Better Than Caffeine


Alexis -BledelAlexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel turns 33. 32-24-34

Gilmore Girls, Mad Men, Sin City, Tuck Everlasting

Born in Houston. Was scouted in a local mall to model. First language is Spanish. Hates coffee. 

"For some unknown reason, bad-boys draw you in despite the fact that they are jerks." 


Billy Horschel Peak$ At The Perfect Time


Billy Horschel -847-Sam Greenwood 

Billy Horschel
was a walk-on Florida's golf team. He was 82nd entering the FedEX Cup playoffs. But he caught the perfect lightning in a bottle by finishing 2nd at the Deutsche Bank and winning the BMW and Tour Championship. 

Last week he said, "If you're a betting man, I'd put some money on me."

He was good on his word. 

Meaning, he pocketed $13,477,333 in three weeks or $641,904 per day playing golf. Who needs the lottery? 

Horschel also finished with 12 straight rounds in the 60's. 

In fact, it might have been three in a row for the affable Floridian if he hadn't hit a 6-iron into the marsh on the 72nd hole at TPC Boston.

An avid user of social media, Horschel, who came up two shots shy that Labor Day, even made sure he read everything that was tweeted after that gaffe and the 2 percent he found negative just spurred him on.

"I'm not afraid of what people say," Horschel said. "... If anything, it maybe gives me a little chip, a little added motivation that I can prove them wrong."

"It's surreal, it really is. It hits me a little bit, and it still doesn't hit me." 

In addition to the loot, Horschel received a 5-year exemption for winning the Cup. And, his wife Brittany didn't go into early labor--although Billy stated he was staying to finish out no matter. 


In other news, Jim Furyk was a runner-up for the 8th time since winning the Tour Championship in 2010. Furyk probably saved the Tour some extra embarrassment since he could've been the first FedEX Champ not to win an event prior to the Tour Championship.  


The Shark Is Seriously Bit By A Chainsaw

Norman -Chain -SawGREG-NORMAN

Our multimillionare golf conglomerate Greg Norman decided it was a good idea to wield a chainsaw at his Florida property. It didn't turn out very well

Norman, 59, issued a warning alongside the photo and suggested he had gone close to severing one of his hands. 

"Working with a chainsaw ALWAYS be respectful of the unexpected. I was one lucky man today. Damaged, but not down & out. Still have left hand," he wrote.

He felt good enough to post his beefcake image on Instagram. 

"Here I am at the scene of the crime (with) my new fashion statement!" Norman wrote.

The chainsaw is easily the most dangerous of power tools. Especially using it one-handed like The Shark. They can kick back very quickly. So be careful out there, okay?


Captain Tom Can't Be Happy With His Panic Picks



Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson can't be honestly very confident after watching his team limp towards Gleneagles in two weeks. Jordan Spieth, Webb Simpson, Hunter Mahan, Patrick Reed and Zach Johnson were a combined +38 at the Tour Championship. 

Only Rickie Fowler (who cratered on Sunday) and Jim Furyk played reasonably well. Meanwhile Billy Horschel, Chris Kirk and Ryan Palmer played well enough to garner serious consideration--especially Horschel of course. 

In fact, Rory McIlroy said, "There's a few guys I'm glad I'm not going to see at Gleneagles: him, Ryan Palmer, Chris Kirk," McIlroy said. "There's a few guys that are playing well that aren't on this U.S. team that obviously had a great chance to make it."

And Sergio Garcia told Palmer, "I'm pretty happy you're not playing against us at Gleneagles."

As I tweeted yesterday, Watson must've felt like a high schooler who panic-picked his prom date only to find out the hot cheerleader wanted him to choose her all along...

I'll guarantee you the early picking deadline will be tweaked for the 2016 Ryder Cup. There's no reason to hold a gun to the captain to round out his team right after the PGA Championship with so many events remaining. Remember, winning 2008 captain Paul Azinger moved his pick date back three weeks. The captain's picks should be reserved for those playing the hottest golf at the time. 

So why argue with success?


Better Than Caffeine


Jacqueline -bissettBisset

Jacqueline Bisset turns 68 tomorrow. 36-24-36. British-French actress

Bullitt, Day for Night, The Deep, Murder on the Orient Express

Her eye-popping underwater scenes in The Deep inspired many to take up scuba diving. Newsweek magazine declared her "the most beautiful film actress of all time". Never married. 

"I'm fascinated by a man with a twinkle in his eye."

Enjoy the weekend.  


Euro Tour Player Struck By Errant Shot, Taken To Hospital


Euro Tour player Fabrizio Zanotti was struck in the head by Alexandre Kalekaa's wild tee shot, requiring him being taken to the hospital. The KLM Open was suspended while medics attended to Zanotti. 

