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Gabrielle Union turns 42. 36-25-36. Actress. 

Bad Boys II, 10 Things I Hate About You, Bring It On, Ugly Betty

All-star high school point guard. Degree in sociology. Fluent in Spanish. Married Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade on Sept 2, 2014. 

"Thank God for J-Lo [Jennifer Lopez]. All of a sudden big asses are de rigueur."


Why You Don't Trash Talk Michael Jordan


Funny and quick Twitter knockout by Michael Jordan swatting away Keegan Bradley's initial trash talk. Sports nut Bradley should've known MJ takes no prisoners when dishing out the insults. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 At 11.03



Remembering The Incomparable Tiger


Kyle Porter over at Eye on Golf compiles a worthy list illustrating how the dominating Tiger Woods bludgeoned fields nearly every week. Its a nice but frustrating reminder of his greatness. Age and health probably won't allow a return to that sublime record, but the possibility of getting remotely close is what draws eyeballs every time Eldrick tees it up. 

26.1 -- That's the percentage of tournaments won by Woods on the PGA Tour. He's entered 302 of them and won a whopping 79. Even more stunning is his 21.2 percent of majors won that he's entered. He's 14 for 66 so far and has started out 14 for 46 (30.4 percent!).

11 -- That's how many times Tiger has missed the cut in his 302 PGA Tour tournaments played. For context: Phil Mickelson, arguably the second best player of Woods' generation, has over 70 missed cuts.

That 11 (two of which happened in 2014) is mythical.

683 -- That's how many weeks Woods has been No. 1 in the world. He has the 1st, 2nd, 6th and 11th longest streaks at No. 1 ever. He has twice been No. 1 for over 263 weeks in a row.

Nobody else has ever touched 100 in a row.

19.4 -- On May 20, 2001, Tiger led the world golf rankings by 19.4 points over Mickelson, who was in second place.

To put that into context for you, No. 1 in the world right now, Rory McIlroy, only has a 11.6-point lead. 

4 -- This gets overlooked, but Woods has only finished outside the top 10 at the Masters just four times. He's only finished outside of the top five a total of six times. Six times out of 17!

His finishes outside the top 10 are as follows: T15, T18, T22 and T40.


How About Some Incredible Trick Shots To Brighten Your Day


I'm a glutton for trick shots. Sure, I look with a keen eye for photoshopping or editing, but these guys appear to be the real deal.

See for yourself. 

Better Than Caffeine


Daphne Zuniga -1Daphne _Zuniga 2026

Daphne Zuniga turns 52. 34-25-34. American actress.

Melrose Place, Spaceballs, The Fly II, The Sure Thing

Rides a Harley. Father is Guatemalan. Shared an Los Angeles house with Meg Ryan when both were struggling actresses.

"I was a real pain in the ass actually, kind of obnoxious. Moving around a lot and being the "new kid" on the block affected me. My life wasn't too normal in terms of Friday night dates and all that." (on her younger days)


Retracing The Ted Bishop Crime Scene

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Jaime Diaz in Golf World lays out the Ted Bishop dead man walking timeline where he was removed from office and his entire term as president of the PGA of America eliminated from the record books. 

What’s interesting is that the PGA board essentially gave him two choices; resign or be removed. Kinda like choosing execution via electricity or by firing squad. Not much of a choice. Bishop decided to plead his case, but was unanimously ousted by the 29-member board. 

Rather than resign, he decided to make a statement to the 21-person board in a 4 p.m. teleconference. "I apologized to the board, reiterated that I had very much wanted to make a public apology. And I said I don't think the punishment fits the crime. And that doesn't mean I don't have remorse for what I did. Trust me, I abused my platform. I know I made a huge mistake. I'm the first to say that. I let my personal feelings for two guys get in my way, and used a bad choice of words in trying to convey my frustration." 

The statement was over in five minutes. Bishop says he received no feedback or comments, recused himself from further proceedings and hung up. About an hour later, after sources say the vote came in with no votes in favor of Bishop retaining office, Sprague called Bishop, urging him to resign. "If I do that, I make it easy for the PGA of America," Bishop said he answered.


