down, but I guess I haven’t.” 

Spieth-speak isn’t limited to just tee shots or approaches, either. He and Greller have a running bet where if Spieth holes out from off the green more than 13 times in a year, Greller owes him dinner. Anything less and Spieth has to buy. Majors count double.

“When you hear it, most of the time it’s because I don’t hit it exactly how I wanted to,” Spieth explains. “When I hit a shot exactly how I want to, I don’t say a word.”  


The Stubborn Chris Kirk Is Also A Winner


Kirk _3

Georgia grad Chris Kirk isn't flamboyant or demonstrative. But the 4-time Tour winner is stubborn. Very stubborn

Ask around about Kirk, though, and you’ll hear a different refrain: This guy is stubborn. The white-bread looks, the retreating manner, and the slight nasal quality of his voice all predict that he’ll wilt like a shrinking violet under pressure. But first impressions with Kirk are a red herring--on a golf course, he’s relentless. 

“I don’t know,” he told me later. “Maybe it’d be a better story if I was like Keegan [Bradley], and was freaking out about it and really, really excited and going nuts, but I’m just not.” 

“Stubborn” explains why he’s the rare PGA Tour pro who refuses to hire a full-time caddie, instead using a small rotation in order to keep things fresh. “Stubborn” is how he beat Rory McIlroy over two days at the Deutsche Bank last fall, at a time when nobody could beat Rory McIlroy. “Stubborn” is the word for his absolute refusal to speak a positive word about the Ryder Cup in the aftermath of that win, when even a modicum of enthusiasm would likely have made him a very attractive captain’s pick to Tom Watson.

And “stubborn” is the reason why he’s now won four PGA Tour events, which puts him among the best of his age group--when Chris Kirk is in contention on Sunday, it’s a good bet that he’ll bludgeon his stubborn way to a stubborn victory. 

Unlike most coaches, Chris Haack runs a complex qualifying system to determine who will represent Georgia in tournaments. As a freshman trying to make the big tournaments, Kirk came close time and again before faltering at Athens’ Jennings Mill Country Club in the final round. There, Haack watched him reach the verge week after week, only to attempt to use driver on the par-5 16th, a high risk/reward hole with out-of-bounds markers surrounding the narrow fairway. Even when he found himself in position to make the cut, Kirk would opt for driver instead of a safe four-iron, inevitably hitting out of bounds, making seven or eight, and missing out by a stroke. 

“You would think he’d learn his lesson,” Haack recalled, “but the next qualifying event, he’d do the same thing again. You’d say to him, ‘have you ever thought about backing down on that hole?’ But he was so stubborn that he wouldn’t do it. It was like he was out to prove to you that the driver was the right play, so he went through almost an entire fall with this happening to him every week.”

Better Than Caffeine


Kelly -monaco -world -music -awards -hot -730172846600full -kelly -monaco

Oops, forgot Kelly Monaco turned 39 last week. 34-22-32. Pinup girl, actress, model. 

General Hospital, Baywatch, Mumford, Dancing With the Stars, BASEketball. 

Suffered hearing loss while scuba diving. One of the most popular Playboy Playmates ever ('97). Played soccer, swimming, track and softball in high school. Was a real lifeguard before starring in Baywatch. Won Dancing With the Stars in 2005. 


Good Morning Golf Nuggets


Scramble _1442_kirk _spieth _mcilroy _52315

The Colonial offered up a nice tight finish, Spieth has yet another runner-up finish and McIlroy missed a cut. This GolfChannel column gives a good review and some worthy nuggets to peruse. 

When Chris Kirk won the Viking Classic in 2011, didn't think much of it. When he won the McGladrey Classic in '13, still didn't give him much consideration. When he won the Deutsche Bank Championship in '14, I paid attention (more so than Tom Watson). And now: Time to apologize for my ignorance.

Nowadays, four wins on the PGA Tour gets you in the Hall of Fame conversation, right? What Kirk has done is impressive. He's reached that stage where he now needs to show us something in the majors. That's a good thing. That means you've accomplished enough in regular events to warrant major attention. Kirk has played in nine majors and has a best finish of T-19 at last year's British Open.

