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Katy Perry turns 30 tomorrow. 34-24-35. Popular Portuguese, English, German, and Irish mix singer/actress.

Madagascar 3, The Ugly Truth

Raised in a deeply religious family before turning into the sexpot singer. Originally signed and dropped by Columbia Records (bet they'd like a do over). Once married to Russell Brand. Her hit song "I Kissed a Girl" was partially inspired by actress Scarlett Johansson. Ranked #1 on Maxim magazine's Hot 100 Women of 2010 list. Turned down $20 million offer to join American Idol as a judge.

She became the first female in eleven years to have three consecutive number-ones from a single album (Teenage Dream-2010).

Perry also can football predict her sweet rear off too. She correctly took Ole Miss to beat upset Alabama and Miss State to handle Texas A&M. In fact she was just 7 points off from selecting a perfect Pick 6. 

"I was with my boyfriend at the time, and I said to him, 'I'm not going to lie: If Scarlett Johansson walked into the room and wanted to make out with me, I would make out with her. I hope you're okay with that?"

Enjoy the weekend.


PGA Pres Ted Bishop Calls Poulter A 'Lil Girl'

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PGA of American president Ted Bishop appears to have run past his stale date. Still smarting from another Ryder Cup drubbing, he lashes out via Twitter (since deleted) at Euro Ian Poulter over comments he made about losing 2008 captain Nick Faldo's biting remarks about Sergio Garcia. 

Now Poults can be a beating, but a PGA leader has to know when not to hit the send key. 


Bishop said in an email Thursday night to The Associated Press, "Obviously I could have selected some different ways to express my thoughts on Poulter's remarks. Golf had always been a sport where respect was shown to its icons. That seems to have gone by the wayside."

Including him. Leaders of major organizations need to stay off social media--especially when emotions run high. Nothing good typically results. This is yet another black eye for the organization's execs. 

Dumb is as dumb does... 


Commish Tim Wants Foursomes At Pro-Ams?


PGA Tour commish Tim Finchem was not asked to be on the Ryder Cup Farce Force, but felt compelled to offer up his unsolicited ideas anyway to help the good 'ol USA.

“One of the silver linings on these things would be if foursomes golf could develop some traction in the U.S. We are strapped for (open) weeks,” said Finchem, who acknowledged the possibility of “a little side event” that could include foursomes.

Finchem also mentioned the possibility of a special Monday pro-am that would feature a pro and amateur paired in foursomes.

“There are things you can do,” Finchem conceded. “I think that should be an area of focus.”

Yeah, nothing like playing alternate shot with a 20-handicap. That'll surely help the cause. Thanks for your input Tim. We'll take it under consideration and call you if you we have any further feedback. Like never.


The Absolute Longest Four-Foot Putt Ever Made?


Couple of thoughts watching this. 

One, while still impressive, how many takes were required?

Two, when posting videos, please turn the cell sideways into landscape mode. 

Anyway, enjoy. 


Lewis Black Skewers Golfs And Pinehurst #2

I like most of comedian Lewis Black's finger-pointing bits. Maybe a little one-dimensional but still raises some knowing giggles. caught up with him at Pinehurst and he rants about crappy golfers, his own meltdowns and #2's ridiculous greens. 

Better Than Caffeine

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Lisalla Montenegro. 33-24-34.
Brazilian supermodel. 

First had dreams of being a doctor but grabbed the easier bucks of modeling due to her obvious attributes. Currently the face of Maybelline Cosmetics. Married Angel pitcher C.J. Wilson in Dec 2013. 

Oh, C.J.--a noted car nut--recently picked up one of these in Dallas.


For us shallow envious types, at least Wilson got blown out in the baseball playoffs against the Royals. Yet, I'm sure both his bride and new ride will salve any wounds.  

Question is would you rather have her or the car? Guessing both are equally high maintenance...


Handicap Lawsuit Could Cost Loser $630,000

Thomas Talbot

Remember the guy who filed a lawsuit over the accusation of him sandbagging his handicap? 

Now it looks like he's gonna lose more than face. Like $630 large for court costs

Talbot lost the lawsuit when the judge found that the words “handicap building,” although defamatory, were not libelous because the certificate was not published to a third party. Talbot then said he was “forced to appeal” because he couldn’t afford what he said was a 500,000 euro (approximately $630,000) legal bill.

“I may have lost the fight, but I haven’t lost the battle,” Talbot told the Irish Independent in 2012.

But now, it seems he has. The appeal was seen by the High and Supreme Courts in Ireland over 83 days and was settled earlier this month over what the Supreme Court called a “simple matter.”

According to the Irish Times, Chief Justice Susan Denham “urged improved judicial management of cases” and better use of court resources. The court stuck with the initial ruling, stating that the general rule of “costs follow the event” -- the losing party pays the winning party -- applied to the case.