In addition, playing partners Felipe Aguilar of Chile and Ricardo Gonzalez of Argentina withdrew from the tournament and accompanied Zanotti to the hospital. Pretty cool. 

“The latest report from the hospital is that all neurological tests have come back clear,” said European Tour tournament director Miguel Vidaor. “We wish Fabrizio a speedy recovery.

Play at Kennemer Golf Club was suspended at 11:09 a.m. local time to allow Zanotti proper treatment on the course. It was resumed at 1 p.m. It is unlikely that the first round will be completed today.

Apparently, Kalekaa did not yell Fore!, prompting Tour player David Howell to tweet this:

"Lesson for all golfers, always shout FORE. Zanotti took a blow to the head, thankfully he's ok. Kaleka not in anyone's good books! "


Horschel Says $10 Million Takes Precedent Over Child Birth



Used to be that father's never were in the delivery room during childbirth. Things have changed over the years  (I was there for my two children). 

But, when a possible $10 million windfall is there for the taking what to do when the wife is in the latter stages of pregnancy?

Billy Horschel says after talking it over with his wife, that he'll play the entire Tour Championship. That said, she's still a ways away and first borns are typically not delivered early. And, Horschel is one of five players who can grab the loot if he wins this week. 

"My wife and I are due two weeks from Saturday," Horschel told reporters after charging into a share of the first-round lead at East Lake Golf Club with a four-under-par 66. "On the golf course I'm not thinking about it.

"We have decided that if she (Brittany) goes into labor while I'm playing, I will just keep playing, because $10 million is a lot of money and I'm not going to pass that by.

"And I'll just fly home after the round and fly back (to the tournament) a couple hours later, spend some time with them."

"I'm going to stay put on the golf course. I'll find out after the round. I won't find out on the course, because my focus may be taken away from the task at hand.

"But after the round's over with, I will be flying home, spend a few hours and then fly back later that day or the next morning before the round of golf."

$10 mil does by a lot of diapers--and college tuition...


Rory: 'I've Said Worse To Tiger's Face'


Rory -mcilroy -tourchampionship

Rory McIlroy continued to feel surprised he needed to defend his statement that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were "getting into sort of the last few holes of their careers."

"I was going through Twitter last night and it was like, `Hold on, did I say something bad here?' I don't think I did," McIlroy said Thursday after opening with a 69. "Look, I know Tiger and Phil really well. I get on really well with both guys. I've said much worse to Tiger before."

"Phil has played well in parts this year. He came really close to winning the PGA. I feel like he's gotten a little better as the year has went on. But it's a lot of golf for him to play in such a short space of time. So you could see he was getting a little tired the last couple of weeks. And, I mean, Tiger's not here just because he's been injured or he is injured. He hasn't had the opportunity to play.

"But I think if he gets back and when he gets back to full fitness, you'll see him back here again. So I'm not sure ... they're just getting older. Phil's 43 or whatever he is and Tiger's nearly 40. So they're getting into the sort of last few holes of their career. And that's what happens. You get injured. Phil has to deal with an arthritic condition as well. So it obviously just gets harder as you get older. I'll be able to tell you in 20 years how it feels."

McIlroy said he didn't feel he had to defend himself, but that his tweets were to clarify his remarks.

"I thought I was very complimentary," he said. "I said the only reason Tiger wasn't here was he didn't have the opportunity. I wasn't writing him or Phil off at all. ... I didn't say anything out of line or wrong."

Asked if he felt as though he needed to explain his remarks to Woods, McIlroy smiled and said, "I've said worse to his face."


Man Killed In Golf Cart Accident

Sad story out of Berwick, MA where a golf cart passenger was killed when the driver lost control

South Berwick police said a golf cart was driving on the cart path along the 14th hole around 2:50 p.m. when the driver lost control and it flipped, rolling down a steep hill. The crash ejected one of the passengers, 27-year-old Eric Sullivan from Stoughton, Massachusetts. Police said he sustained massive head trauma and died on scene.

The man was there with a group of 10 golfers. Medical officials treated the driver of the cart for minor injuries and then released him.

Be careful out there...


Tomorrow On The Teebox


Tomorrow morning on the Teebox Golf Show...

--We debate whether chasing a $10,000,000 prize is worthy enough for players not to complain of being tired.

--Applaud course managers turning down President Obama's request to play.

--Ask if a possible $10 mil is worth missing your first kid's childbirth?

--Ask if the Ryder Cup pick deadlines should be extended.

--And at 9:10, Craig says something happened for the first time in his life--and he's not very happy about it. 

So tune into the Teebox when we broadcast from the greatness of The Lakes at Castle Hills in Lewisville Saturday morning from 8-10. 


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