If not for that triple bogey on Friday. If not for the terrible bogey at No. 16 (his first 3-putt in over 160 holes) on Sunday. What could have been for Spieth? He was a few mistakes away from winning for the third time this year and moving closer to McIlroy for No. 1 in the world rankings. But, as someone once said, it is what it is. Spieth's T-2 was his third runner-up showing of the season, to go along with a pair of victories. No need to talk about who's PGA Tour POY front-runner. It's Spieth, without argument. And, for the record, he got 0.42 points closer to McIlroy in the OWGR. Which still leaves him 4.04 points in arrears - about the distance between Spieth and No. 12 Jimmy Walker.

4. Speaking of the world No. 1 - he had the weekend off after his BMW PGA MC. Over two rounds at Wentworth Golf Club, Rory looked like ... not Rory. He was horrible off the tee, which led to anastute observation from Golf Channel's Frank Nobilo, who stated that McIlroy lacks a second gear with his driver. It's Thor's hammer when it's working. When it's not, he's Moses without a map.

People say we shouldn't compare McIlroy to Tiger Woods, particularly when it comes to consistency. But we should. It should serve as a reminder as to how brilliant Woods was; not a knock on McIlroy. Rory is like a Tiger-Phil Mickelson Frankenstein. He's an amalgam of both, capable of histrionics and befuddlment. 


Jimenez Breaks Euro Tour Ace Record


Jimenez 10-847-Harry Engels

Whether you like him or feel like he's a tired bit, Miguel Angel Jimenez has a knack for the dramatic. 

This past weekend, the Mechanic scored his 2nd ace in 9 days and 3rd of the season. The last one gave him 10 holes-in-one on the Euro Tour, breaking Colin Montgomerie's mark.

That was also the fifth ace at the BMW Championship that also included an albatross by Tommy Fleetwood


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Priscilla -priscilla -presley -18854739-427-640Priscilla _presley _priscilla 044_RC2Rj 9L

The wonderful Priscilla Presley turns 70(!) tomorrow. 32-23-33. Actress, businesswoman. 

Dallas, Naked Gun Trilogy, Melrose Place. 

Met Elvis Presley when she was 14 at a U.S. Air Force base in West Germany. They married eight years later. Divorced in '73. Her fragrance line including Moments, Experiences, Indian Summer, Roses and More. Moments was worth $90 million a year in 1996. Turned down the part as one of the "angels" in the television series "Charlie's Angels" (1976).

"I don't think I'll ever find anyone I'll love as much as I loved Elvis. It's pointless trying to compare him to anyone. Yes, some men I've been with have mattered to me, but Elvis was my first love, he'll be my last."

Enjoy the long weekend. 

This Is One Of The Better Hole-In-One Celebrations


Andrew Johnston delivers a credible chest bump (at least by pro golf standards) you'll see after aceing the 10th hole at the BMW PGA Championship. 

Could be the excitement of also winning a new BMW Z-4.


College Golfer Turns Down $10K To Keep Eligibility



Winning money that affects your amateur or college status is a horrible rule. It's one stinkin' shot--and not like you lapped or sandbagged a field. 

Anyway, Boston College golfer Brian Butler decided to refuse a $10,000 prize after his ace during a qualifying event in Wyoming. 

“I’m not going to give up my last year of college golf for $10,000,” Butler said.

But next time — on the wild and crazy chance that there is a next time, that is — Butler can’t promise that he’d make the same decision. Not with $1 million on the table. “That,” he said, laughing, “would probably be a different story.”

”I didn’t know about the $10,000 prize,” Butler said. “I just knew about the million dollars at the qualifier.”

But after talking briefly with his father, Butler, who lives in West Hartford, Conn., had no problem turning down the prize. He’s got one more year of college, and this finance major was able to calculate swiftly that one more year of college golf was worth a lot more than $10,000.

Again, great shot; awful rule.


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