Caddy Girls Gets Turned Down On Shark Tank

Caddygirls _600_groupcart _1

We at AG Magazine are big fans of the cart girl--especially those gracing our pages. Well a business subsisting on cart girl services was recently brought to those discerning billionaires on Shark Tank to raise a little working capital. 

Sadly, the panel bit back but didn't invest via GolfChannel

“We provide the refreshing company of a beautiful woman that is also a great caddy,” Tarmey said. “We drive the cart, keep the score, tend the pin, rake the sand traps, read the green, and on top of that, we’re your personal cheerleaders to do backflips for you when you get birdies.”

Even I might pay for someone to do backflips every time I get a birdie, but for now I’ll keep my money where I can see it – in my closet, of course – because at no point during Tarmey’s pitch did I see backflips.

Sharks Mark Cuban and Daymond John both said they don’t like golf (as if they know a good thing when they see one!); Lori Greiner foresaw a lot of “issues”; Robert Herjavec said Caddy Girls was in the “hustle stage” and not the investment stage; but Kevin O’Leary offered Tarmey the $100K … for 50 percent of her company.

“I’m not giving him half. That’s like a divorce,” Tarmey so eloquently noted.

The day after appearing on the show, Tarmey told that she had received a spike in interest and about 50 independent investment offers.

If The Caddy Girls’ story doesn’t spike your interest, perhaps their calendar will.


The Donald: 'I'm Huge'

Maar 01-donald -trump -980'

Donald Trump is a lot of things (good and bad), but he's certainly not shy of confidence. Here's a revealing interview on that substantiates the pros and cons. 

Trump: Like I bought a place called Pine Hill that's right next to Pine Valley, a place called Pine Hill. It's now called Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia. It is as good as Pine Valley, if not better.

Do you really believe that?

Yes, I really believe it. And if you went there, you would say it, too. And everybody that goes there says it.

You're rebranding it Trump Turnberry. Could you say a little bit about that?
Right, so my brand is a very hot brand...

What does your brand stand for?
It stands for quality and luxury. If I didn't use my name, Turnberry would not be nearly as successful as it can be. This isn't an ego thing; this is business. I've got the hottest brand in the world.

At this point, a somewhat fractious exchange ensues. One Trump tactic is to cite unnamed sources who agree with him. At a press conference in July, for instance, when asked about renaming Turnberry, Trump said: "I actually asked some people that are very important in Scotland, although I won't get them in trouble by saying their name, but I've spoken to very important and very powerful political people, and I said, 'What do you think of the idea of Trump Turnberry?' Everyone said that they would love it."

I decide to employ a bit of trumpery on Trump by citing unnamed sources who disagree with him. I tell him that I asked people in the golf industry what they think the Trump brand stands for, and offer an example of one that was less than flattering.

Trump bristles. He demands to know the source. He says, "If you put that in, it's no longer a good story, it's not even a fair story" and adds that the unnamed person is "gutless" for not going on the record. Trump says, "There is nobody more aesthetic than me."

Just ask him...

Golf is thought of as a game of honor and decency and respect. Some people thought your derogatory comments about Pinehurst during the U.S. Open weren't in the spirit of the game.
OK, I'm glad you asked the question. I have great respect for Mike Davis [USGA executive director] and the USGA. But I'm an honest person—I'm a very honest person—and I think that Pinehurst on television looked horrible. It was very bad for golf. And many players thought it, but they just don't want to say it. Bubba Watson was the only one that had the courage to speak his mind. First of all, turtleback greens. I am a good golfer—I just won another senior club championship, so I'm fairly happy about that—but turtleback greens are a disgrace, and Pinehurst has many of them. It's very unfair when you hit a perfect shot to the pin and you end up with a 30-yard chip shot. It's ridiculous. That has nothing to do with golf. The television ratings were abysmal.

There were some other factors. Tiger Woods wasn't there. The Stanley Cup was on, the World Cup...
I don't care. The ratings were abysmal. My wife couldn't care less about golf, but she loves watching the Masters. So she comes into the room where I'm watching, and she said, "Oh, darling, that's so sad; oh, darling, what happened to the course? Did they have a fire—what happened? Oh, that's so sad." She felt sorry for the course. You know what it looked like? It made it look like they don't have money to water the grass. I have nothing against Pinehurst, but I think the greens are ridiculous, and the look on television was terrible. Golf is very much about beauty. And they took the beauty away.


Better Than Caffeine


Grace Park -HotGrace _park _01-640x 960

Grace Park34-24-34. Model and actress--not the pro golfer

Hawaii Five-O, Battlestar Galactica, The Border

Starred in two remakes of earlier shows, "Battlestar Galactica" (2004, 1978)  and "Hawaii Five-0" (2010, 1968). Both of her characters, Boomer and Kono respectively, were originally male. Speaks Korean, French and English.


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