John Daly: 'I Look Like A Mini Me'


John Daly continued to post pics during his play at the  Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am in China. Yesterday it was with golf hot Jessica Alba

Then, he posted another with the gargantuan b-baller Yao Ming. He said, "I look like a Mini Me." Wouldn't we all. By the way, Daly is 5-11, Ming; 7-6. 

Ming Daly

Personally, we'd rather gaze at this party shot with Alba. 

Alba Daly

We think you'll agree. 


Better Than Caffeine

Jaclyn -smith Then2Jaclyn -smith -movie -poster -9999-1020406786

Jaclyn Smith is 69(!). 33B-24-35. American actress, spokesperson.

Charlie's Angels, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, The Bourne Identity

Born in Houston. Was the "Breck Girl" in early 70's. Married four times. She was the only one of the three original Charlie's Angels (1976) not to leave the show. Made $40,000 a week during the show's run. 

"I'm an old-fashioned girl, and I didn't believe in living with people, so I guess I married for the wrong reasons at times."


Did Ted Bishop's Punishment Fit The Crime?


Poulter _bishop _1442

After the knee-jerk outrage following ex-PGA of America president Ted Bishop's ill-advised comments and quick impeachment, it appears some hindsight is signaling morose over his entire PGA of America career exponged from the record book. Yes, as a high-ranking official Bishop surely needed a better control system editing any social media commentary. And yes, given the overly sensitive politically correct nature of today's society, he probably should've been removed (or at least suspended for the last month of his term) as a supportive signal to the PGA's female contingency, but to remove all records of his term appears drastic and downright ludicrous in its measures. 

In fact, not many female PGA members felt comfortable to offer a comment

Prominent PGA of America member Suzy Whaley spoke strongly and eloquently and was the least afraid to tackle the issue.

“Obviously, I was extremely disturbed by it,” Whaley said on Golf Central. “There were extremely insulting and sexist.

“For me to hear comments that are derogatory about young girls, or insulting, just because you are a girl, is offensive. Our board of directors took swift action. The PGA of America finds it quite critical to be inclusive and we will continue to do so moving forward.”

Everyone else? Radio silence.

Perhaps, as one LPGA player suggested to me, some are so desensitized to these comments, they hear them so often while inside the ropes, that this was nothing to get worked up over.

Maybe there’s a feeling that there’s no way for women to win a battle against such a prominent male figure, that going public only does more harm to women than it does good.

Perhaps some were afraid to speak out against the PGA of America, the very organization that swept in and rescued the floundering LPGA Championship and turned it into the Women’s PGA Championship, a better major at a better golf course.

Meanwhile, one writer believes the punishment hardly fit the crime

Let the punishment fit the crime.

It’s a theory that can be found in philosophical writings for thousands of years.

It’s a seemingly simple concept that nonetheless can be difficult to apply.

For centuries, judges have tried to administer a fair level of justice yet in many cases have missed the mark.

Bishop’s past accomplishments or failures should not be part of the decision-making process. The single incident regarding Poulter was all that should have been judged. By any reasonable measure, the punishment didn’t fit the crime.

Foolish – even stupid – statements need to be addressed. And there is no question that the reference to Poulter as a little girl was both, but to strip a person of his office and his legacy was too harsh. 

If Bishop had been suspended for the monthlong remainder of his term, the message still would have been the same and he could have left the office with dignity. His legacy still would have been left relatively intact and his future with the organization unchanged, yet he would have been sufficiently punished for his mistake.

Touché. Heck, even Richard Nixon is still acknowledged as an ex-President. 


John Daly Plays A Little Golf With Jessica Alba


Daly Alba

John Daly's life is definitely wheels-off but he also is still quite a popular figure. During the recent Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am in China, Daly got to tee it up with golf hot Jessica AlbaAnd its obvious, she digs the long ball. Alba can hit drives 200-yards but was mighty impressed with Long John's bombs off the tee. 


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